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Victory Song on Lyon's Town-Hall Stairs - $cientology Trial 1997

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Center : jbTrendy Ex JeanTox as Spokes Person for "Say No To Drugs" French Campaign & Honorary LRH PPRO[/CENTER]

Remember, We never Forget anymore !!!

We are Back as Anonymous and We are Free from $cientology !!!

I tell you who I am but it is for You to See !!!

Hey, Now just Call me Trendy !!!

You know the "French Scot" who incarnated all major L.Ron Hubbard Fiction Characters and Piloted the "Mission Earth" Project from France !!!

Rings a Bell to Today's Church Management ?

They kill Themselves for the sake of Faked Statistics and don't even look at a Bloody Production Record of Highests ever never gotten elsewhere in the history of this Damned Cult !!!

All my Love to ignorant $cientology victims of an Infamous Tragedy !!!

Once again, Free Heber Now !!!