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1st May 2011, 03:00 AM
Here is a link to a French documentary that first aired on Thurs. April 28, 2011. It describes how John Travolta and Tom Cruise are deeply involved in Scientology and it includes comments by Mark Bunker, Amy Scobee, Nancy Many, and Jay Fernandez of the Hollywood Reporter.

Perhaps the most suprising revelation comes from Nancy Many, president of the Celebrity Centre in the early 1980s, who explains that the key benefit John Travolta received from Scientology is that it got him out of legal trouble. At 6:19 in the video, she says, "He was in trouble with the law. He was about to be in a legal morass, and they used their lawyers and their private investigators to get him out of it. And then -- I don't want this public. Could you shut the camera for a second?" This segment was obviously not removed.

Program name: [i]Tellement People Investigation
Hollywood et la Scientologie (http://www.nrj12.fr/nrj12-replay-3276/nrj-12-562/media/video/349755-hollywood-et-la-scientologie.html)
Duration: 28 min. 15 sec.

EDIT#1: The documentary incorrectly displays a caption indicating that Nancy Many was "Director of the Celebrity Centre, 1978-1991". Chapter 11 of Nancy Many's book My Billion Year Contract does not give precise dates, but it seems to say that she was president of Celebrity Centre International in the 1980-1982 period. Chapter 12 says she was removed from that post and assigned to the RPF by the International Finance Police.

EDIT#2: The French documentary is now also available on YouTube thanks to the quentinkrisp (http://www.youtube.com/user/quentinkrisp) channel:

On YouTube:
Hollywood and Scientology
in French with English subtitles

Hollywood and Scientology: Part 1 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_jvMuF8lI8)


Hollywood and Scientology: Part 2 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSgIlKQT1XQ)


For download links and the text of the subtitles, see post #12 in this ESMB thread:

1st May 2011, 03:48 AM
Alas!! My school boy French is not up to scratch for this. Looks great, though. Thanks mnql1.

The Great Zorg
1st May 2011, 03:55 AM
Here is a link to a French documentary that first aired on Thurs. April 28, 2011. It describes how John Travolta and Tom Cruise help Scientology's image and it includes comments by Mark Bunker, Amy Scobee, Nancy Many, and Jay Fernandez of the Hollywood Reporter.

Perhaps the most suprising revelation comes from Nancy Many, Director of the Celebrity Centre, 1978-1991, who explains that the key benefit John Travolta received from Scientology is that it got him out of legal trouble. At 6:19 in the video, she says, "He was in trouble with the law. He was about to be [inaudible] in a legal morass, and they used their lawyers and their private investigators to get him out of it. And then -- I don't want this public. Could you shut the camera for a second?" This segment was obviously not removed.

Hollywood et la Scientologie (http://www.nrj12.fr/nrj12-replay-3276/nrj-12-562/media/video/349755-hollywood-et-la-scientologie.html)
Duration: 28 min. 15 sec.

Nice mnql1!

Funny, I just came across this tonight; I was reading Gary Weber's apology to planet earth for his shenanigans while a now defunct 'Guardian's Office' operative. Gary Weber was apparently the Nazi scientologist whose picture was front page news in the Clearwater Sun some years ago.

In his apology, he mentioned this about John Travolta:

<snip>"Another lady by the name of Nancy or Diane Bush also worked "Internal Intelligence." Internal Intelligence was really an underhanded way of collecting personal "auditing files" and ethics files of Scientology parishioners. GO Intelligence staff would go through these folders and look for anyone disaffected or a "possible trouble source" within the church. In the expediter unit I was always getting parishioner's "Confidential PC Files" for the Internal Info Bureau folks. Info Bureau had tons of files on people inside the Church as well as outside the Church. Whenever a "Dead Agent Package" was needed to discredit any foe of the Church it could easily be prepared with all these confidential files. At first I was shocked that the GO would use trusted or "sacred" personal files against our own people, but in the name of saving the planet it was justified.

I remember John Travolta used to speak publicly how he loved Scientology but didn't like the management. I wasn't in charge of collecting his folders, but I recall being told that he was being "handled" by upper management. It wasn't long before he changed his attitude."

DOX: http://www.lermanet2.com/garyweber/
(Thanks to Arnie at OCMB)

1st May 2011, 04:00 AM
Here is a link to a French documentary that first aired on Thurs. April 28, 2011. It describes how John Travolta and Tom Cruise are deeply involved in Scientology and it includes comments by Mark Bunker, Amy Scobee, Nancy Many, and Jay Fernandez of the Hollywood Reporter.

Perhaps the most suprising revelation comes from Nancy Many, Director of the Celebrity Centre, 1978-1991, who explains that the key benefit John Travolta received from Scientology is that it got him out of legal trouble. At 6:19 in the video, she says, "He was in trouble with the law. He was about to be [inaudible] in a legal morass, and they used their lawyers and their private investigators to get him out of it. And then -- I don't want this public. Could you shut the camera for a second?" This segment was obviously not removed.

Hollywood et la Scientologie (http://www.nrj12.fr/nrj12-replay-3276/nrj-12-562/media/video/349755-hollywood-et-la-scientologie.html)
Duration: 28 min. 15 sec.

Good video....I wish it was in English.

1st May 2011, 04:39 AM
Given the dates I wonder if it relates to the Enquirer expose coming out that interviewed his live-in male lover of many years. After he and John broke up the enquirer paid him big bucks to spill the dirt on JT. By a strange coincidence the same time that story was due to come out JT and fellowscio Kelly Preston announced their engagement (or got married, can't remember which it was). Obviously Preston was suppose to demonstrate his raging heterosexual status and pull the focus away from the enquirer expose - which it did fairly well.

