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    Free Being Me , if I have not addressed it here before then I will now.

    You brought up the idea of LRH hiding things in plain sight and you were exactly right .

    That technique is called the offensive defensive technique and is used by conmen and pathological liars CONSISTENTLY throughout recorded history.

    LRH was of course BOTH .

    Basically you warn someone that OTHERS can be evil , dishonest , run cons , scams , etc. and then YOU do what you just
  2. My favorite LCon aka "Source" Quotes

    I'll update as I find ones I like

    Someone once said in relation to LRH and $cientology that "His research in the development and improvement of the technology was an honest endeavor"
    That's just about the most disingenuous thing I've seen or heard in quite some time from someone other than Hubbard himself.

    “A Scientologist can gain great reality on the ability to conserve, alter or destroy space.”
    L. Ron Hubbard

    I can get behind this ...

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  3. Scientology working

    I almost forgot the suicide of DMs MIL Flo Barnett which I don't believe he had a hand in despite what some say. More proof of the 'tech' doing a swell job. All this great $cientology "working" yet so many murders, attempted murders, suicides, cancer deaths etc. Not a single proven OT yet though. Not one.

    Cant forget Kyle Brennan either

    Gregory S. Bashaw, 46, a successful journalist and OT7, who committed suicide in ...

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  4. Putting together pieces of the puzzle

    Why do so many pre OTs have traumatic and even deadly problems such as the occurrence of psychotic breaks like the one resulting in the death of Lisa McPherson, the near demise of Roxann Richards, and the psychotic breaks of many other $cientology adherents? It always comes back to the same thing. The 'tech' doesn't work, it was never meant to work, and LRH new it didn't work just like DM knows it doesn't. Psychological manipulation with a healthy dose of fear works though. That's been well proven ...
  5. Is HIV/AIDS proven to die when exposed to heat?

    As I peruse the board and read people stories I keep seeing it put forth within the reasons why people aren't fans of doctors and modern medicine that,"Aids/HIV has been proven to die when exposed to heat". Is this something that people are taught within $cientology? That a fever or exposure to a great deal of sunlight/heat will destroy HIV if they have it?

    HIV HAS been shown to be destroyed when exposed to heat but the temperature is 60C and above which translates to 140 ...

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