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Woggin' out
30th July 2009, 02:05 AM
Saw this on one of the acting sites--How "out exchange" of Juliette! Just lunch? Scientologists always want donations!! :yes:

Casting Notice

Project Name: Juliet Lewis - Fantasy Bar
Project Type: Music Video
Rate/Compensation: Free lunch, may use video for your reel.


Role Role Type Gender/Age/Ethnicities Description/Note
2 or 3 Latina dancing girls. Guest-Star Female / 20 to 45 / African Am, AfricanAm, Am-Indian, Caucasian, East Indian, East-In, East-Ind, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Middle-East, MidEastern, Mixed, Multi-Ethnic, Native American, Pac_Islander, Pacific Islander, PacificIsland Must be able to salsa or flamenco and shake hips in that great latin way. Please send us photo. Thanks! Will be a fun day, great group of people in LA.
Classy fedora wearing old men in suits and Classy older woman. Featured Male or Female / 37 to 80 / All Ethnicities It is a "Fantasy Bar" like out of a Fellini movie, or a Terry Gilliam film. PLEASE send us photo, thanks. Will be a fun day! Great crew.
Hipsters Featured Male or Female / 21 to 37 / All Ethnicities Will be playing hipster.
Interesting charater Featured Male or Female / 21 to 80 / All Ethnicities If you think you have an interesting look, we would love to have you!! We are looking for all kind of characters and different looks to come together. Very divers feel. Please send us a photo of your interesting self or character!! thanks.

30th July 2009, 09:39 AM
Maybe, maybe not. What is normal in the industry?


30th July 2009, 09:47 AM
Maybe, maybe not. What is normal in the industry?

There are so many unemployed at the moment that film extras are unpaid volunteers on some films. Don't know about the actors. Maybe the same on some films.

30th July 2009, 10:50 PM
From entertainmentcareers.net website: quote- "Work as an extra performer can be demanding; standing, sitting, repeating the same motion for hours etc.. Be prepared to work hard and long. A typical day for a crew is 10 - 12 hours and if you have the unfortunate displeasure of working on a music video, be prepared to work up to 16 - 18 hours. You will start out as a non-union extra until you qualify to be a member of the Screen Actors Guild. The difference between being a union or a non-union is significant The largest difference is in pay. As a non-union extra you do not have the benefit of anyone fighting for you. You can be paid anywhere from $0 - minimum wage. As a SAG member you will be compensated well (see SAG rates)" -end quote

Several of my friends work as non-union extras, they usually do it for the exposure and to pad their resume, and network about other acting jobs. It's a breaking into the business thing for some, but just a fun hobby for others, who act in local community theatres and indy films. Usually are fed, paid a stipend for gas, possibly minimum wage per hours on set. Those who are special talent (unusual costume, looks, talent, animals, etc.) always get more.

Once your're in SAG as an extra, the bennies and pay goes up. Representation in the union for extras, is not so good tho, as opposed to "principal players". They used to have their own, Screen Extras Union.

30th July 2009, 11:01 PM
Around 1997 I went to about a dozen Judge Judy shows filmed in a studio on Sunset, a couple of hours paid at $5 an hour. I found I could tell people honestly at one time that I was "on national TV every week." :)

It was the casting person's gig to fill the place with audience. Sometimes tourists or locals sat there for free. The rest of the audience were paid seats. Many of the people there did work as film extras. A couple of times I got my $10-$15 just for showing up, as I wasn't needed.