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  1. New Tax Documents Expose Finances Behind The Church Of Scientology

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    These documents are not new. They are from 2008 and were discussed at length here and on the internet in previous years going back to 2011

    UK's Scientology's Tax Evasion and Money Laundering

    COSRECI audited accounts (6th April 2011)
  2. New to this site as of yesterday

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    The name Wordie rings a bell, and Drummond, nothing to do with the wonderful Fred Drummond?
    No i dont think so. We were big in the 60s 70s and 80s. My mum was the first OT6 on the planet and a good friend of LRH.I went clear late 70s then after a god awful war i escaped into hiding after being threatened by the infamous Guardians office. Recently i had a peek and went back on lines. Everything was forgiven, even the creation of SP international and my attack against the church. At least it
  3. Essential DISinformation Every Scientologist Should Know

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    Here's a juicy disinformation campaign run by Hubbard back in 1963.

    Maybe Ron wrote all those lies because he went PTS.

    Propaganda Trouble Source.

    [for readers who just want to quickly preview some of the lies, highlights have been added]

    Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex.

  4. Sec Checks Are Not Religious Services, so Not Charitable Donations

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    It occurred to me that the Church of Scientology first started using the "I'm not Auditing You" statement before a security check after a few lawsuits going around with the IRS.

    That stretched pretty far back, around '76, I think, maybe a little earlier.

    It started over that raid on Big Blue by the FDA over the emeters because L Ron Hubbard had claimed that with the use of these miracle machines that only HE had patents to use, one could cure people of cancer,
  5. NPR Article: Can A Television Network Be A Church? The IRS Says Yes

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    My first thread!

    Ms B Haven on the bunker posted a comment about this which has received little ensuing discussion.

    This thread could possibly be titled - why we shouldn't expect the IRS to act any time soon.

    Or, we could be more optimistic and think of this as another step towards greater scrutiny of the tax exempt sector (if public outrage