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  1. The Beer Hall Putsch

    Another fascinating paper from Miles Mathis, this one about the fantastic rise of Hitler. "Fantastic" as in "fantasy."

    Just a little snippet from the 28-page PDF:

    . . .

    But Hitler should have never been appointed to anything by anyone, since he had been convicted of High Treason just nine years earlier, and everyone would have known that. Therefore his citizenship should have been
  2. Was Scientology used by Intelligence Agencies?

    There is some evidence out there suggesting that Scientology, along with other pseudo-philosophical and religious movements was used by the "Spooky World". .

    Even ol' Aleister Crowley was a long-time British spook. This is well known and documented. Now, of course Hubbard was not in reality a "good friend" of Crowley as he bragged in one of the PDC lectures, but he did get involved with ...

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  3. Paul Craig Roberts: The West Is Reduced to Looting Itself

    I like Paul Craig Roberts and usually read his articles when they come out. I don't agree with every single thing he says, but most of it I find enlightening. He writes very clearly and succinctly.

    Here's his latest article:

    Myself, Michael Hudson, John Perkins, and a few others have reported the multi-pronged looting of peoples by Western economic institutions, principally the big New
  4. The Triad of Treachery.

    "Europeans are likely the first people in history to fall to an invasion instigated and endorsed entirely by the enemy within. The speed, unexpectedness and scale of the Coloured Invasion, and the depths to which public servants, lying Press and Police have since sunk have taken shocked ethnic-Europeans by surprise.

    It is beyond nightmare that, at the invitation of a German Chancellor, the Gates of Genocide be opened to over one million rootless non-Europeans. The contagion of ...
  5. David Cole on radio3fourteen.

    David Cole, the “Jewish Holocaust Revisionist,” speaks on radio3fourteen.
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