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14th April 2008, 11:02 PM
I thought I'd bump this onto a new thread outside the limits of the London thread.

Anon needs you, They are in the rain and hail for you. They need your help, your experience and physical support. Will you be there next time for the Fair Game picket? "AD 58 - Game Over!" Come along, have fun! Help the anons! :thumbsup:


repeated here:

London - a few thoughts and experiences. London was great! 25 years of suppressed communication! We shouted til we were hoarse! "Downstat! Downstat!" we chanted, pointing at the leafleters and body routers! "How many bodies in the shop? None!" we yelled. "What does that mean?" an anon asked me, so I explained about stats and bodies in the shop. The scifags tried to smile when we yelled asking if they had an ARCX!

The police were great! They closed one lane of traffic so that we could move half-way across Tot Court Road so we were within shouting distance of the poor Scns. "PTS!" we yelled to the caved in, pink-faced, tired observer. "PTS - Leave!" we yelled.

Smiling lady watched and photographed us. She screwed in her TRO on me while I yelled Scientologese at her. She dropped her confront! "Flunk on TRO" I yelled. She had the good grace to smile. Most of the body routers couldn't make eye contact with us.

We pointed to the Kentucky and the "church" and yelled "chicken, cult, chicken, cult". It rained we sang "We're still here!" The hail stones came down and the objective process changed from "chicken, cult" to "hail, xenu, hail, xenu!"

We laughed. The best time for a quarter of a century! "SP, SP" we yelled pointing to ourselves. "Come over and communicate!" we shouted. Smiling lady smiled. The others glared.

Two policemen requested "chicken, cult" because they liked that one. We chanted, they said it was too quiet, I said they should join in. Another policeman told us he was having a great time, compared to his usual beat.

"Rip it up!" we chanted every time a passer-buy took a copy of "Freedom". "It's a con!" we yelled. "Rip it up!" we roared. We cheered every time someone tore it and threw it away. The poor little scientology slaves rushed to remove the discarded particle from the pavement. "Nobody likes you!" we chanted with glee.

Local lady came up to us and said the local residents were all on our side! Drenched to the skin, for us this was a great and welcome generalisation.

A passer by made rude gestures outside their door. We cheered and he, perhaps drunkenly, made his way up towards Goodge Street. He was not anon, he was just a lad having a laugh. Smiling lady swooped through the crowd, camera in hand, to get a stat of a photographed unmasked protester. "Stalker! Stalker!" we chanted, pointing to her disapperaing through the tourists to get her quarry.

"Stalker!" Stalker!" we roared when she came back and she didn't smile, having been spotted doing her dirty little deed. She saw a raised-mask anon talking to a policeman on our side of the road and she swooped to capture his image. "Stalker Stalker!" we yelled. We tried to get the police to pull her in for intimidation and stalking, they weren't too keen to do so.

"Shame on you!" we yelled when she came back to the front door. "Ron's slaves, Ron's slaves" we chanted. She had to show her recorded images to a senior policeman, but she appeared to blag her way out of it. Shame, shame on her!

Her and pink PTS lady looked serious. "Smile" we yelled. Smile they did. "That's better! Smile you are Scientologists!" we said after we had brought them up-tone again. She declined the invitation to come over and communicate.

Elderly, sunglassed, public PC was drafted into handing out Freedoms, in an all-hands to get their stats up. Poor bemused-grinning man really didn't want be there. He couldn't look at us, he couldn't hand one single particle out. Poor, poor man. He busied himself with counting and shuffling his mags and handing a few to the other body routers, kidding himself he was keeping them supplied. He was unable to hand out one single copy himself. "let the old man go!" we chanted, trying to rescue him.

More rain, more hailstones. "Hail, xenu, hail, xenu" we chanted.

Man, with child in pushchair, stopped and body router swooped on him to tell him how Scn could rescue him. "Sec check the baby!" we chanted and roared.

25 years of undelivered communication. "Downstat, downstat" we yelled.

The huge xenu poster came up Tottenham Court Road for the hundredth time and we all roared "xe-nu-oo xe-nu-oo" and smiling lady rushed inside to write down the phone number of the Promotions company towing the huge word which cannot be spoken.

