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False Info re Being IN or OUT of Scientology COME ON OUT!

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People "in" C of $ think odd things abut life outside Scientology, as they've been "Fed" that since the day they arrived.
The FIRST thing you read (once you're off the beginning seminars to 'snagg' you "in" read KSW: Keeping Scientology Working., and
EVERY course there after you must read, and M-9 (Find ANY and ALL Misunderstood words, by reading it out loud. Any stumble = an MU (Misunderstood
word), so people "Clear" it, all the time, as they stumble, "Ok, what word did you not fully understand?" (Per M-9 Method 9 where one HAS to read out
loud the full bulliton, which Is I believe 4 pages of tiny print, or M-4 it which is where you have a "Check out". Again, ANY thing missed, you HAVE to find the
word or concept you don't *fully* Understand *(can be root words of words), clear it, then re-read it.ARGH!!!!

In that, L. Ron Hubbard says
" Getting the Correct Technology (One part of KSW) applied consists of:

One: Having the correct Technology
Two: Knowing the technology.
Three: Knowing it is correct.
Four: Teaching correctly the correct technology
Five: Applying the technology
Six: Seeing that the technology is correctly applied
Seven: Hammering out of existence incorrect technology
Eight: Knocking out incorrect applications
Nine: Closing the door on any possibility of incorrect technology
Ten: Closing the door on incorrect applications"

He also states that 5-10 ARE why so many other groups have failed (the did not do these).
So it's IS like the Scio-Truman show. They DO slowly cut you off from any friends
or family that are "counter-intention" (Don't like Scientology, in any way). So once you do finally
begin to Question-----it's VERY difficult, as by then, your rose colored Scientology glasses are now
quite grey---but you've been brainwashed into never, ever, talking to ANYONE about any disagreements
as that would be "Entheta" (enturbulated theta. Theta=you, the spirit, enturbulated= you upset...which
eventually you get=YOU spending HOURS of your TIME AND $$$$ to "Fix")

So what IS the "wog world" like? Hubbard described it in many policies as "PTS" (Potential Trouble Sources-==
Connected to SPs) or "Downstat" (not people you'd want to hang with or "No-responsibility (they're prolly
reading this and laughing, saying I'm "-proving she has O/W's ..bad deeds...that were missed").

Well? IF YOUR F*** "TECH" IS SO GD GREAT:::: WHY THE HELL IN 7 Y E A R S of Sec checking (which we
had to do EVERY 6 months on OT 7/twice a year---at great lengths and PAY FOR IT).......WHY THE HELL
"Oh because you're an SP and hid it so well?" KNOW that is
******NOT***** the case. YOU of all people KNOW this. SO? What's left? Your "tech" is Sorry, it is. of THE shocking things is to find out once you FINALLY LEAVE that

I cannot believe ALL the wonderful people I meet, every single day!

I thank you! I love you!!!
If you're "in" and see this: COME ON OUT!!! MOST Of your "good friends" ARE OUT HERE!~!~!

Lots of love to ALL