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12th June 2010, 12:01 PM
Hello. Most of you will already know of me or have seen my posts, but since I've mostly been in chat, a lot of newer folks won't.

I've been posting here for several years (2? 3?), and have been out of the Church since 1995, out of Scientology since about 1999-2000. I stopped identifying as a Scientologist around then, because I couldn't support anything connected with the damage that the Church has done, or support the Scientology name, founder, or some central concepts (like the OT levels).

I now practice Metapsychology, and have since I was formally trained in it starting in 2005. I'm interested in finding people in the New England area who would like to practice metapsychology with me and each other. I'm interested in what Scientologists would call a "co-audit", and what metapsychologists call co-facilitation. I will train, or simply practice with those who are already skilled, and am also willing to learn from those with greater understanding than myself. I'm also willing to deliver sessions professionally to those who don't want to co-facilitate.

Feel free to contact me at 401-626-6776, through email at uniquemand@gmail.com, and if you have questions about what TIR/Metapsychology are, check out their site at http://tir.org, where I am listed as a practitioner (Kevin Brady).