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  1. Re: What is L Ron Hubbard talking about on this recording?

    Did someone say "talking bombs" in outer space?
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    Re: Does the brain cause conciousness?

    Thanks, look forward to these.

    Several years old but this series of youtube vids on 6 lectures by Michael Gazzaniga (a top brain researcher) at Edinburgh might be interesting to some. :)
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    Sticky: Re: Top 100 Stupid Moments in Scientology - PART 2

    You forgot "always bet on double zero" from the golden age of ""GAMBLING-ETICS" part 2! :yes:
  4. Re: Suppressive Supper: I Ate Dinner At The Scientology Celebrity Center

    They almost got me to go there once:

    But the headwaiter spooked me:
  5. Re: John Sugg is now a Scientology member and Executive Editor of COS's Freedom maga

    Well, Sugg certainly has FREEDOM'S style down:omg: Jim Lynch must be smiling in his grave.:hattip:
  6. Re: Attorney Monique Yinging's body language evidence of lying?

    "Do you want to date her?"

    Hmmm... almost said depending on her bank account, but then again, it would be like dating a member of the Nazi party.:no:

    (however 5 min in the hall closet...?)
  7. Re: Attorney Monique Yinging's body language evidence of lying?

    "She was blinking incessantly to the point where I was in awe of that body language. "

    Totally agree - thought the same thing. Already knew it was a "tell" for lying.

    Still, she looked...
  8. Re: Catholic woman fired after refusing to take Scientology courses at water company

    "But head Honcho of Real Alkalized Water is definitely a cult member who once, when working as a lawyer for the “church”, persuaded a mentally-impaired accident victim, Raul Lopez, to invest $30,000...
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    Re: Do OT3's talk to other OT3's about Xenu?

    "and how vague it all was."

    That was his whole life;listen to his lectures, they are filled with vagueness "and so on, and so forth" ad infinitum.
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    Re: Geoffrey Lewis dies

    "It started out with them (husband and wife) fighting and then they got auditing and everything was great. I forgot the name of the movie and I still wonder about who did it and what has happened...
  11. Re: If You Had One Word to Define or Describe Scientology What Would It Be?

    "So that's the rules. You only have one word.


    EXACTLY what I choose before I opened this thread; wondered how quickly someone would get to it...:lol::roflmao::hysterical:
  12. Re: Church of Scientology bused people in from Florida for opening of Atlanta Ideal O

    "WI FI is provided on the bus."

    Doesn't say FREE anywhere, does it? :eyeroll:
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    Re: Wogs are so Comm Laggy!

    "...the potato clock write-up"

    Someone sent a potato to ethics? :omg::omg:
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    Re: New Scientology front-group: OrgBoat

    "Be careful not to play any video while logged into Google, G+, YouTube, etc."

    May I ask WHY?:unsure:
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    Re: New Cult in Hollywood.......

    I swear this is True: first thing after I post this I go to my facebook and the top post is by someone named: HUBBARD!!! Co-incidence? I think not!:omg:
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    Re: New Cult in Hollywood.......

    Dr. Philology?:nervous:
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    THE Top DOG of Scientology?

    Has it been established which was the top dog of Scientology?

    1.) "Miscavige was known to make his staffers salute the dogs...":eyeroll:...
  18. Re: Lari Hazanovich has left the Church of Scientology and joined the Dror IS Center

    Oh, I thought you were referring to:

    "She was forced to resign her post in July 1981 and served a year in prison..."
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    Re: Current Management

    With the downward stats in all categories --

    Is there anything to stop this... ?

    1.) DM automates the Sea Org --
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    Re: $cns are the least spiritual people I know

    "As a whole, $cns are the meanest, cruelest group around...

    They treat others with disdain, have no compassion or concern for those in need, are rude, self-righteous and thoroughly without...
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    Re: Questionable Roots of Scientology

    Talk about the Questionable Roots of Scientology --

    If only LRH had stayed true to his feelings there would be a lot more (and fun) Scientologists!:unsure:

    Get rid of all the thought-stopping...
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    Re: Monique reportedly fires her legal team.

    Does the large garden gnome outfront come with the house?

    Reminds me of: (Wallace Neff, the architect, is the person the...
  23. Re: SO member Hannah Mets seeking "additional employment" for Scientology Harlem Staf

    "There are some posts in Scn that need a good person to hold, somebody who really wants to help.

    And then there are posts that seem to require a sociopath, the ones where you have to control and...
  24. Re: Hubbard College of Administration - California BPPE 2012 Fact Sheet

    "Sergey Kiriyenko, Head of Federal Agency for Atomic Energy."

    HOLY XENU, Batman! I hope this doesn't mean a DM stooge has his finger on the "button.":omg::no::nervous:
  25. Re: Hubbard College of Administration - California BPPE 2012 Fact Sheet

    OMG - I may have met this person.:omg: Perhaps they fled back to their homeland.:thumbsup: The ONLY student there???:ohmy:
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