I don't know if he threatened the inquirer with lawsuits as a result of the story, but that would have been bad because the story was true at it's core (the boyfriend was a well known companion of his & they shared the same address at times) and any lawsuit would have been messy and hurt his career no matter if it was true or not. Its obvious the cult provided him with a quickie beard/ wife too & I've always had a hunch she was picked to also keep an eye on him for the cult. So between the mess with the enquirer story, the big mouth lover, and legal maneuvers surrounding it publication I'm sure that could have been quite a "legal morass" at a time when he wasn't pulling in the big bucks anymore. I'm sure if the cult bailed his ass out of situations resulting from all this, and provided a needed wife, then he certainly was back aboard the cult express and lwilling to do whatever they told him too.

1st May 2011, 06:03 AM

1st May 2011, 01:12 PM
The documentary mentioned in the OP incorrectly displays a caption indicating that Nancy Many was "Director of the Celebrity Centre, 1978-1991". Chapter 11 of Nancy Many's book My Billion Year Contract does not give precise dates, but it seems to say that she was president of Celebrity Centre International in the 1980-1982 period. Chapter 12 says she was removed from that post and assigned to the RPF by the International Finance Police.

1st May 2011, 01:37 PM
The French documentary is now also available on YouTube thanks to the quentinkrisp (http://www.youtube.com/user/quentinkrisp) channel:

1st May 2011, 04:26 PM
Wow. Tom Cruise's name has now been linked forever with an FBI investigation and the exploitation of slave labour.

1st May 2011, 08:45 PM
French documentary alleges Travolta was in a legal morass

Don't think he was in any less ass :whistling:


1st May 2011, 09:49 PM
Travolta? Morass? Who woulda knowed? :whistling:

8th May 2011, 11:44 AM
On YouTube:
Hollywood and Scientology
in French with English subtitles

Hollywood and Scientology: Part 1 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_jvMuF8lI8)


Hollywood and Scientology: Part 2 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSgIlKQT1XQ)


Download links:

Entire subtitled documentary in a single video:
Tellement People Investigation 2011-04-28 (http://www.2shared.com/video/RcYgC3-2/Tellement_People_Investigation.html)
Size: 505,342 KB
Duration: 28 m 15 s

Entire subtitled documentary in 2 parts:
Tellement People Investigation 2011-04-28 Part 1.avi (http://www.2shared.com/video/yLokJQVO/Tellement_People_Investigation.html)
Size: 263,777 KB
Duration: 14 m 42 s
Tellement People Investigation 2011-04-28 Part 2.avi (http://www.2shared.com/video/ojiQ7ONo/Tellement_People_Investigation.html)
Size: 243,083 KB
Duration: 13 m 36 s

