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Excerpt from 1/10th of 1 percent of Scientology (c)1972 by L RON HUBBARD, JR

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[SIZE="4"][COLOR="darkorchid"]This is a continuation of the thread here [URL=""]"Nibs tells us the MO of Ron Sr"[/URL], this thread should ([I]perhaps[/I] MUST) be read FIRST if you are new to this subject. [/COLOR][/SIZE]

Also, see L Ron Hubbard Jr's SON, Jamie DeWolfe's recent Youtube Video,



"Page 21 of 27 PHILADELPHIA

...again, he (Ron) gets up from the couch and retrieves several books from his suitcase. He drops them in front of me on the hotel room coffee table.
I'm going to need more help Dad says. More help than I'm getting. I'm going to noutlive the whole damned world but I want you for backup. You got it Dad, you know that I already I say. I know I know Dad says impatiently; but you don't have much horsepower. Hey Dad, I'm doing OK. dad flies off the handle. You snot-nosed kid, you don't know your ass from a hole in the ground. He slams his hand down on the books on the coffee table. All youhave is a fart in a hurricane kid; now read about the Real Power..
The books and contents to be kept forever secret he says. To reveal them will cause me instant insanity; rip my mind apart; destroy me he warns. Secrets, techniques and powers he alone has conquered and harnessed. He alone has refined; improved on; applied engineering principals to. Science and Logic. THE keys. [U]His[/U] keys to the doorway of The Magick. His magic; THE power. [U]His[/U] power. The real powers of Solomon he says. Caligula and Alice, too. My past is my enemy he says. The enemy of all. I listen ith hypnotic fascination. The Books; some recently republished, some over 1200 years old, some 5000 years old. Gifts he says. he is excited, fearful, cautious. he is tense. Unimparted secrets imparted for the first time. I open....

PHILADELPHIA - Page 22 of 27

the books intending to only thumb through. I am awed and amazed; I [U]know[/U] these books! How could I? He answers: they were used to conceive you. And birth you too. I've read them to you while you were asleep. Drugged too. [URL=""]Hypnotized too.[/URL] For years he says. Katy too. And Polly too. scores of women. Blood and pain women. My Scarlet Woman he says. Souls torn open he says. I've made The Magick [U]really[/U] work he says. No more foolish rituals. I've stripped The Magick to basics. Access without liability he says. I'll teach you. Learn well my son for you will take my place. Be likened unto me. Fashioned by my hand. Entering the Golden Dawn with me and carrying it to the stars and beyond he says. Scarlet Women of your own he says. Plenty. For They are the secret of the Doorway. Use and consume. Feast. Drink the power through them. Waste and discard them. Sex by Will he says. Love by Will he says. No caring. No sharing. No feelings. None he says. sex and love reversed he says. Dind love through sex. Love isn't sex. Love is no good; puts you at effect-point he says. Sex is power he says. No, sex is the route to power he says. The route to the Doorway. The Doorway to power he says. FInd your Scarlet Women he says. Create your Causation he says. Make your own Scarlet Women he says. Scarlet? I ask. Yes; Scarlet. The blood o their bodies; the blood of their soul he says.
Release the Will from bondage he says. Bend the body.

PHILADELPHIA - Page 23 of 27

Bend the mind. Bend their will he says. Beat back the past he says. Free your Will. Unfetter the Will from the past, from the future he says. The present is the only thing. No consequences. None answering. No guilt he says. Nothing is wrong in the present. The Will is free--Total free he says. No feelings. No effort. Pure thought. Thinking alone; separated. The Will postulating the will he says.

Will Sex Love Blood Door Power Will. logical he says.

The Doorway of plenty. The great Door of the Great Beast. Him. You. Me. Us. Our Will. Our Power. Our Reality. Ours Alone he says.

He repeats an incantation; invokes the Door opening to the realm of The Beast. The Great Beast. I vomit. I hurt. I feel the power flood through the Doorway. I shine. I am well. Father says again; never tell or much worse will happen. I nod. He commands me to rea. I have trouble; I keep trancing. Father has commanded; I read. [U]"The Book Of The Law."[/U] [U]"The sacred Magic Of Abra-Melin".[/U] [U]"The Sex Magic Of The Ninth Degree Of The O.T.O."[/U] And later many more text books. Many more hours of learning. Of practice with Dad. Practice alone. And use. An academy of religious arts and sciences. The academy of power. Hubbard power. Personal power. Not scientology power. Great power. Beast power.

Dad was correct. Very right on. It worked exactly as he said. [URL=""]It still does [/URL]and always will."


Re questions, for the time being I choose to refuse to answer any questions regarding how this document came into my possession in order to protect my source and honor a promise made. With that said, I believe the source is of the highest integrity. More of this will be typed in soon, this excerpt is the first of this, and an exclusive for the Ex Scientologist Chat board hosted by Emma. Reposting is encouraged, and due to the implications of this material I ask that any reposts please link back to this posting.


During the Nuremburg War trials of Nazi leadership, evidence of the occult/cultic nature of the Third Reich was suppressed by the prosecution, to prevent the perpetrators escape by means of pleas of insanity - source Dusty Sklar, God's and Beats more like this [URL=""]HERE[/URL][/QUOTE]