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  1. South Africa explained?

    A few years back I started a thread here asking if David (CoB) Miscavige was a True Believer in $cientology or if he was just going along with it to have the power and glory associated with the position.

    The most credible answers I got back (from those with first-hand experience of DM) was that yes, He was/is a true Believer.

    Despite knowing what He does about Hubbardís last years and how thereís no new OT Levels and how the current ones donít lead to higher states ...
  2. Tommy Davis will be deposed. Ray Jeffrey won the argument. Yet another Legal lo

    Quote Originally Posted by Bea Kiddo View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Type4_PTS View Post
    Posted on Tony O's blog earlier this morning:

    Don't say what you think, Tommy! And certainly don't hold back.

    I hope his job isn't public relations in his new place of work!
    Yeah, because that was such a "roaring" success the last stint he had in public relations...

    He should probably change his name back to "Tom Davis" and create a new image...
  3. Suspicious Scientology Deaths....MURDER?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ogsonofgroo View Post
    Hm, pretty fascinating stuff being brought up, allegorical or not, nothing surprises me with Cult of Ron, and I suspect that this is a rabbit hole that is very, very deep, twisted, walk into the demented. . It is so sad that Nibs didn't get to live a long life, he would have made an interesting member over here.

    Note~ Please, dear members, if you're going to tell stories, be careful of several things. Consider the truth, and the people involved.
  4. The Pity Play - Tipoff Play of Sociopath

    Quote Originally Posted by FreeBeing View Post
    What is Psychological Manipulation?

    Psychological Manipulation is a type of influence that attempts to change the behavior or perception of others through underhanded, deceptive and abusive techniques. This advances the interests of the manipulator, generally at the victim's expense, in methods that may be considered abusive, devious, deceptive, and exploitative.

    In order to be successful,
  5. Scientology: Throwing Out The Baby With The Bathwater

    [QUOTE=Alanzo;864504][QUOTE=Churchill;864488]I understand the part about not throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

    It's just that the bathwater has a lot of stinky poo-poos in it.[/QUOTE]


    It isn't about babies and bathwater for me. This metaphor really doesn't work for me, and I have come to realize that it never has.

    For me, it's much more about self-acceptance than it is about acceptance or rejection of Scientology.

    I have ...