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Meeting with Chaplain CCP with jbTrendy Ex JeanTox !!!

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That is so True Arthur and I'm glad you noticed it !!!

This all to me still is a question of Honor but for the sake of $cientology Exteriorisation Program that is so Urgent, Vital and Key to Complete.

What I realized when I recently spoke to CC Paris Chaplain André Djemmad at a Friend's Fine Art Exhibit is how poorly hatted the staffs - even when old timer as he is and on a post specially designed to know about the exterior scene - are on true data about LRH and $cientology.

He told me as a big scoop that they officially now discovered Alister Crowley as major influence to LRH in a booklet that they distribute in HCO from an historian.

Does anyone know about this publication ???

Anyhow they are so ignorant that it is shameless to realize and so completely deshearted having to obey blindfully to the state of war they have all caved-in since Micavidge officialized the IRS total control of the Church in 1995 !!!

When I asked the guy what was the cause of the death of former DSA PR CCP who I just heard had died in her 30s and had been kicked out of staff with major CCP terminals as Senior CS. A catastrofic handling to cover a huge PR flap known as the Boublil case. She had a stoke he told me. How was I concern, well this Alexandra had once chosen me as her 2D and was handled in ethics to remain with theyr staff that she was dating with. She would have been my wife and she was lovely and sweet on the top of being more than competant.

He didn't know about that though he was Ethics Officer CCP at the time.

He couldn't reach sensibility. Much too far gone !!!