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  1. $cientology, imagination and the advertising industry

    It’s often been said that there is a large percentage of folk who fall into $cientology are creative-type, intelligent people. Lots of artists in various fields. And lots of aspiring artists too.

    Hubbard even targeted them with His “Celebrity Centers” and various “special issues” on dealing with artists. He wanted them on board to brag about.

    Unsurprisingly, He also quietly ran down anyone else’s creative efforts by stating that it had all been done before in the last ...
  2. $cientology and decisions

    Something I’ve been wrestling with a bit of late is how I let $cientology take over my decision-making. It started from the very beginning when I got “ruined” over my OCA.

    If you’ve ever been subjected to one of these, you know just how “bad” your life is – and it’s all about the “bad” choices you have made in your life. While I was being told back in 1979 how fucked up my life was, it all came down to how I didn’t know what the right decisions for my life were. But, I was constantly ...
  3. I Can Speak For Myself

    I may not be one for arguing, for disagreeing, for actually having my own opinion. Having spent just 4 years (my late teens and just budding into adulthood now), I feel quite backwards in my own thoughts and dealings with others. I have to 'relearn' and 'unlearn' a lot of things that I thought were true. It is a struggle, I can only imagine what it is like for people who have dedicated years beyond me to what they thought to be true.

    I am in the process of recovering myself from the ...
  4. Scientology away from the church

    Ah there you are, newly out and wondering what you're going to do because you may still be concerned about your "Bridge", your "conditions" and other matters.

    Please be very careful if you enter the Independent Scientologist zone also called Indies. All things are not equal.

    Research everyone carefully. Ask many, many questions.

    Just because someone is formerly a Scientologist and says they are practicing
  5. Is it all entheta?

    Here you are, newly out and poking around in the formerly taboo Internet and Web.

    Is it all entheta* out here?

    The answer is a resounding No!

    But you may want to think about gradually moving your thoughts and actions away from anything having to do with Scientology, be it for or against. Any one thing taking over all of your thoughts and activities cannot be a good thing, can it?

    There's only one person that can decide how much you want your thoughts

    Updated 14th May 2014 at 01:39 AM by Isme