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21st September 2010, 10:31 AM
Scientology claims to be able to anyone's WHY and fix it.

I started to wonder WHY Scientology cannot fix itself.

It has the vaunted WHY finding technology.

So, what's up, Scientology?


It's a fascinating question which Scientology either cannot answer or refuses to answer. Either way their tech ain't working. But elsewhere in the real world...

There is a piece of wisdom that circulates around certain Japanese corporate ecologies that to get to the bottom of any problem, it is only necessary to ask WHY something is a certain way 5 times (or less). I believe it is called: "THE FIVE WHYS"

Example: Sales has crashed and customers are complaining.

1. WHY?
They didn't get their orders.

2. WHY didn't they get their orders?
The shipping department is several months behind.

3. WHY is the shipping department several months behind?
Because the company ran out of shipping boxes.

4. WHY did the company run out of boxes?
Because the company decided to go green and not use tree by-products.

5. WHY did the company decide to go green and not use tree by-products?
Because the new CEO mistakenly calculated it would boost sales.

So, that would be it. Cardboard boxes would go back in use. Simple.

By their crashing statistics and abysmally plummeting PR, we know that Scientology's WHY finding technology simply does not work.

I wonder what would happen if we tried the "5 WHYS" tool to Scientology?

--------to be continued next post-------------

21st September 2010, 10:46 AM
Maybe it would be good to save the delicious 5 WHYS deconstruction of Scientology for a bit longer. I have no idea what it might reveal, let's save it for dessert....

Back to WHY Scientology cannot find it's own WHY for a moment.

The first kind of obvious reason Scn cannot find its own WHY is that there are scriptural prohibitions on asking unholy questions.

Only questions which Ron approved are allowed to be asked.

If anyone doubts that, try asking any senior exec at the "Advanced Organization" (whose exclusive specialty is producing Operating Thetans) this question: "Can you please show me just one of your OT products and show me its OTness?"

That is not only an unauthorized question, it is considered to be a sacrilege--an evil question carefully calculated to destroy mankind's only hope for freedom.

Imagine getting that response if you were paying $500,000 not for your "bridge" but for something else? A house for instance.

I'd like to have my plumber do an inspection of the inside
of the house so that after I buy it, the toilets don't back
up into the kitchen sink.

You are invalidating a standard house. You are spreading
entheta and black PR! You, sir, are a fucking SP!

Yeah, Scientologists don't allow anyone to "sit in judgement" on their products for some funny reason.

21st September 2010, 11:00 AM
We are going to do a Listing & Nulling on
WHY you didn't get any gains from the last
100 hours of super-standard-mecca Flag
case-cracker auditing.

I already know why. I just cognited
it is because Ron's tech didn't work.
(auditor just stares at him)
Well? Aren't you going to indicate my item?

(noting LFBD, FN, VGI's)
No! That cannot be your WHY because Ron
says that the correct WHY opens up the door
for a handling.

(stands up, turns handle of door)
Well at least ya got that right.

PC opens up the door and exits both the session and Scientology.

21st September 2010, 11:10 AM
If the Scilons did a real "why finding," why, they'd eventually find themselves attempting to find a new religion. Or- as in my case- finding the why on why I joined such a wacky group in the first place...does that make any sense?


21st September 2010, 11:46 AM
Okay, I am going to try to use the Japanese FIVE WHYS methodology for getting to the bottom of the problem. I have no idea what to expect...

Scientology has crashed stats worldwide.

Q1: Why does Scientology have crashed stats worldwide?
A1: Because PR is at an all time low and Scientologists are leaving in droves.

Q2: Why is PR at an all time low and Scientologists leaving in droves?
A2: Because people did not get what they paid for, OT.

Q3: Why didn't people get what they paid for,OT?
A3: Because nobody knows how to get that product.

Q4: Why doesn't anybody know how to get that product?
A4: Because there is no technology capable of producing an OT.

Q5: Why is there no technology capable of producing an OT?
A5: Because discovering an evolutionary technology capable of making an OT could only be done by an OT--of which there are none--because there is no technology capable of producing an OT.

21st September 2010, 11:48 AM
Wrong why! - It's cuz' I frown on their stats.. I gotz SP powers yea' can shake a stick at to no avail!


21st September 2010, 06:49 PM
If the Scilons did a real "why finding," why, they'd eventually find themselves attempting to find a new religion. Or- as in my case- finding the why on why I joined such a wacky group in the first place...does that make any sense?

Perfect sense. Why?

22nd September 2010, 10:40 PM
JUST SAY NO to Mystery Scale: Scientific research has revealed that Wogs are in "mystery" while Scientlogists are in the "know".

WHY in the world would your church do crazy things that
make the public hate you? You lie so much! WHY can't you
tell the truth about anything? I mean, what's the real WHY
for Ron's death and for sending PI's after former members?

Our data series eval reveals the same WHY. Research!
Our WHY finders also discovered WHY wogs think we lie.

Oh really?

Yes! Again, wogs also need to Research--the truth about Scientology.
That can only be done by doing their Bridge. Only then can
they attain the same advanced Research state that
Ron currently enjoys.

22nd September 2010, 11:06 PM
What's the WHY that Scientologists lie about expanding when their stats are crashing?

The WHY is that upper level data is confidential and can kill you.

You mean killed like when someone tries to escape from Int
on a motorcycle and they get run off the road and crashed?

You obviously have a crashing misunderstood.