Text of the English subtitles

Hollywood and Scientology
Tellement People Investigation
(NRJ 12)
Apr. 28, 2011

00:00.66-00:03.72 John Travolta, Tom Cruise and, more recently, Will Smith
00:03.73-00:06.52 major Hollywood stars who openly display their allegiance
00:06.53-00:08.76 to the most secretive and dangerous cult in the world:
00:08.77-00:09.80 Scientology.
Tom Cruise
00:09.81-00:12.52 Scientology is an applied religious philosophy.
Mark Bunker
00:12.91-00:17.59 When people think of Scientology, they think of celebrities.
00:17.69-00:20.41 Scientology's goal: to recruit celebrities
00:20.42-00:23.82 to shape their way of thinking and to promote the church on the world stage.
Jay Fernandez
00:23.83-00:25.84 It does send a very specific message,
00:25.85-00:30.28 that if you want to be famous and rich, Scientology is a really good way to go.
00:30.72-00:34.29 Are the stars victims or are they complicit with this organization?
Mark Bunker
00:35.04-00:38.67 Celebrities aren't going to see the dark side of Scientology.
00:38.77-00:40.89 You will discover the Celebrity Centre,
00:40.90-00:43.93 five-star club and privileged refuge of star Scientologists.
00:43.94-00:47.82 Two of the center's former directors, Nancy Many and Amy Scobee,
00:47.83-00:51.15 exclusively reveal the secrets surrounding Scientology and celebrities.
Amy Scobee
00:51.16-00:53.72 I was supposed to hire Scientologists
00:53.73-00:57.32 so that everyone around him was a Scientologist.
Nancy Many
00:57.33-01:01.05 He was about to be encircled into a legal morass.
01:01.64-01:04.49 How did this sect founded by a science fiction writer
01:04.50-01:06.88 succeed in enlisting celebrities?
01:06.98-01:10.47 What role did John Travolta play in Scientology's influence?
01:10.57-01:13.23 How did Tom Cruise become the church's Number 2?
01:13.46-01:17.04 An investigation into this church which is as fascinating as it is disturbing.
01:19.09-01:21.14 Los Angeles, Hollywood,
01:21.15-01:22.95 where celebrity is worshiped,
01:23.05-01:24.32 where beauty is worshiped,
01:24.33-01:27.06 but also cradle of the most secretive cult in the world:
01:27.08-01:28.66 Scientology.
01:30.02-01:32.03 Scientology is considered a cult in France,
01:32.04-01:34.05 but this church is very powerful in the United States
01:34.06-01:36.98 and it has over 6 million members in 160 countries.
01:36.99-01:41.29 Its religious philosophy is to help its followers develop their personality.
01:41.30-01:45.52 Its peculiarity is that it rakes in millions from the training it dispenses.
01:45.53-01:49.36 Amy Scobee escaped from the cult in 2001 after belonging to it for 10 years
01:49.37-01:50.98 Here is how she describes it today.
Amy Scobee
01:50.99-01:53.64 Scientology to me is a dangerous cult
01:53.65-01:56.50 and it's something that controls your life.
01:56.51-01:59.54 It controls your mind. It controls your information.
01:59.55-02:01.39 It controls your emotions.
02:10.15-02:12.69 From the outset of the church's creation in 1952,
02:12.70-02:15.71 its founder, science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard,
02:15.72-02:19.62 quickly understood that celebrities are powerful recruitment tools.
02:19.89-02:21.30 The idea is simple.
02:21.34-02:23.44 To attract new followers all around the world,
02:23.45-02:25.81 Scientology needs prestigious people — trophies.
02:25.82-02:28.40 Three years later, he launched Project Celebrity,
02:28.41-02:31.18 with the ambition to enlist the VIPs of that era.
Mark Bunker
02:33.60-02:38.23 When people think of Scientology, they think of celebrities.
Amy Scobee
02:38.43-02:40.36 L. Ron Hubbard said that,
02:40.37-02:45.36 if we create celebrities to be walking success stories to Scientology,
02:45.37-02:48.24 we will be able to expand the religion around the world.
Mark Bunker
02:48.34-02:51.84 In the 50s, shortly after the creation of Dianetics,
02:51.85-02:58.33 he created a list of celebrities that he wanted brought into Scientology.
02:58.45-02:59.50 Jack Benny
02:59.53-03:01.10 Groucho Marx
03:01.11-03:02.71 Walt Disney
03:02.72-03:06.68 These were the people that he wanted
03:06.69-03:12.78 for reasons to do with the publicity that would bring to Scientology.
03:12.88-03:16.62 An appetite for recruitment and a desire for recognition worldwide
03:16.63-03:18.25 that have led to some successes.
03:18.26-03:20.06 It took a little less than 30 years
03:20.07-03:22.83 for Scientology to acquire a high profile in Hollywood.
03:23.03-03:26.00 Among its disciples: Priscilla and Lisa Marie Presley,
03:26.10-03:27.34 Juliette Lewis,
03:27.35-03:28.35 Mimi Rogers,
03:28.36-03:29.54 Jerry Seinfeld,
03:29.55-03:30.58 Jenna Elfman,
03:30.59-03:32.02 Giovanni Ribisi.
03:32.03-03:35.58 But the most influential stars today are John Travolta, Tom Cruise
03:35.59-03:37.32 and, more recently, Will Smith,
03:37.33-03:39.34 even though he still denies his affiliation.
Jay Fernandez
03:39.44-03:41.86 For a true believer like Tom Cruise or John Travolta,
03:41.87-03:45.64 they talk about how they owe their career to Scientology.
03:45.65-03:50.39 Now, whatever that means, it does send a very specific message:
03:50.40-03:55.69 that, if you want to be famous and rich and successful in Hollywood,
03:55.70-03:57.70 Scientology is a really good way to go.
03:58.22-04:00.71 To keep its stars close and to control them,
04:00.72-04:03.39 Scientologists created the Celebrity Centre,
04:03.40-04:06.26 an exclusive and luxurious club in the very heart of Hollywood,
04:06.45-04:09.32 a privileged meeting place and refuge for celebrities.
Amy Scobee
04:09.40-04:13.24 That is the hub of where celebrities find out about Scientology
