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  1. Bataclan Band Interview

    Quote Originally Posted by Lone Star View Post
    I thought that this video interview of the rock band members recounting what they went through that night at the Bataclan Theatre needed its own post.

    It is also contained in the link that freethinker provided earlier, but many may not have seen it.

    Very moving...
    Thank you. I watched the first 5 or 6 minutes of it, the first two band members describing the incident. The VICE editor said this ...
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  2. A clip from the British comedy show "Till Death Do Us Part". Prophetic?.

    Quote Originally Posted by michaelangelo View Post
    A clip from the British comedy show "Till Death Do Us Part".
  3. How To Brainwash A Nation by a former KGB agent.

    Former KGB agent explains the 4 basic steps to socially engineering entire generations into thinking and behaving the way those in power want them to.
  4. The Truth About The Law

    Great site at, written by a 25-year-practising lawyer, who points out a lot of things that somehow I managed to miss. Humpf.

    His caption to this image, on his front page, is You will never be genuinely free, until you let go of your illusions and face the truth.

    Here's a tiny little bit from one article out of many: ...
  5. The Saker

    A saker is a Eurasian falcon. The Saker (person) is an ex-??? agency analyst, of Russian descent, with a blog at who posts on matters of current interest. From a recent bio he wrote at


    My life has been one of ups and downs. Early on, after a pretty nasty childhood,
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