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15th May 2010, 02:14 PM
This is from WWP, it was a few weeks ago but worth reading. Terrific photos on the link: http://forums.whyweprotest.net/279-asia-pacific/postgame-narconon-raid-2-05-2010-a-66559/

Originally Posted by: Paul 'Scooter' Schofield on melbanon.com

So we met up at a place where they hire bikes and everybody else got bikes and put them onto my trailer and off we went.

We arrived at the carpark about 5 k.s from where Narconon is. Kenji took photos and then we set off down the track on our bikes. We spent a lot of time walking as it was mostly uphill to start with but then got easier as we went. The track is quite beautiful and it's all national park - lots of tall trees and fresh air. Eventually we got to the edge of Narconon’s property and we all pedalled past it – I went past quickly in case someone recognize me and spoiled the “surprise.” The place looked dead – few cars there and no-one outside.

We stopped just out of sight and masked up and got the signs ready and walked back. Put the bikes against the fence separating the track from Narconon and tried to raise some interest from those inside the buildings. Someone came out who was obviously a staff member there and took photos then went away. He was pretty snide in everything he was saying. He was probably one of the two staff I estimated were there when we arrived.

Then a bunch of students with some parents came out and verbally attacked us for several minutes. Luckily I’d warned Kenji not to take photos of anyone as a few of the students were really pissed off thinking we were taking photos of them. One parent kept taunting us (especially me) about our masks and wanted to “sort you out later” at the front gate of the property – unsurprisingly he was impossible to talk to about anything sensible. It was pretty intense. Having an angry mob of “scilons who didn’t realize they were scilons” verbally attacking us for several minutes was a test of nerves. We did give out some fliers to those who wanted them – one guy looked surprised and pleased and said “Does this mean I could get my money back?”

The crowd left and we were all pretty shell-shocked – not the reception any of us had thought we’d get. It really had been like a bunch of scilons had come out of there instead of recovering addicts. It certainly opened my eyes to how brain-wiped these people are by the program and I’d worked there before and never seen it.

Then a few of the students drifted back to chat and we gave out more fliers and spoke about how they were going with their programs. One of the guys asked us for weed – lol. Gradually more came out and chatted rather than attacked and we spoke to most of the estimated 15 students there quite civily. Angry Dad came back and threatened us again and then left. Then one of the guys who’d been there 8 months came out of the office and name-fagged me (the Executive Director, Jo, had just told him who I’d be) and said that the police had been called and all the students there laughed – it takes the cops probably an hour minimum to get out to the place and we weren’t breaking any laws anyway. Then Nearly Finished Guy said to the others “C’mon, Jo wants us all inside” and they all said a pleasant goodbye and went back to the warmth of the loungeroom.

As it was getting pretty dark, we packed up and left soon after. Pedalled back to the carpark and got the bikes back to the bike shop to find it was closed. Luckily the owner turned up soon after we got there and took the bikes off us. Then we drove up to the nearby shops and everyone else went for pizza while I went home.

The feedback I’ve gotten so far is the raid shook the place up quite a bit and a number of the students were asking questions that the staff couldn’t answer. El Diablo’s fliers were absolutely brilliant and I’m sure got anyone who read then questioning the bullshit they’d been given by this front group. All in all an experience I’ll never forget but a success overall – Melbourne scilons must know now their abuses will be exposed by Melbourne Anons no matter where they hide.