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12th June 2011, 06:00 AM
Scientologist Giovanni Ribisi to Play David Koresh: Why There's a Precedent for a Scientology-Branch Davidian Connection


12th June 2011, 08:11 AM
Interesting. I'm gonna guess that the cult didn't know about this until it was too late. Otherwise they would have told Ribisi not to take the part.

12th June 2011, 08:28 AM

12th June 2011, 11:54 AM

I think your on the money, making that movie is tip toeing too close to truth.

12th June 2011, 12:13 PM
I knew Vonni a bit from dealing with his account 1996-1999 at the Scn-owned financial management company I worked for. He would come into the office every few weeks to talk to the account exec (I was a book-keeping grunt).

My opinion is that he's not particularly a Scn cultie, fully immersed in the "LRH will save the universe" crap. I imagine he is just doing the movie roles he wants to and not worrying too much about the impact they might have on DM. I have no idea what he thinks of the CofS, but with his family and business connections it wouldn't be easy for him to break away and do a Haggis or Beghe.


12th June 2011, 04:48 PM
Yeah Giovannis dad is hardcore?

The guy is a really good actor, in Avatar he was great.

12th June 2011, 09:03 PM
I did this song parody in 1993, right after the Clintonistas torched out the Davidians. I won't argue against Koresh being a cultist and/or a general purpose asshole, but that didn't justify what the feds did.


Let’em Burn, Parody of Let It Snow

Oh the whacko down in Waco,
Had his people fry and Bako.
The compound was one big urn,
Let it burn, let it burn, let it burn.

Fifty days of David Koresh,
For the feds became a boresh.
Those phuggers just won’t learn,
Let’em burn, let’em burn, let’em burn.

Slick Willie got on the air,
Janet Reno tore out her hair.
“Oh we need a real good excuse,
Let’s alledge child abuse!” We’ll say that …

The whacko down in Waco,
Had his people fry and Bako.
The kids ain’t no concern,
Let’em burn, Let’em burn,
It’s their funeral urn,
Let’em burn, Let’em burn Let’em burn.

14th June 2011, 09:53 PM
I knew Vonnie quite well years ago. There's no way in hell this guy would ever wake up. His entire family is in and in hardcore. He's well indoctrinated but wanted to go into acting and stay away from the Sea Org. His dad is Al Ribisi. Look him up. He wont be breaking away any time soon.

14th June 2011, 10:47 PM
The CoS has footage on the U.S. military tank using it's flame thrower to shoot fire into the compound that set the place on fire and murdered the men, women and children who were still in the compound. They were roasted alive....by the U.S govt. I hope that footage is used in the making of this fillm.

They also have footage on a couple of the govt military firearms guys with guns who entered a window from a roof and shows one of the firearms guys shooting the other firearms guy right after the first guy went through the window. Shooting their own guys and blaming it on the Devidians :omg:

The govt wouldn't allow the press within viewing distance of what was going on.....they didn't want them to see what was happening or film it, but somebody did get some footage, and happened to be close enough to get some of their actions on film, and managed to get the film out of there to where some people did manage to see it.

It should be a fascinating film.

I don't see where the CoS would have any trouble with this. They were in communication with a lot of different religious leaders at the time (I think it was in an effort to stop deprogramming and save religious freedom...or something like that.)

The govt might have a problem with this film/story though if the truth is told.