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    THE Top DOG of Scientology?

    Has it been established which was the top dog of Scientology?

    1.) "Miscavige was known to make his staffers salute the dogs...":eyeroll:...
  2. Re: Lari Hazanovich has left the Church of Scientology and joined the Dror IS Center

    Oh, I thought you were referring to:

    "She was forced to resign her post in July 1981 and served a year in prison..."
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    Re: Current Management

    With the downward stats in all categories --

    Is there anything to stop this... ?

    1.) DM automates the Sea Org --
  4. Re: $cns are the least spiritual people I know

    "As a whole, $cns are the meanest, cruelest group around...

    They treat others with disdain, have no compassion or concern for those in need, are rude, self-righteous and thoroughly without...
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    Re: Questionable Roots of Scientology

    Talk about the Questionable Roots of Scientology --

    If only LRH had stayed true to his feelings there would be a lot more (and fun) Scientologists!:unsure:

    Get rid of all the thought-stopping...
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    Re: Monique reportedly fires her legal team.

    Does the large garden gnome outfront come with the house?

    Reminds me of: (Wallace Neff, the architect, is the person the...
  7. Re: SO member Hannah Mets seeking "additional employment" for Scientology Harlem Staf

    "There are some posts in Scn that need a good person to hold, somebody who really wants to help.

    And then there are posts that seem to require a sociopath, the ones where you have to control and...
  8. Re: Hubbard College of Administration - California BPPE 2012 Fact Sheet

    "Sergey Kiriyenko, Head of Federal Agency for Atomic Energy."

    HOLY XENU, Batman! I hope this doesn't mean a DM stooge has his finger on the "button.":omg::no::nervous:
  9. Re: Hubbard College of Administration - California BPPE 2012 Fact Sheet

    OMG - I may have met this person.:omg: Perhaps they fled back to their homeland.:thumbsup: The ONLY student there???:ohmy:
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    Re: What would an all Scientology town be like?

    It would be life like in a Disney musical --

    with Sea Org members whistling through the streets and hallways "Whistle While You Work" :eyeroll:and when they enter the cafeteria/mess hall they...
  11. With all the private detectives on the payroll...

    And with all the "entheta" of the past few years, do you think David M is more concerned with stopping another major public relations disaster? (can it get worse than "let him die."?) Or more...
  12. Re: 2016 SCIENTOLOGY PREDICTIONS -- You heard it here first!

    There will be a massive closed door meeting of OTs in which it will be revealed the Eternal battery keeping Xenu at bay is wearing out:nervous: and a crash fundraising effort will be required where...
  13. Re: 2016 SCIENTOLOGY PREDICTIONS -- You heard it here first!

    For those who can't wait for Ridley - try this one:


    Craig Baldwin returns with another collagist cinema dream, this one...
  14. found on my college board -- call for survivors of Scientology

    Ooops - wrong board - got mixed up. Sorry.
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    Re: IMPACT magazine goes delusional

    Why does Liberace come to mind after viewing picture # 3?:omg:
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    Re: IMPACT magazine goes delusional

    Not sure it's been debunked. Questioned certainly. Whatever the rate, it appears much higher for vets. But it seems the mag got the statistic (hate using that word now) from legit sources.

  17. Good video on youtube about how they recruit now...

    She talks about an incident from just a few years back in Hollywood - really amazing they don't realize the impact of how they come off to the general...
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    Re: So how does this all end?

    "If Hubbard was going to use a science fiction story for the basis of OT III couldn't he have come up with a better story? That was his forté after all." [And that pretty much sums up his...
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    Sticky: Re: Karen de la Carriere YouTube Channel

    Oops@! My bad.:no: Appologies to Yager (though I still think it's a great serial killer name - something like John Wayne Yager (for example).

    It's the guy below, whoever he is, that I think...
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    Re: Scientology Price Lists

    Almost 20 years later - wonder if the guy in the advert and the woman to his right are still in?:nervous:
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    Sticky: Re: Karen de la Carriere YouTube Channel

    (yager and the other droid)

    Yager was so creepy I think he could seriously have a career in horror films.:yes:
  22. Re: Tom Cruise reportedly "freaking out" over Leah's book

    :yes:"Because they don’t come up to me...and do that.
    Uhhh… they won’t do it to me. Not to my face. You know?

    That was before his new "chipmunk cheeks" identity. He's now an enhanced cheeks...
  23. Re: Chris Shelton vid on The Truth Rundown - Leah Remini and Scientology Mind Control

    "If I go to Lowe's Hardware and make a complaint they desire to make corrections and don't insist that I "hold the cans" and tell them what overts I have committed against the Lowe's Hardware store...
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    Re: When it is all over.

    "Something that crossed my mind reading this is that the cult of Scientology's Sea Org is now primarily made up of raw, green Scientologists from Taiwan and other countries." -- never fear; The...
  25. Re: Leah Remini book out Nov. 3: ‘Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology’

    Though it sometimes seems a running battle if more people in LA have screenplays or memoirs of Scientology, I confess I can never get enough and go daily to youtube for the latest. The one I'm...
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