04:13.25-04:20.62 and bring other celebrities and friends
04:20.68-04:23.25 to find out about Scientology and disseminate it to them.
Mark Bunker
04:23.31-04:26.02 This is an entirely different experience
04:26.03-04:31.08 from the rest of Scientology's "orgs" around the planet,
04:31.09-04:33.08 which would be more like offices.
04:33.09-04:35.44 This is a manor.
04:35.45-04:38.76 There's a five-star restaurant,
04:38.86-04:43.17 It's a world that they're used to being in.
04:43.88-04:46.87 How can the biggest stars conceal the obscure practices
04:46.88-04:49.70 of what is considered a cult in the rest of the world?
04:49.75-04:53.08 David Miscavige, Scientology's enigmatic leader
04:53.09-04:54.54 and Tom Cruise's best friend,
04:54.55-04:56.09 appears to have found the right packaging.
Mark Bunker
04:56.19-04:59.21 For the people in Scientology who are harmed,
04:59.22-05:01.22 it's pretty bad
05:01.23-05:04.55 and it can ruin lives, drain bank accounts,
05:04.56-05:09.25 destroy marriages and relationships.
05:09.79-05:13.84 Celebrities aren't going to see the dark side of Scientology.
05:13.85-05:17.91 They're not going to have to face the problems that somebody else has,
05:17.92-05:21.87 or a Sea Org member who signed a billion year contract.
05:21.88-05:24.88 They're going to have a completely different experience.
05:24.89-05:28.28 They're going to be sheltered
05:28.29-05:32.34 and Scientology will circle them and become their entire world.
05:33.12-05:35.10 The first major Hollywood star
05:35.11-05:38.40 to publicly assume his status as a Scientologist was John Travolta.
Mark Bunker
05:39.19-05:46.99 And the first big celebrity that they managed to get in was John Travolta.
05:47.30-05:49.96 And that was a huge coup.
05:49.97-05:52.16 He has been a convert since the late 1970s
05:52.17-05:55.08 and his affiliation is said to have allowed his career to take flight.
Amy Scobee
05:55.27-05:58.85 There's a lot of tools in Scientology that have benefited him.
05:58.86-06:03.54 in his career and in his life and have made him happier.
06:04.20-06:06.21 But this is only the official version.
06:06.22-06:08.75 He may have had major problems with the law
06:08.76-06:12.73 for which the Scientology church used its influence to spare him from prison.
06:12.74-06:16.90 Nancy Many, director of the Celebrity Centre in the 1970s and 80s,
06:16.91-06:18.90 knows all of the church's secrets.
Nancy Many
06:18.94-06:21.04 He was in trouble with the law.
06:21.05-06:24.57 He was about to be encircled into a legal morass.
06:24.58-06:28.49 And they used their lawyers and their private investigators
06:28.50-06:30.39 to get him out of it.
06:30.90-06:33.81 But I don't want this public.
06:33.92-06:35.67 Can you shut the camera for a second?
06:35.94-06:38.97 The subject is taboo and perfect for exploitation.
06:39.17-06:41.84 In the early 1980s, John Travolta became
06:41.85-06:44.44 the celebrity spokesman for Scientology.
Amy Scobee
06:44.45-06:46.00 John Travolta was number one.
06:46.01-06:50.99 He was the number one celebrity in Scientology for years and years.
06:51.00-06:53.28 He was in Scientology for so many years
06:53.29-06:56.62 and he's certainly successful, obviously, as an actor.
Mark Bunker
06:56.63-07:01.10 Personally, I'm not sure exactly what John Travolta obtained from Scientology,
07:01.11-07:03.91 but I'm certain he's getting something.
07:03.92-07:08.14 And for Scientology, what they're getting from John Travolta,
07:08.15-07:09.90 is legitimacy.
07:09.91-07:11.39 Being a convinced follower,
07:11.42-07:15.16 John Travolta did not hesitate to spend 5 million dollars
07:15.17-07:18.01 to participate in the production of "Battlefield Earth",
07:18.02-07:21.90 a propaganda blockbuster based on a novel by Scientology's guru.
Amy Scobee
07:21.91-07:25.72 "Battlefield Earth" is a book written by L. Ron Hubbard.
07:25.73-07:28.19 which John Travolta always wanted to adapt.
07:28.20-07:32.07 It was extremely important because it would be a lot of promotion
07:32.17-07:35.31 for L. Ron Hubbard and for Scientology
07:35.32-07:38.22 and because John Travolta's starring in it, obviously.
Mark Bunker
07:43.62-07:46.24 This was not just a movie for John Travolta.
07:46.38-07:47.75 This was a mission.
07:47.74-07:54.40 The payoff was to spread L. Ron Hubbard's name in society.
07:54.41-08:00.31 David Miscavige not only had a huge hand in the casting of the film,
08:00.32-08:04.14 but he also had to approve the script that they used,
08:04.16-08:07.36 and they even fed back the dailies
08:07.37-08:11.77 to the compound for David Miscavige to approve,
08:11.78-08:14.03 every night, while filming.
08:14.04-08:17.12 And Miscavige was sending back notes
08:17.13-08:22.89 about performances, about sets, costumes.
08:22.90-08:27.03 So David Miscavige was essentially micromanaging this movie
08:27.04-08:28.51 for Scientology.
08:28.52-08:31.15 At the same time, Scientology was saying,
08:31.16-08:33.08 "This has nothing to do with us."
Amy Scobee
08:39.25-08:41.03 When that movie was done,
08:41.04-08:45.60 it was a responsibility of organizations and all Scientologists
08:45.61-08:47.49 to help make it a blockbuster.
08:47.50-08:52.04 So we were made to go watch the movie 3 times in a row.
08:52.47-08:55.46 And it's hard to sit through the first time,
08:55.47-08:58.48 but to sit through it 3 times in a row was just painful.
09:03.05-09:04.87 The movie's monumental failure
09:04.88-09:07.04 tarnished his image as a Scientology celebrity
09:07.05-09:10.15 and already foreshadowed the decline of his influence on the public.
Mark Bunker
09:10.14-09:14.49 It was one of the biggest disasters in movie history.
