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  1. Why I'm Here

    At the age of twelve, voracious reader that I am, I picked up a book on cults for twenty five cents at a library sale. I found it fascinating. The book was Ted Patrick's Let Our Children Go. The book documented his work "deprograming" cult members. Desperate family would hire him to assist with kidnapping and then tough-loving them into realizing they'd been had.

    I took an interest in cults, and half a decade later I read about an interesting letter Hollywood celebrities had ...
  2. Top 100 Stupid Moments in Scientology

    An old post from the 'stupidest Moments' thread, just 'cause I sometimes crack me up when I go over old drunken posts

    Quote Originally Posted by Ogsonofgroo View Post
    'Reporting in Chief!' (not to be confused with 'chef')
    *scrambles for cocktail glass* 'Latest J&D development reports Sir!'
    *hands over bottle of JD*

    PNW Anon Support Squadron #69 requesting information on 'past lives'- Whole Track Memories.

    Q-Can you remember even one.
  3. AVC approval needed for Facebook now?

    Something’s been bugging me for the last few days after reading all the near-identical Facebook (and email etc.) entries posted by Black Rob (and others) about the GAT II release. Seems like every OL (“Opinion Leader”) left in the cult has been mobilized to spray loud and wide just how absolutely (insert several superlatives here) GAT II is. And of course then urge EVERYONE to go see it for themselves. And thank COB for the amazing (insert several superlatives here) dedication/perserverence/courage/ ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ogsonofgroo View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by OldA
    I have yet to complain about harassment or the failure to read my posts before commenting as I feel that is part of the ESMB tradition where those who have lost hope can gnash their teeth at any suggestion that things might possibly get better. What is more remarkable is that the loudest naysayers never seem to acknowledge that they were in a cult and still are manifesting cult behavior.
    Wow. Just wow.
    Firstly, there isn't any 'tradition', it is simply too
  5. Some sincere questions about auditing records that may be uncomfortable or worrisome

    From very early (1960s or earlier) what you said in an auditing session got recorded in the PC folder. The C/S saw it. Sometimes ethics saw it. Anyone who audited you saw it.

    As early as the late 1970s, registrar areas were recorded (per Martin Samuels this was standard practice or LRH policy).

    Per various recent (last couple years) books on Scientology (e.g., Jenna Miscavige Hill and others) auditing sessions are not only audio-taped, but are also videotaped. ...