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    Re: What the hell did I get myself into?

    If they repeatedly show up at your door, or anywhere else and harass you, call the police! Send by certified mail a Cease and Desist letter! Get a restraining order! That's what they do. :biggrin:
  2. Re: Scientology xposed and removed from event.

    That's some fine enturbulatin', now! :biggrin: :happydance:
  3. Re: Hi, not sure if I belong here, but it makes me feel better..

    Welcome, Subliminalsmile. Yes, it sure sounds like you were raised with Scientology beliefs. Very sorry to hear you were abused, but not surprised. It was pretty common for the children of Sea Org...
  4. Re: Hi, not sure if I belong here, but it makes me feel better..

    Pssst! I don't want to seem like a know-it-all, :biggrin: but what you are describing is called a "contact assist". It's different from a "touch assist". But it's all bunkum and hooey! :coolwink:
  5. Re: Thinking this might not be the best idea

    The "tone scales" that you like so much are totally fake, made up and false. People's emotions do not work like that! There was no research behind them and there is no reliable therapy attached to...
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    Re: DATING SITE for ESMB !

    HEY! It's already happened! :biggrin: :happydance:
  7. Re: Xenophon may sue Malaysian newspaper

    Bumpity~ Bump! :biggrin:
  8. Re: Toronto conference with Jon Atack and others: Update

    I think very likely Ida Camburn is there in spirit! :rose:
  9. Re: Toronto conference with Jon Atack and others: Update

    I wish I could be there, just to meet Nan McLean and give her a big hug! :happydance:
  10. Re: What caused a statistically significant decline in traffic recently for ESMB ? option, if there is a thread you really liked and has kind of stalled...with no new posts after a time, is to "bump" the thread by posting something (Ususally BUMP!) :biggrin: So that it...
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    Re: Scientology is all bad

    Gizzy, and Gib, I love Helly deeply, broadly, mightily! :biggrin: :happydance:

    If I ever meet him in person, I will probably jump on him like a duck on a june bug...and hug and kiss him till he...
  12. Re: "Going Clear" premiere in Sydney, Thursday 18th June

    That is a stellar quote! :happydance:

    It's so true! :thumbsup:
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    Re: Betrayal

    Hi Deanna, so sorry you are going through this loss. Loss on several levels! :bigcry: :no:

    Yes, by all means, now is a good time to get some professional help with this, not only to assist you in...
  14. Re: My Descent into FanatIcism and the Hard Climb Out

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    Re: I'm out finally

    Hi Thelma! Welcome to the board, glad you could join us here! :happydance:
  16. Re: Been out for 18 years, but only now going public

    Welcome, Jim! :happydance: Glad you could join us!

    I will lead a parade in your honor! :biggrin:

    :scnsucks: :scnsucks: :scnsucks: :scnsucks: :scnsucks: :scnsucks: :scnsucks: :scnsucks:...
  17. Re: The old days - Aboard the Apollo - 1973

    Naps! :love8: Naps, good! :sleepy:
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    Re: lucifer effect

    Big hug to ARC break! :hug:

    Good analysis and application to COS! :thumbsup:

    Thanks for starting this thread! :)
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    Re: lucifer effect

    We are all capable of committing both good and evil acts. All of us.

    Much of the Scientology zeitgeist is skewed towards doing evil actions for the sake of "the greater good", the false notion...
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    Re: My depression's returning ...

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    Re: What's worse than Black Dianetics?

    White Dianetics and White Scientology aren't much better! :no:
  22. Re: False notions you pick up from Scn, such as the perfectibility of life

    My understanding of it is that it also means that you created the bad thing that happened to you ("pulled it in") to prevent yourself from committing something even worse, an even bigger overt. :duh:...
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    Re: My depression's returning ...

    Accepted your friend request! :thumbsup:

    Perhaps, in addition to amassing a small fortune, you could also focus on working on your self as well. :) Building up your good health, giving back in...
  24. Re: (help)I'm not really "new" but it is happening

    Can I ask why the calls and emails are so upsetting to you? Are they demanding something of you, or just the usual outreach to try and get you to come in to the Org or wherever and spend some more...
  25. Re: LGTB and the next Irish Constitutional Referendum

    Grrrrr!!! :grouch: at the Vatican't attitude on this!

    Good article, John! :thumbsup:

    "I especially like this part: "It is a big multinational corporation. It is a sovereign state with a complex...
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