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  1. Scorpions Will Be Scorpions...

    Apropo to surviving the $cientology Death Kult.
  2. Scientology ready to sue HBO for Copyright Infringement!

    by , 17th March 2015 at 05:42 PM (ADVANCED METHODS OF PERSUASION)
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    Re: Miscavige beating up his PC in session

    There appears to be an enormous quantity of exculpatory evidence now being produced by eyewitnesses.

    Here's another affidavit (below) that was sent by registered mail to HBO just in the past couple days. The sheer number and weight of eyewitnesses who testify that Miscavige never assaulted his PC certainly makes it appear that it did not happen.

  3. Some Scientology Jargon Defined

    – Something changed from the way it really is. Not the truth. Lies.

    AOLA – Advanced Org Los Angeles. It delivers most of the upper levels of Scientology enlightenment to its members.

    applying the tech
    – Using the processes and teachings of Scientology for the betterment of life and living.

    at cause over MEST
    – In control of matter energy space and time, or the ability to control the physical universe. (It can mean anything from skillfully bouncing ...

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  4. Tricks, lies and Scientology magick

    Something really jumped out at me last night while reading Jon Atack and The Bunker go back and forth in discussion about the origins of Scientology. I'll quote from the relevant bit but here is the link.

    I have had a bit of time, decades actually, to think about why the tech is not tech at all and why nobody is going to be able to make it go right using standard tech. The article on Underground ...

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  5. What would your ideal Freezone Convention include?

    by , 1st March 2015 at 04:19 AM (ADVANCED METHODS OF PERSUASION)
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    Join the club. :-)

    One sign that an organization has become a cult is that it's no longer okay to laugh at ourselves. That's especially damning in scientology because the goal is supposed to be raising one's ability to experience joy.
    To the see the original "real goal," read Hubbard's 1938 letter to his first wife, written shortly after completing the unpublished manuscript 'Excalibur': Becoming a "legend" by "smashing" his "name into
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