Jay Fernandez
09:14.59-09:17.27 It was supposed to be made 2 movies in 2 parts.
09:17.28-09:21.01 The first one was so laughable and bombed so bad,
09:21.02-09:23.52 and it was supposed to be *the* Scientology movie.
09:23.53-09:27.79 So that kind of tarnished his successes in Scientology,
09:27.80-09:29.73 not for him, but for the public,
09:29.74-09:31.78 because he was so public about it.
Mark Bunker
09:32.20-09:35.82 This was going to be *the* big PR push for Scientology.
09:35.93-09:37.94 They had a lot riding on this.
09:37.95-09:42.76 This was going to bring L. Ron Hubbard to millions of new people,
09:42.77-09:44.46 and once they saw the movie,
09:44.47-09:48.67 they would be flocking into Scientology churches and becoming members,
09:48.68-09:50.75 but that's not the way it turned out.
09:50.95-09:53.17 The consequences of this marketing operation
09:53.18-09:55.41 and the death of his son Jett in 2009
09:55.42-09:58.23 were rumored to have led John Travolta to question his faith.
09:58.24-10:00.36 But the church, which possesses all of his secrets,
10:00.37-10:02.66 thanks to the video recordings of his confessions,
10:02.67-10:04.45 could quickly make him change his mind.
Amy Scobee
10:04.46-10:07.76 Scientology considers that it has enormous influence
10:07.77-10:10.54 because they have information they can use as leverage
10:10.55-10:12.48 to prevent you from speaking out.
Mark Bunker
10:12.49-10:13.94 At the Celebrity Centre,
10:13.95-10:15.91 even though they're in lavish surroundings
10:15.92-10:18.59 and they're getting the best possible service,
10:18.69-10:23.87 they have to take the same Scientology courses and Scientology auditing
10:23.88-10:25.99 that other Scientologists take.
10:26.00-10:32.94 And part of that process is confessing their innermost, darkest secrets.
10:32.95-10:39.14 So these secrets are being written on paper and recorded on video,
10:39.24-10:42.29 and if you do something wrong,
10:42.39-10:45.61 these things can be pulled up and used against you.
10:45.91-10:48.44 This leverage could cost the actor dearly.
10:48.54-10:50.72 Given the rumors about his homosexuality,
10:50.73-10:52.17 John Travolta's private life
10:52.18-10:54.23 will probably continue to fill many tabloid pages.
10:54.45-10:56.45 Even more famous and influential,
10:56.46-10:58.89 Tom Cruise came forward in the early 2000s.
10:58.90-11:01.11 Recognized around the world as an emblem of the movement,
11:01.12-11:04.43 the biggest Hollywood star became Scientology's major asset,
11:04.44-11:08.27 the one who enabled the church to see its membership numbers shoot upward.
Mark Bunker
11:08.67-11:11.26 For many, many years, it was John Travolta.
11:11.27-11:16.25 He was out there being interviewed, talking highly about Scientology
11:16.26-11:19.74 going around the world to discuss Scientology and promote it.
11:20.22-11:23.55 Tom Cruise stayed away throughout that time.
11:23.83-11:25.70 And then, at a certain point,
11:25.88-11:29.60 he just decided: "I'm going to start to speak up."
Nancy Many
11:29.70-11:35.20 It was the biggest, sort of, unkept secret,
11:35.21-11:37.68 but it was never out in the press.
11:37.69-11:39.31 It was never —
11:39.32-11:43.73 I'm sure private investigators made sure
11:43.74-11:45.65 that the press never got wind of him.
Mark Bunker
11:45.76-11:48.35 David Miscavige is the leader of Scientology.
11:48.45-11:51.73 He's the guy running the place,
11:51.83-11:57.90 but Tom Cruise is the most important Scientologist on the planet
11:57.91-12:01.72 because he is the public face of Scientology.
12:01.73-12:04.29 He was introduced to the religion at the end of the 1980s
12:04.30-12:05.90 by his wife, Mimi Rogers,
12:05.91-12:08.22 to deal with his dyslexia.
12:08.23-12:11.17 And he quickly became a prey for David Miscavige.
12:11.18-12:13.90 The church's chairman allegedly used his power
12:13.91-12:15.59 to separate Tom from the actress,
12:15.60-12:18.57 whose ex-Scientologist father is considered a threat.
Nancy Many
12:18.58-12:22.92 Tom Cruise was first introduced to Scientology through Mimi Rogers.
12:22.93-12:25.87 Mimi Rogers was an ardent Scientologist.
12:25.88-12:27.58 She was born a Scientologist.
12:27.59-12:31.26 And she brought him into her center,
12:31.27-12:36.12 an annex in the back of Celebrity Centre Los Angeles.
12:36.13-12:39.80 And when David Miscavige discovered that Tom Cruise was there,
12:39.81-12:43.18 receiving auditing through his wife, Mimi Rogers,
12:43.19-12:45.43 David Miscavige did not like this.
12:45.44-12:47.63 He wanted to take care of Tom Cruise personally.
12:48.16-12:50.68 Tom Cruise probably doesn't know,
12:50.78-12:53.88 but they did everything to end his marriage.
12:54.20-12:56.96 They did not want him to be married to Mimi Rogers
12:56.97-13:01.99 because they considered her father to be a suppressive person.
13:02.00-13:05.49 And when, in 1990, Tom Cruise left her for Nicole Kidman,
13:05.50-13:07.76 the entire church felt relieved.
13:07.77-13:09.92 When he fell in love with Nicole Kidman,
13:09.93-13:15.23 he said that he could not be happier at International Management,
13:15.24-13:18.33 because it meant Mimi Rogers was out of his life.
13:18.95-13:20.15 During their 10-year romance,
13:20.16-13:23.62 Tom Cruise avoided telling the public he belonged to the church.
13:23.63-13:26.68 He even stepped away from the church in 1999,
13:26.69-13:29.09 when he left for London to star in "Eyes Wide Shut",
13:29.10-13:30.53 directed by Stanley Kubrick.
Nancy Many
13:30.54-13:34.91 Stanley Kubrick is well-known and was outspoken against Scientology,
13:34.92-13:36.67 as far as to my knowledge,
