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Good twin

Didn't You Hate That Guy?

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by , 28th January 2012 at 04:42 AM (2062 Views)
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Remember when you were in? Remember when you talked to people who weren't? Remember how you felt like you had an amazing secret to share? Remember when you were trained how to find somebody's ruin and bring him up the scales?

Remember that guy? Remember that guy who seemed pretty uptone. He seemed sort of bright. He even asked you about your yellow Tshirt. He seemed like someone you might have known in a past life and you really really want to help him find his way out of the endless dwindling spiral of degradation. So you did what any good Scientologist would do. You "enlightened" him.

You told him that by becoming a Scientology Volunteer Minister you learn how to handle pretty much everything in life. You explain a few of the chapters and he seems interested and asks really good questions. You are sure he is well into interest so you tell him to just sign up for the course. He asks if you did that course would you have the knowledge and ability to lead a large corporation or perhaps a small country. You enthusiastically assure him that it is possible to do so with the tools you will have after studying standardly and drilling to full EP each of the checksheet requirements. He laughs and says he really just wants to have a good relationship with his family and friends and be popular with his neighborhood association. Of course you assure him that he can achieve any purpose at all.

Then he asks the tough questions and those are the ones you really do hate. He asks why the mission isn't more prosperous, since we have the tools necessary to run a successful business or social group. He asks why I drive such a crappy car or how many times I've been divorced since becoming a Scientologist. He asks why we don't just take over the media and turn it into something theta with this amazing course. That's when you realize he's a complete ass and just doesn't get it.

So you sort of toss him off and say. We could but we don't because that isn't our purpose line. It probably will be some day, but not just yet. You would have back then said something like this or some other lame excuse for reading picture books in a course room decorated with demo kits and an overtired overworked course supervisor who rushed in from his or her dayjob to stand around in the courseroom and use high ARC to make sure everyone (both people) was winning.

I guess what I'm saying is. Now we're that guy. We're that guy who seems nice enough, but we hated him because he didn't "get" Scientology. Now we're that guy who doesn't get how those crazy Scientologist don't see how ridiculous they are. I wonder if someday we'll hate who we are now.

Maybe that is the endless trap. Maybe the whole of life is continuing to realize how stupid you were. I know there are some here who claim they were never stupid and never really compromised their own observations of truth. But some of us admit we were just dumb as shit to fall for Lron. Maybe we'll become who we hate today. Wouldn't that be ironic?

Just on a ramble. Please weigh in as you see fit.


  1. Lermanet_com's Avatar
    I remember how nice it was to believe that I might gain access to the secrets of the universe -
    I thought how wonderful a world this would be when I use my super powers to end all war.

    Of course, back then, OT8 said 'total cause over everything...

    Arnie Lerma
  2. Magoo's Avatar
    And of course................Hoping it would be true, and finding out it
    ***totally*** is NOT true, are 2 different things.

    If you disagree with me: Read, look, listen: Make up your *own* minds =D

    My best

  3. R2-45's Avatar
    My feeling is it's not so much that we change, as it is that we discover the hoodwinking and the spell is broken.
  4. Magoo's Avatar
    I think it's both: We changed AND we discovered we were hoodwinked.

    (((In 30 years I would hope I would have changed, if for no other reason than I grew in those years))
  5. FlunkYou's Avatar
    I was raised in Scn. I believed I had the tools to handle anything...and if I didn't, Scn did, and I could learn it.
    Boy was it a bitch-slap of reality when I couldn't "fix" myself and the church didn't have a solution (except the norm: "it will probably blow further up the bridge").
    I knew about some of the stuff on the internet, but I still believed in the Tech. After all, there are way smarter men and women than I buying it.
    It's a bitter pill to swallow finding out that your "knowingness", in reality, was more of a "hopingness".
  6. HappyGirl's Avatar
  7. TR'SIN's Avatar
    Just poped in to see if I could find someone else and look what I found. I still love reading what you write. Please don't stop. Thank you! ,

    love TR'SiN
  8. Abletu's Avatar
    Yes, I hated that person.

    I was frustrated for 13 years, she still calls me her soul mate, and since 28 Jan 2013 when I finally got my head out of my ass, I see my most supporting and best friend, and its getting better.

    She remained in her pilots chair, she always said Scientology (Hubbardism) has a lot to answer for. She was right and is right.

    I am working on separating Hubbardism from scientology and dianetics.

    Scientology ethics as written is Hubbardism.

    The political form of this hubbardism is homeland security, the patriotic act, drone patrols to kill without recourse to a judicial system nor allowed to tell your story uncensored, and the CIA designated (SPs) and their sanctioned terror tactics.

    Hubbardism is here to stay until actual scientology and dianetcs wipes it out of this universe.

    Every time a person is driven out of their pilot's seat, an engram obscures the as-is record.

    Hubbardism is designed to keep you out of your pilot's seat and to never ever again use actual scientology nor dianetics ever again.

    Thus hubbardism is mind fucking you forever.