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What an ASS

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Okay so this is my first blog entry. Many of you know that I am not EX Scientologist. Let me tell you that for a decently educated person with an above average IQ it sure was difficult to figure out the language of Scientology. It took 2 days to figure out what all the crap means (crap means crap BTW). I am still studying but I was just now reminded of this stupid joke. I think it kinda fits the situation.

So this donkey is walking in the desert and he is just dieing of thirst. He meets up with this camel and he asks "How do you do it? Go for days without drinking?" The camel asks if the donkey is thirsty and says "I know where there are 3 watering holes near here. I will take you to them." Grateful and hopeful, the donkey follows. But when they come to the first water hole, the camel drinks all the water. "Why! Why would you do that?" the donkey asks and the camel says "Shut up ass I know what I am doing. So they move on to the second water hole and the camel again drinks all the water. "What the hell are you doing! I'll be dead if I don't get a drink!" and the camel says shut up ass I know what I'm doing. So they move on to the second water hole... wait did you notice that I said second again? "Shut up ass I know what I am doing!"

Only the camel (LRH) is the real ASS. The donkey (the unfortunate people who joined him) was just thirsty, hopeful, curious, and trusting.