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  1. Whose valence is COB

    I keep asking myself this. Which really bad hat dictator would be most like COB if he had his balls cut off so he could be a castrado. For me it is a tough one. He does his hair like Uncle Jo Stalin but no mustache. That same hair graces the dictator of North Korea. In any case Jo Stalin at 5 ft 4 would have towered over his 5ft stature. Then I saw a picture and it became a little more clear to me. Uncle Adolph. If I can figure out how to post it I will. It is just too funny.
  2. The Journey

    Quote Originally Posted by nomdeguerre View Post

    The handle is Nom De Guerre.
    The journey is still to higher states of awareness.
    The involvement with Scn was from 72 to 2001.
    I can't begin to tell you how drastic the changes were especially after the founder was no longer in the picture.
    I have seen the new guy up close and personal. The first time was in the 80s.
    He got in my face and I restrained myself from decking him because my father, had always insisted that I pick on someone my own size.
  3. Who thinks that OSA is watching this site? I donít

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smurf View Post
    Personally, you are wrong, and I can attest to that having been on OSA staff. The operations of OSA is often misunderstood by critics who were never in the cult & ex-Scilon publics who were in the cult for a very short time. OSA is comprised of Sea Org & non-Sea Org staff as well as countless volunteers that have been called upon for their skill sets, the type of jobs they hold in the public arena which would provide useful intel to the cult (i.e., banking & credit personnel, airline
  4. A link to the newly released short-story

    by , 1st August 2015 at 12:31 PM (Love, Scientology and Kindergarten)
    I'd really like to know whether or not people here might think that Scientology is fundamentally supporting, or opposed to the principles of the US Constitution.

    Please check out my new short story at;

    Love, Scientology and Kindergarten,

    that attempts to speak a little bit about the relationship between Scientology and the US government. Your thoughts would be very much appreciated.



    PS: Two ...

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  5. The Ethics scale

    If there were an ethics scale vs. a tone scale, where would scientology ethics be on it?
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