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30th November 2011, 02:51 AM
When I saw this article, I automatically thought of Suri Cruise :p

The voice activated 'personal assistant' function on the iPhone4s, Siri, has answers for everything from 'what is the meaning of life?' to 'where can I dump a body?'

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But when it comes to the topic of abortion, Siri isn't so chatty.

US users in Washington, DC and New York discovered that when asked for the nearest abortion clinic Siri recommends pro-life organisations, or says she can't find any, despite a simple Google search bringing up pages of results.

Siri is also not a fan of emergency contraception. When women in the US seeking Plan B (emergency contraception) ask Siri, she responds that she doesn't know what that is. However, a Google search brings up a wealth of information.

Yet Siri has no qualms directing US users to escort services or strip clubs.

Since in Australia Siri doesn't have the functionality to give addresses or find businesses, we simply asked Siri 'Why are you anti-abortion?'

Siri's response? "I just am."

Now, when you ask Siri 'Why are you pro-abortion?', she does give the same response. But should a phone be taking a stance on the issue at all?