13:36.68-13:40.96 and they were with him for an entire year.
13:40.97-13:44.19 And they came back a bit distanced.
13:45.45-13:47.88 But the return to the United States was a different matter altogether.
Nancy Many
13:47.98-13:50.37 They returned to America in the Fall,
13:50.38-13:53.48 in early December or late November,
13:53.49-13:55.79 whenever their anniversary was.
13:55.89-13:59.62 They had an incredible celebration of their marriage.
13:59.63-14:01.04 It was really —
14:01.05-14:03.02 The photographs are incredible,
14:03.03-14:05.97 I mean they looked like the happiest couple in the universe.
14:06.67-14:14.25 And within 3 weeks, Nicole received her divorce papers.
14:14.73-14:17.19 She did not see it coming.
14:17.31-14:19.13 She did not see it coming.
14:20.49-14:26.67 What I do know is that Nicole did not continue at all in Scientology
14:26.68-14:27.92 after that point.
14:27.93-14:31.06 And Tom became a much more ardent member
14:31.16-14:32.66 after that point.
14:33.37-14:35.53 Almost as soon as the divorce from Nicole became official,
14:35.54-14:38.15 Tom Cruise became absorbed by the Church of Scientology.
14:38.16-14:42.12 Until then, his religious affiliation had been confined to his private life.
14:42.13-14:46.97 Now the actor preferred to promote the church instead of his movies,
14:46.98-14:48.96 and he introduced his conquests and his friends
14:48.97-14:51.05 to the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard.
Tom Cruise
14:51.10-14:54.23 Scientology is an applied religious philosophy
14:54.24-14:57.37 and you, you know, you — we — we work with things that we have
14:57.38-14:59.08 tools that we have, you know.
14:59.09-15:01.88 If you're illiterate, we can teach you quickly how to read
15:01.89-15:03.30 and learn the rest of your life.
15:03.46-15:04.86 You know, there's things in terms of —
15:04.87-15:08.85 that society's — you know, ills that we help out in every day.
Mark Bunker
15:08.96-15:14.36 After they split, Tom Cruise fired his professional PR person
15:14.37-15:18.77 and he replaced her with a Scientologist.
15:18.78-15:23.48 And she ran his career into the ground for a couple of years.
15:23.49-15:25.72 That was one of the lowest points in his career.
15:25.73-15:27.49 He was kicked out of the Paramount lot.
15:27.50-15:31.46 He lost his contract for the next "Mission Impossible" film.
15:33.08-15:37.00 He really learned a lesson from that
15:37.01-15:40.65 and eventually, after a year or two,
15:40.66-15:44.36 he brought back professionals to run his life.
15:44.37-15:46.85 But in every other aspect of his life,
15:46.86-15:50.81 he has had Scientologists surrounding him.
Amy Scobee
15:51.01-15:58.37 At that time, I was put on a project to surround him with his household.
15:58.38-16:04.79 I was supposed to hire Scientologists,
16:04.80-16:08.21 so that everyone around him was a Scientologist.
16:08.51-16:11.74 Every bit of his life is now monitored.
16:12.69-16:16.07 Tom Cruise's dedication was such that David Miscavige wanted to reward him.
16:16.08-16:19.05 In 2004, he awarded Tom Cruise a medal
16:19.06-16:22.10 symbolizing his consecration to the highest ranks of Scientology.
16:22.11-16:24.75 Thus did Tom Cruise become the church's Number 2.
Mark Bunker
16:32.68-16:37.66 One year, David Miscavige decided that it's time to honor Tom Cruise
16:37.67-16:39.76 for all the wonderful work he's done.
16:39.77-16:42.70 And they gave him a medal,
16:42.71-16:46.69 a big shiny medal to drape around his neck.
16:46.94-16:54.79 And this was the culmination of their friendship.
Tom Cruise
16:55.24-17:00.37 I have never met a more competent, a more intelligent,
17:00.38-17:03.70 a more tolerant, a more compassionate being
17:03.71-17:08.96 outside of what I've experienced from LRH.
17:09.06-17:12.24 And I've met the leaders of leaders.
17:12.93-17:14.47 Okay. I've met them all.
17:14.48-17:17.19 So I say to you, sir, COB, we are lucky to have you
17:17.20-17:19.00 and thank you very much.
Amy Scobee
17:21.35-17:24.91 This was an award never before given.
17:24.92-17:27.78 This is the highest award ever.
17:27.79-17:33.13 And he gave it to Tom Cruise for his dissemination efforts for Scientology.
Tom Cruise
17:33.23-17:36.65 These are the times, now people. Okay?
17:36.66-17:39.80 These are the times we will all remember.
17:40.81-17:42.23 Were you there?
17:42.87-17:44.30 What did you do?
17:45.74-17:48.43 I think you know that I am there for you,
17:49.77-17:55.01 and I do care so very, very, very much.
17:55.34-17:56.94 But in this surrealistic setting,
17:56.95-17:59.87 the event of the evening was the screening of an interview
17:59.88-18:02.43 in which the star professes his beliefs.
18:02.44-18:04.19 When the video was posted on YouTube,
18:04.20-18:06.64 viewers discovered a Tom Cruise who was almost hypnotized
18:06.65-18:09.15 and light years away from his public persona.
Tom Cruise
18:09.16-18:15.21 So it's our responsibility to educate, to create the new reality.
18:15.22-18:17.43 You know, we have that responsibility.
18:17.44-18:21.82 And this is the way it should be done because we do it this way
18:21.83-18:23.40 and people are actually getting better.
Mark Bunker
18:23.44-18:27.12 David Miscavige edited this video together
18:27.13-18:28.99 and it was shown at that venue
18:29.00-18:32.73 to introduce "Tom Cruise, Scientologist".
Amy Scobee
18:32.83-18:35.12 I was still in Scientology when I saw that and
18:38.25-18:42.29 it wasn't hard for me to see through the acting that he does in there
18:42.30-18:44.08 and unreality.
18:45.20-18:47.84 And he's not genuine, but he's —
18:47.94-18:49.94 And he's a bit nuts!
