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  1. NarCONon "expanding" in Oz (even tho' almost no-one wants it here.)

    Gonna tell you a story that most of you haven’t heard of. So stay quiet and do as you’re told until the end, OK?

    It starts like this:

    I saw the link to this video I think on the 16th Oct. and filed it to be watched. As work had been incredibly busy I just didn’t get to view this for a few days.

    Now I noticed that “someone” in the video had a web address. ...
  2. Linux Mint

    Quote Originally Posted by Dave B. View Post
    I recommend MINT Linux for your OS. Easy, easy, easy to install and use.

    Similar enuf to Winders for folks migrating away from the MicroShaft "Evil Empire". Why a Ex $cn. would use corporate software after being in a corporate "church" is a conundrum ;-)

    Also IxQuick as your search or Duck Duck Go. I use IxQuick. It's basically Google without the tracking.

    If you didn't know. Getting away from Winders will de-crapify your computer mightily.
  3. Top 100 Stupid Moments in Scientology

    Quote Originally Posted by Ogsonofgroo View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by guanoloco View Post
    Not only this, Og, but Scientology is extremely harsh and abusive to its members in good standing.

    I once posted "fair gamed in good standing" because if you read the fair game policy it says enemies can be lied to, tricked, deprived of property - all these occur when a Scientologist is "friends" and in good standing with Scientology.

    Truly, with friends like the CO$ who needs enemies?
    Anyone brought up the declarations of over 18
  4. Two People in My Life

    Why do people mistake kindness for weakness? Is it even possible to help someone change their life for the better? I think it is possible. But why does it seem like they have to go all the way to the bottom before they're ready? It takes courage to recognise how fucked up your life is and to want to change it. If a person has low self-esteem it seems like they feel they do not deserve a better life.

    They've taken on so much abuse from degraders they think they're not worthy. They may ...

    Updated 8th November 2013 at 09:48 PM by Dave B.

  5. South Africa explained?

    A few years back I started a thread here asking if David (CoB) Miscavige was a True Believer in $cientology or if he was just going along with it to have the power and glory associated with the position.

    The most credible answers I got back (from those with first-hand experience of DM) was that yes, He was/is a true Believer.

    Despite knowing what He does about Hubbard’s last years and how there’s no new OT Levels and how the current ones don’t lead to higher states ...