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  1. What is biggest lie that L Ron Hubbard ever told ?

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    I'm still not sold on the fact that any real "research" was ever done. Sounds like the ramblings of a Science-Fiction writer eaten up by a bunch of weak-minded souls desperate for some kind of direction.

    Perhaps someone here can attest to the fact that there was "research" actually done beyond him getting drunk and scribbling in a book.

    You take away the "research," you take away his initial hold on the cult and fast forward 50 years and
  2. Willis Carto, Liberty Lobby, The Spotlight, IHR & Arnie Lerma

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    Dear Mr Churchhill,

    Willis Carto, head of Liberty Lobby was labeled as the worlds most notorious anti-semite and castigated as a holocaust denier.

    In the early 70's he gave a $cientologist a job, named Tom Marcellus as a copy boy, pushing a cart of print copy from office to office before the computer era...Tom worked his way up to become Willis Carto's "Right hand man" (his words) "He had the keys to the kingdom" and became the Director for IHR,
  3. Scientology's Secret

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    I will try to cover a great deal of ground very quickly here, if you find you have some trouble dealing with what I write, read the links before dismissing a possible slave chain breaking screed as just more kooky stuff you can not deal with now... and then come back to this after laying a solid foundation for further thought.

    Consider for just a few moments as you read this that perhaps what you describe above was the shore story... You know like having a reactive
  4. The Shrinking Cult of Scientology - Tiziano Lugli

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  5. DIAnetics biggest Secret - another morning whisper

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    DIAnetics biggest Secret - another morning whisper

    Upon waking this morning it hit me like a ton of bricks. Those reading this post that have not been following my previous postings on the subject of hypnosis and suggestion MUST peruse the embedded links, which point to posts that explain portions of this presentation more fully, and which are necessary for grasping the enormity of what that "rat-bastard L Ron Hubbard" did.

    This is an advanced technique
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