Tom Cruise
18:50.24-18:54.14 They said: "So, like... have you met an SP?"
Mark Bunker
18:57.02-18:59.60 This message eventually got out to the public.
18:59.61-19:01.40 It got leaked to YouTube.
19:01.41-19:04.36 And suddenly the world woke up one morning
19:04.37-19:07.63 and saw "Tom Cruise, Scientologist".
19:07.73-19:09.38 And they laughed.
19:09.39-19:10.77 They were shocked.
19:10.80-19:15.37 They couldn't believe this is, you know, this —
19:15.38-19:18.47 the man they've been watching on the big silver screen for so many years
19:19.16-19:20.92 This is nuts!
19:21.02-19:23.74 Scientologists looked at that and they went:
19:23.75-19:27.54 "Yes! This is Scientology! This is wonderful!"
19:27.64-19:30.57 The outside world looked at it and went:
19:30.67-19:34.27 "Wow! This is bizarre!"
19:34.65-19:35.72 In the video,
19:35.73-19:38.48 Tom Cruise gives the impression that he is invested with a mission.
19:38.49-19:40.40 He says he is able to cure people
19:40.41-19:42.99 and knows what to do if he sees an automobile accident.
Tom Cruise
19:43.00-19:44.34 Being a Scientologist,
19:44.35-19:48.43 when you drive past an accident, it's not like anyone else.
19:48.44-19:51.58 As you drive past, you know you have to do something
19:51.57-19:54.92 because you know you're the only one that can really help.
Jay Fernandez
19:55.72-19:57.66 You know, there are different levels that you get,
19:57.67-20:00.18 that you advance through Scientology.
20:00.19-20:04.77 He's at a level where he believes he can cure.
20:04.78-20:07.49 And I think that's part of his —
20:07.59-20:13.29 that super-confidence that would allow him to say something like:
20:13.39-20:15.45 "I know what to do in a car accident."
20:15.55-20:19.88 But I think that's part of what Scientology teaches you
20:19.89-20:22.06 when you get high enough.
20:22.07-20:25.22 You get this sense of almost superhuman ability.
20:25.85-20:27.34 Despite his new status,
20:27.35-20:30.35 Tom Cruise knew that the only way to return to front stage
20:30.36-20:31.79 was to find a new wife.
20:31.80-20:34.51 In 2005, young actresses were reportedly invited
20:34.52-20:38.26 to a fake casting organized by the Church of Scientology.
20:38.38-20:39.30 Among the chosen ones,
20:39.31-20:40.60 Jennifer Garner
20:40.61-20:41.73 and Jessica Alba
20:41.74-20:43.22 seem to have preferred to pass up the opportunity.
20:43.23-20:45.64 Scarlett Johansson turned on her heels and left
20:45.65-20:48.24 when she learned the auditions were taking place at the Celebrity Centre.
Nancy Many
20:48.25-20:50.66 When Tom Cruise had no wife,
20:50.67-20:54.36 he became [consumed] with his involvement with Scientology.
20:54.46-20:57.70 And then it became his job; he really wanted a wife.
20:57.71-20:59.56 He really wanted a wife.
20:59.57-21:02.10 He was casting a movie,
21:02.11-21:06.10 so they set up certain actresses,
21:06.09-21:08.45 you know, he had seen their video,
21:08.61-21:10.57 that he liked,
21:10.58-21:14.51 and they had appointments in the Celebrity Centre
21:14.52-21:16.44 in a private room
21:16.45-21:20.71 and he was basically looking to make an agreement.
21:20.72-21:21.75 Katie Holmes,
21:21.76-21:23.30 who had always proclaimed loud and clear
21:23.31-21:25.49 that she was in love with the actor since her youngest years,
21:25.50-21:29.08 did not fail to seduce the jury, who finally gave her its blessing.
Jay Fernandez
21:29.42-21:32.95 I'm sure she was gaga over Tom Cruise, genuinely,
21:32.96-21:36.10 but that's a loaded package.
21:38.70-21:40.97 It certainly —
21:41.30-21:44.49 The perception is it certainly benefited her in the public eye
21:44.59-21:49.68 that she's married to an extremely famous successful person.
Nancy Many
21:49.78-21:54.42 I know people that knew Katie Holmes before she met Tom Cruise.
21:54.77-21:57.53 And she wanted fame.
21:57.56-22:00.83 Now she is receiving fame, but not like Nicole.
22:00.84-22:02.95 Not like Nicole.
22:03.55-22:06.36 An arranged encounter that is not rare in Hollywood.
22:06.47-22:07.89 But Tom Cruise overdid it.
22:07.99-22:10.28 In a talk show hosted by Oprah Winfrey,
22:10.29-22:12.55 the actor went crazy and declared he was in love
22:12.56-22:14.53 before millions of television viewers.
22:14.54-22:17.44 His odd behavior chipped the model Scientologist image
22:17.45-22:19.51 he had cultivated for so many years.
Tom Cruise
22:24.68-22:26.61 That's how I feel about it!
Oprah Winfrey
22:32.68-22:35.61 Really?
Tom Cruise
22:32.68-22:35.61 Really!
Oprah Winfrey
22:35.64-22:37.60 Something's happened to you!
22:37.61-22:39.13 Something happened to you!
Tom Cruise
22:39.23-22:41.20 I'm in love!
Mark Bunker
22:41.92-22:46.89 I think the leaked video did hurt Tom Cruise though, in some way.
22:47.45-22:52.22 I think it did get him to — get a lot of people thinking:
22:52.23-22:53.95 "Well, the guy's nuts."
Nancy Many
22:58.57-23:01.76 My feelings, when I saw Tom Cruise jumping on the couch,
23:01.77-23:03.47 with Oprah Winfrey,
23:03.69-23:08.25 and we all knew he was engaged to Katie Holmes at that time.
23:08.35-23:12.32 And Tom Cruise was on the Winfrey show,
23:12.42-23:17.51 And I knew at that point that Katie Holmes
23:17.52-23:22.26 was the first one to really get in Scientology.
23:22.70-23:24.40 A happy couple, in appearance.
23:24.41-23:25.65 By marrying Tom Cruise,
23:25.66-23:28.80 Katie Holmes plunged deeply into the Scientology bubble.
23:28.81-23:31.73 The actress, who is rumored to have received 1 million dollars
23:31.74-23:33.18 for the birth of their daughter Suri,
23:33.19-23:35.72 is now said to be under the total control of the church.
Nancy Many
