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  1. Re: Scilon Ryan Prescott needs a real education & a good dermatologist...

    Ryan is actually upstat and to be applauded for inventing a new drinking game. Everytime he says or writes "something" take a swig of whatever alcoholic beverage you fancy and pretty soon you'll be...
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    What keeps the "whales" in?

    belief of/over "wins"?
    fear of blackmail?
    fear of small people slapping them silly?
    or D?

  3. Re: Ever Work for a Scientologist-Owned Company?

    "maybe they are trying to be LRH?

    Down to effecting that fake British pronunciation on his tapes when mentally JOing over fleecing the public (all the while talking to themselves, quoting "tech"...
  4. Re: Ever Work for a Scientologist-Owned Company?

    "Aribitrary, narcissistic, brutal, ineffective and incredibly smarmy and abusive"

    I see we worked for the same person!:bigcry:
  5. Re: Ever Work for a Scientologist-Owned Company?

    "And I know that it is the job I literally got screamed at the most. Soooo angry and controlling..."


    and here is our boss...:nazi::nazi::nazi::nazi:
  6. Re: The Edge interview with high level scientology defector (Bill Franks)

    I suspect the MP he's referring to is --
    Airey NeaveNeave was assassinated in 1979 in a car-bomb attack at the House of Commons

    The IRA claimed credit. Could be Franks just put assassinated and...
  7. Re: Scientology OTs "handling this sector of the universe." The Code of an OT Ambassa

    Is that Xenu waving in the cockpit?
  8. Re: LA Premiere: “Inside the Scientology Celebrity Centre: An Ex-Parishioner Reveals

    "Because so many people around the world have been asking Steven where they can watch his documentary, he decided to upload it in it's entirety. Thank you, Steven."

    Jeez, now I have to stay up...
  9. Re: Jefferson Hawkins Analysis of Hubbard's "Introduction to Scientology Ethics"

    ""Reverse Blockade: emphatically insisting upon something which is the opposite of the truth blocks the average person's mind from perceiving the truth."

    I get this everyday at work. WISE must...
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    Re: James Spader - Story of Scientology

    Obviously no one here has undergone the new fart-tech superpower rundown. :thumbsup: If you fart hard enough, you're able to leave your body.:hifive: Of course, anyone near you has also left their...
  11. Re: Ex-Scientologist sues the cult for loss of girlfriend and business

    "At a time when our church is enjoying unprecedented growth..."


    Does a copyright or trademark statute exist for lies? :no: Surely this one has been appropriated by SO MANY...
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    Bulletin from Target 2???

    Okay, I'm watching LEAGUE OF GENTLEMEN (1960) - a heist film where ex-British officers pull off a bank robbery. After they get away, they're celebrating with Champagne. Richard Attenborough (Later...
  13. Re: The web-sters un-Bridged dinky db dictionary

    "if Harry, living in New York City and while in his kitchen, is shot to death by a random drive-by incident from someone in a car filled with thugs from Jersey, and you are in L.A., and at the same...
  14. Re: Jessica Anne Feshbach (Davis) now a realtor in Austin, Texas?

    "According to a friend, he was chatting up a good looking blond at a bar not too long ago."

    Perhaps the search for Mrs. Cruise#4 is underway???:omg::party::shark:
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    Re: I once thought that. . .

    Obviously you'all have never read the L.Ron Hubbard classic, "PLANET OF THE ASHTRAY PEOPLE"!!!:cloud9:
  16. Re: Tom Cruise is disseminating Scientology again ~ The most ethical being on the pla

    How OT's answer, "what is your IQ?" It seems one is the popular response!:omg:
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    Re: Scientology is Beyond Stupid!!

    this is my semi-psycho bi-polar boss!:nervous::biggrin:
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    Re: Scientology and HIV/AIDS

    Since this is the gayest religion on the planet based on celebrities, you'd think they'd get this right at least.:melodramatic:
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    Re: Top 100 Stupid Moments in Scientology

    "Clear could be reached in "…less than 20 hours".

    Perhaps you didn't wordclear -- "CLEAR" in this case, refers to your bank account.:hattip:
  20. Re: Freedom Magazine's James Lynch targeting Rinder's employer & associates..

    "He is a former managing editor of the New York Post"

    Guttenburg is vomiting in his grave.:bigcry:

    By-the-way, is that a cake made of spam they're celebrating with?
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    Re: Questions That Will Get You Declares!

    Where's Shelly?

    She's gone where the goblins go, below, below, below...:melodramatic:
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    Re: Massive wilfire near Hemet

    "What is going on there at the Base?":unsure:

    Just a wild guess -- "Scientology is quite hung up on Masturbation, to an extent most people would not imagine.

    :omg: ...
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    Re: Where Is Shelly? Vimeo Channel

    followed by tom and dave and giovanni
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    Re: Top 100 Stupid Moments in Scientology

    Just today I listened to some tape on youtube from LRH from like 1953 or somesuch where he said he was from another planet.

    What he didn't reveal at the time was, he was from the planet "F**K you...
  25. Re: How about a group for people who've been screwed by both sides?

    Is this a subtle attempt to contact Tom and John? (and some others for that matter)?:nervous:

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