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  1. A Wingnut Does the EPF

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    Here is a photo of me, off to my first mission to Miami Org in 1986. I was the D/CO CMO EUS (for a very short while because soon after this mission I was sent to the Freewinds because of my drafting/engineering skills). The guy on the right is John De Vries, CO CMO EUS.

    Check out my jacket... they did not provide me a proper fitting uniform, so I wore a men's jacket which was a bit too big. I guess they figured that would work because I am tall.

    I LOVE the irony
    The Sea Org
  2. The Foul Air of the Freewinds an Ex-SO Memberís Story

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    I've been going through old photos and came across these gems and thought I would share.

    This is me in the Freewinds engine room control room. Not sure what I am doing there, just posing for the photo.

    This is me in front of the main engine cylinder heads (the starboard side main engine). In the forefront of the photo are the turbo chargers.
  3. Barbara Ayash's Partial Story with Video for you to watch :-)

    Here is some of her story in a Video posted to YouTube this week. There are more video's coming and other information will be released as its posted. Feel free to click and watch this first video off the line. Let me know what you think of it if you would like too . I'm also trying to raise money for her care. If you can help I thank you in advance. Any amount is incredible. Or, maybe you can help pass the word around ?

    Thank You, Ginger

    Here is YouTube video on my mother ...

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    Scientology~ Its kind of like pimping a Yugo when you could be driving a Jag.... *shrugs*

    Time for a wee song
  5. Bonnie (Escape) needs our help to FREE BARBARA

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    Bonnie is struggling a little to post here, so forwarding this:
    Hello Everyone,

    Good to be back here with you all again. As always I need your help. *Escape* has come to LA so we can offer our help in freeing Barbara Cordova. Barbara's plight is something that has burned brightly in our hearts since her frantic attempt to escape was brought to our attention by her family. Our years of litigation taught us that what had happened to Lisa Mcpherson should be exposed