23:35.73-23:40.15 When Tom comes over, he brings the big bubble with him,
23:40.16-23:44.63 and Katies Holmes is well watched, is in the bubble.
Jay Fernandez
23:44.82-23:47.44 He's very controlling and so is Scientology.
23:47.45-23:55.39 And she's now a victim of being pulled into this crazy religion.
Nancy Many
23:55.65-23:58.24 She has, as far as I know,
23:58.25-24:01.91 not reconnected to the friends of her girlhood,
24:01.92-24:03.46 to the friends of her youth.
24:03.47-24:05.57 She has reconnected with her family.
24:06.52-24:09.61 Tom Cruise's mystical antics and the display of his private life
24:09.62-24:12.80 ended up alienating both the public and film producers.
24:12.81-24:14.87 Now that he is on the verge of another divorce,
24:14.88-24:18.76 could the world's most highly paid actor become a pariah in Hollywood?
Jay Fernandez
24:19.25-24:24.29 People forget that Tom Cruise had a really long string of hits.
24:24.50-24:29.40 Really long, 10 or 12 hundred-million-dollar-grossing movies.
24:29.41-24:32.54 He's a Scientologist in bed too, and most people knew it.
24:32.64-24:36.66 Now it's 5 or 6 years since he married Katie Holmes
24:36.67-24:38.42 and jumped on Oprah's couch
24:38.43-24:41.20 and got in a fight with Matt Lauer on the air.
24:41.77-24:44.29 I don't know. That may have affected it a little bit,
24:44.30-24:46.45 but "Valkyrie" and "Night and Day"
24:46.46-24:49.67 both made, like, 2 to 3 hundred million dollars.
24:49.68-24:50.80 around the world.
24:50.81-24:54.89 It's hard to say that he's not still doing great.
24:55.07-24:57.34 Maybe it's not as big as in the heyday,
24:57.35-24:59.73 but I don't think that's connected to Scientology.
25:02.39-25:05.19 Tom Cruise's career is perhaps far from over,
25:05.29-25:08.01 but his problems with the law are only just beginning.
25:08.11-25:10.06 According to reports in U.S. newspapers,
25:10.07-25:12.43 the star is believed to be under investigation by the FBI
25:12.44-25:15.12 for exploiting disciples for personal purposes.
Amy Scobee
25:15.13-25:17.66 Communications have just been put out on the internet
25:17.67-25:20.25 into the internal workings of the Sea Organization,
25:20.26-25:22.84 which is Scientology management,
25:22.85-25:27.65 personally working on the airplane hangar for Tom Cruise
25:29.23-25:31.12 doing his motorcycles,
25:31.13-25:36.44 doing his staffing, installing his hifi system,
25:36.52-25:40.84 putting together a bus that he, you know, shoots on site,
25:40.85-25:42.98 you know, that he stays when he's shooting on site.
25:42.99-25:47.71 And all these things that are personal benefits that he's getting
25:47.72-25:50.42 from the labor of Sea Organization members.
25:51.03-25:54.75 For this work, the followers were supposedly paid 50 dollars a week,
25:54.85-25:56.58 a situation which is more than shocking
25:56.59-25:59.63 knowing that the star is worth more than 250 million.
25:59.83-26:02.02 The relation between Hollywood and Scientology
26:02.03-26:03.63 still has many bright days ahead of it.
26:03.64-26:06.71 But today, most celebrities no longer wish to be identified with Scientology
26:06.72-26:09.09 and try to hide their ties to the church.
26:09.39-26:11.58 Will Smith and his wife, Jada Pinkett
26:11.59-26:15.09 created the New Village Leadership Academy in 2008,
26:15.10-26:17.17 a school where most of the teachings
26:17.18-26:19.11 are reportedly prescribed by Scientology.
26:19.12-26:21.76 Nevertheless, Will Smith continues to deny his involvement in Scientology.
Mark Bunker
26:21.77-26:24.00 He says he is not a Scientologist.
26:24.01-26:29.90 but it is really bizarre to read that Will Smith
26:29.91-26:35.45 gave half a million dollars to build a Scientology-based school
26:36.73-26:39.68 and the teachers are almost all Scientologists.
26:39.69-26:41.92 using L. Ron Hubbard materials.
26:41.93-26:46.00 And then Will Smith says: "No, it's not a Scientology school."
26:46.01-26:49.44 We're used to schools saying: "We're not Scientology."
26:49.61-26:51.06 Clearly they are.
26:51.36-26:53.72 Even worse for Tom Cruise and David Miscavige,
26:53.73-26:57.43 former disciples are beginning to speak out against Scientology's practices.
26:57.53-26:59.16 For example: Paul Haggis.
26:59.17-27:00.88 After 35 years in Scientology,
27:00.89-27:03.39 the screenwriter-director and winner of 2 Oscars
27:03.40-27:05.63 for "Million Dollar Baby" and "Crash"
27:05.64-27:07.73 left the Church of Scientology amid much publicity.
Amy Scobee
27:07.74-27:11.43 We hear sometimes in the media about bad things that go on in Scientology.
27:11.44-27:15.61 Well, that never makes it to a celebrity plate.
27:15.62-27:19.62 Paul Haggis recently wrote a book on Scientology.
27:19.63-27:24.84 He wrote a resignation letter to the Church of Scientology
27:24.85-27:27.50 because he found out what was going on.
27:27.60-27:32.07 He took the blindfold off and started looking and asking questions.
Nancy Many
27:32.27-27:34.40 He very outspokenly left,
27:34.41-27:39.14 with a very long letter to the management of Scientology.
27:40.11-27:44.28 He stated, basically, they were liars,
27:44.53-27:46.14 and he could not take it any more.
27:46.99-27:48.95 A principled stand and an example
27:48.96-27:53.44 that may incite other Hollywood stars to question their beliefs.
Mark Bunker
27:53.77-27:58.16 I think it would be good for more celebrities to stand up and say:
27:58.17-27:59.58 "You know what?"
27:59.79-28:06.40 "There's a dark side to Scientology and we should speak out about it."
28:06.41-28:07.95 "These things ..."
28:07.99-28:11.71 "These particular abuses in Scientology have to stop."

28:12.01-28:13.45 Subtitled by Anonymous