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  1. What if?

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    Too many "what if's" for this young lady. She didn't make it. So sad.
  2. How to break the trance by publics?

    Publics pay a lot of money for courses, auditing, donations, etc.
    And they donīt know about the abuses and conditions of SeaOrg-Members or Org-Staffs. They never saw them.
    They are convinced that the stories are completely fictitious by critics, SP`s and other plots against Scientology.

    How to make them sceptical about Scientology?

    Have someone any ideas?

    freedom angel
  3. Providencia 9/29/06

    So there I was in Providencia neigborhood in Santiago, Chile laying in a too short bed with my feet hanging over the end, my hands behind my head and wondering if I had made the right decision. The Hostel's room was more closet size than room size, maybe five feet wide by 12 feet long. I was in a large home turned into a hostel. The owners, a Chilean couple were really nice people. They even ran a hardline Internet connection up to my room for me before I arrived.

    I was having one ...

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  4. Paul about clear and bt stuff !!!

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    Well, since you haven't expanded on your "different ideas", I can't comment directly.

    I might ask, however, what happened, or what did you observe that made you "not too sure"?
    Many things. Probably the first was the gradual realization that Hubbard wasn't infallible, on major things as well as minor. That one took ages to sink in.

    Per the OT2 materials what happens at Clear is that the individual separates out from the composite
  5. The 2.5% SP

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    If the above post is your knowledge of statistics then you ahve more knowledge of statistics than Hubbard

    Well if we represent the 2.5% SPs and there are thousands of us that have been declared. Then it only stands to reason that there must be a lot more Scientologists on lines. It seems to me that ex Scientologists count for 97.5% of all those that have passed through lines and the 2.5% are those that are left on lines. OOOOPPPPSSSSS they are