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  1. TC, Me and atheism - a long story...

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    Tom Cruise turned me into an Atheist or Losing My Religion
    John Anthony Duignan

    On the 16th of July 2006 I gave up on religion. It was Tom’s fault. I forgave him ‘South Park’, I even forgave him Oprah’s couch. I could not forgive him standing up on that stage in Saint Hill, Southern England, next to our diminutive dictator and tell me that he was more dedicated, worked harder and suffered more for the Scientology cause than me and my Xenu fearing comrades. After all, I lived
  2. Lunch with Kate Ceberano

    Yesterday on ABC Classic FM radio station, Kate was the midday interviewee.

    If you go to (I think that's the address) and hunt around with the search engine, you should be able to listen to it.

    She is asked about $ciloontology about 25-30 minutes in and begins this long no-answer about how only illiterate folk don't like $ciloontology as literate folk can read and see for themselves just how wonderful the C0$ really is.

    And of course ...
  3. Hoisting the cult on its own petard

    The recent fracas on this very board over the cult's "status" as a religion puzzled me greatly when a lot of folk seemed to get upset when I argued for it being a "genuine religion." To say I was amazed at the outpouring of emotions on the issue would be an understatement of great magnitude.

    I've been thinking about this and believe it comes down to me not sharing an epiphany I had years ago (literally) during/after a phone conversation with either Feral or Mike ...
  4. What if?

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    Too many "what if's" for this young lady. She didn't make it. So sad.
  5. How to break the trance by publics?

    Publics pay a lot of money for courses, auditing, donations, etc.
    And they don´t know about the abuses and conditions of SeaOrg-Members or Org-Staffs. They never saw them.
    They are convinced that the stories are completely fictitious by critics, SP`s and other plots against Scientology.

    How to make them sceptical about Scientology?

    Have someone any ideas?

    freedom angel