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  1. Out Of Sorts, Why?

    I've been reading everything on the net for two years now.

    I have read stuff before, but forgive me for saying that the cursing, rampant name-calling, over-the-top attempts to make people in Scientology feel valueless and stupid only served to keep me from reading in-depth before that.

    Not in defense of Scientology, in defense of myself. I didn't need

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    Aspects of Me
  2. Scientology Universities?

    Any educated guesses or opinions here about the plausibility of this?

    Quote Originally Posted by DagwoodGum View Post
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    Good video Chris.

    Was or is there an RTC office in the Minnesota Org or for that matter any other org? If so who would staff those Offices and what would those staff actually do in an org? Did you or anyone you know from those offices ever receive written programs or orders from COB and his direct staff?

    Don't you see the big picture here?

    They are going to become colleges
  3. As-ising

    Those who live by negatively stated codes of honour or conduct will find themselves confused by what I am writing.

    As-ising is a strange concept.

    Is it understood?

    Are the effects understood?

    There can be mental, emotional and/or physical unwanted residue, conditions. What supports unwanted mental emotional and physical conditions? How is that related to as-is living or those capable of as-ising easily?

    Lets look at how a negative ...

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  4. Why people R/S

    The job of an auditor is assisting the pre-clear to develop the pre-clear's ability to as-is easily.

    People R/S because their auditor has demanded the R/Sing Pre-Clear be responsible for
    running their own session, develop their as-ising ability on their own time and put themselves into in-session conditions.

    R/Sing is the result of an auditor's attitude, displayed miss-emotion and body language towards the pre-clear's failure to take responsibility for their own ability
  5. A good man's job is a bad man

    sometimes it is hard for me to practice my honour code and philosophy.

    1. "What is true for me is true for me. What is true for you is true for you."

    2. "I work at overcoming my
    Faults Evidence Appearing Real with calm/serene observation of what actually had happened and/or by looking at what is actually happening now."

    3. When I know something is wrong, crazy and/or a stupid, its my responsibility to first find out and validate what I

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