All good things must end and we slipped away, after waving to our new friend, the smiling lady. Down to the pub, making sure the smiling lady wasn't stalking us. My dear, lovely friend, who will one day leave the cult.

In the pub, good times with the anons. So young, so polite, so idealistic! So wonderful to know a whole generation is free from ever being sucked into the cult. Wonderful people, wanting to know everything we could tell them about Scn and Ron. So keen to understand the cult better.

Hours later, back to the car and 21 hours after our departure and hundreds of miles later, we get back home exhausted, but glowing that at last we'd had our chance to communicate with the scientologists and say what we had wanted to say for so long.


Left with a wierd feeling of closer identification with the scifags over the road than our anon friends. We understood the non-confronting body routers, the bemused public PC, the PTS GO/HCO girl, the smiling stalker. We know them and love them.

Anons are fabulous. At the opening picket at Queen Victoria Street we were chanting and blaring at the huge empty building and two police horses came past and started to freak over our noise. Within three seconds the anons all stopped making noise until the horses settled and passed by.

Hugs and cake and sweets "we have cake, they have lies". "never gonna give you up"

Anons need us! Fewer at most pickets around the world, even though there were still maybe five hundred at London. Very few ex-scientologists. Too quiet, too suppressed and confused. Anons need us. This is our chance and it may well not come again. Anons need us. They are picketing for each of us. Were you there? Will you be at the next one? :)


repeated here:

Oh Lionheart...I laughed and I cried reading this. God I wish I could do what you did. I will one day and I know you yelled a little for me too. What a wonderful, wonderful write up. I am so happy for you...to be able to yell it all out and have such marvellous fun. "Sec check the baby" sent me over the edge! :dieslaughing: :happydance:

Bless every single person who is out there doing this! :thumbsup: :yes:


repeated here:

Oh, I yelled for you too especially, don't worry.

My voice was hoarse. I had a real dialogue with the smiling lady, so sweet, so evil, so cruel, so conned.

I yelled for every Scientologist who has been shuddered into silence. Using scientologese made the poor fools smile and perhaps sowed a drop of doubt. I am them.

My wife yelped "this is the best day ever" as we hollered at the org that had meant so much to us.

I have to confess the "sec check the baby" chant was my idea. It felt cruel to use the toddler like that, but oh, so painfully close to the truth! :bigcry:

"Nobody likes you" was a great chant. I imagined myself in the position of the bemused public pc or the PTS pink-faced girl and imagined how each torn up leaflet and each cruel taunt from the masked hoardes would have made me just waiver a little.

"One day you will leave" I yelled at my friends across the street. They shook their heads, I nodded. "they always leave in the end" I yelled. Wow! real communication with the sci-fags! :happydance:

I know your situation FTS and you are doing wonderful work with your references and postings.

But other exes, anon needs you! They are out in the streets in the rain and hail for you. This is your chance. Were you there? Will you be at the next one? Anon needs you!


repeated here:

Fantastic write-up Lion heart.

It was like being there all over again.It really was an excellent day.The Xenu trailer was megga and the crowd did roar. Anonymous benefactor.Hip hip hooray :winner: :dance2:

I will be there at the next one.

Lion heart you are right, we need more ex scientologists and if i can do it, anyone can.

Anonymous are a fantastic bunch of people. :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

14th April 2008, 11:49 PM
On the drive home we played Leonard Cohen, this song seemed appropriate:

Don't really have the courage
To stand where I must stand
Don't really have the temperament
To lend a helping hand

Don't really know who sent me
To raise my voice and say:
May the lights in The Land of Plenty
Shine on the truth some day

I don't know why I've come here
Knowing as I do
What you really think of me
What I really think of you

For the millions in a prison
That wealth has set apart
For the Christ who has not risen
From the caverns of the heart

For the innermost decision
That we cannot but obey
For what's left of our religion
I lift my voice and pray:

May the lights in The Land of Plenty
Shine on the truth some day

15th April 2008, 02:00 AM
Man with heart of lion. Ya got me off the couch. I'm there next month. :thumbsup:

15th April 2008, 06:59 AM
Hooray! :dance2:

The theraputic value of going can't be understated.

And over and above that, Anon needs you!

Our CofS friends need you, although they don't know that they do!

Exes, will you be there to help bring about the end of the game?