View Full Version : A guy from New Jersey experiences Anonymous

22nd July 2009, 11:22 AM
That's what Scientology has been experiencing, for the last 18 months. Go Anonymous!

The creature awoke, and saw before it in this arrogant, ignorant, overly litigious salesman, this one Adam Goldstein, what? A threat? An invader? A disease, perhaps? Whatever it saw in him — in his hubris and disdain — it reacted. It reacted at once, and in the only way it knows to react… with absolute, unrelenting prejudice.

Almost at once all of his phones began to ring. Anonymous found his home, his wife, his children. It found him wherever he lurks online, and off, and began a campaign of harassment, intimidation and cruelty that few can even begin to imagine.

Deliveries of pizzas, chinese food, stippers, porn magazines, empty UPS boxes (over 25,000 by last count), condoms, toilet training DVDs, 2000 square feet of maple hardwood samples, Bibles, Korans, books of Mormon, gay newsletters and more began to arrive in the dead of night, and will continue to do so for weeks to come.

His office fax machine began to whirl as endless loops of black paper flooded the lines. His website torn down, his myspace and facebook account hacked, raided for information, and then defaced.

Craig’s list ads began to appear offering up his entire office — computers, tables, everything must go! — free to whoever was willing to come and cart it away. Requests for “rape fantasy sex” were appearing on adult forums, with his address posted (”I’ll leave a window or door open. Don’t worry if I struggle, don’t stop unless I use the safeword ‘******’.”). Other ads were posted of his wife, of his clients, of his friends.

Posters began appearing around his neighborhood ...

I guess Anonymous has learned some tricks FROM scientology!

Anonymous is the conscience of the Internet. Enforcing morality in the digital age using humor, trolling (mostly), shock, threats, mafia like tactics and In Real Life lulz.