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  1. Who thinks that OSA is watching this site? I don’t

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    Personally, you are wrong, and I can attest to that having been on OSA staff. The operations of OSA is often misunderstood by critics who were never in the cult & ex-Scilon publics who were in the cult for a very short time. OSA is comprised of Sea Org & non-Sea Org staff as well as countless volunteers that have been called upon for their skill sets, the type of jobs they hold in the public arena which would provide useful intel to the cult (i.e., banking & credit personnel, airline
  2. A link to the newly released short-story

    by , 1st August 2015 at 12:31 PM (Love, Scientology and Kindergarten)
    I'd really like to know whether or not people here might think that Scientology is fundamentally supporting, or opposed to the principles of the US Constitution.

    Please check out my new short story at;

    Love, Scientology and Kindergarten,

    that attempts to speak a little bit about the relationship between Scientology and the US government. Your thoughts would be very much appreciated.



    PS: Two ...

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  3. The Ethics scale

    If there were an ethics scale vs. a tone scale, where would scientology ethics be on it?
  4. $cientology "Ethics" - my take

    A few weeks back, Feral called me to tell me he was no longer appearing at the Q & A at the Dendy for the Sydney premiere of “Going Clear.” He told me some of the stuff that he wanted to bring up if he’d gone and he mentioned a very interesting point about $cientology’s ethics. He self-effacingly prefixed it with “You’ve probably already thought of this as have other people who are smarter than me but….”

    But here’s the funny thing - I don’t recall anyone having brought this up ...
  5. The mesmerized ant

    This is the story of the i as a mirage looking at a mirage, hypnotized by pictures. A question : "is it a place worth going?"

    In the mirage scenario, the i is said to be nothing but consciousness, along with its pictures and its ability to perceive the projections (pictures) given to it as part of the mirage.

    Imagine Neo in the Matrix movie watching projections all day in his room but never leaving the matrix. Imagine the projections are inside of the matrix ...

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