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  1. Thread: Boston

    by RandomCat

    Re: Church of Scientology putting Alexandra Hotel up for sale

    Oh too bad they couldn't fit the new course rooms into that beautiful building.:melodramatic:
    I wonder how much sq-footage that comes out to for each person? :blink:
  2. Re: Jesse Prince writing about last 4 years of life of Scientology founder L. Ron Hub

    Wow it sounds like you were in deep! :wink2:
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    LPPRe: Is Jim Beverly on OSA payroll?

    For those who may not know the story that well:
  4. Re: The world's youngest Scientology Auditor?

    He hasn't grown much.
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    Re: Is Jim Beverly on OSA payroll?

    I don't really have a problem with scientology being referred to as a "religion"... I think most 'established' religions are nonsense anyway. And the only scientologist I've ever met in person...
  6. Thread: Mike McGee

    by RandomCat

    Re: Mike McGee

    A little nitpick: According to the link you've provided here, John Colletto didn't shoot himself; he escaped from the scene of his wife's murder and then slit his own wrists.
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    Re: Petal's Questions; Merged

    For being too silly.

    or perhaps not silly enough
  8. Re: Christian Minister Alfreddie Johnson Sunday Service at LA Church of Scientology

    Was there a Louis Farrakhan lookalike contest going on that day?
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    Re: Alan watts cool guy

    Watts had a lot of great things to say. I've read several of his books and have listened to many of his lectures. He was gifted at giving people life-changing suggestions/observations.
  10. Re: Psychiatrists' using Dianetic and Scientology ideas

    People have believed that demons, malevolent spirits, (etc.) are the cause mental illness for hundreds (probably thousands) of years. A minority of religious types in the U.S. still believe this....
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    Re: Can I get Spiritual Upgrades?

    I think the actual Bible verse says that it's easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter... (blah blah blah). Which means that it's even more imperative...
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    Re: Was Ron a true believer?

    It's my best guess as to what was going on with LRH.

    I think there are also some cult leaders who may have started out sincerely thinking they had a revelation that they wanted to share...
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    Re: Was Ron a true believer?

    I think that a lot of cult leaders and religious con artists end up believing they actually have some sort of mystical powers, i. e. To varying degrees they begin to fall for their own line of...
  14. Re: Casting Ex-Scientologists & Scientologists Contemplating Leaving. Suspicious? Tr

    Is this about the same TV production?

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    Re: How come Tom Cruise still has his secrets?

    I think some high ranking ex-scientologists have been asked about some of this stuff. e. g. If I remember correctly, Marty Rathbun has stated that as far as he knows TC isn't gay.
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    Re: Direct Line to Hubby

    When was this video made?
    At right about the 3:00 mark, they show photos of the all the voice actors they used... the only one I recognised is now an SP (Michael Fairman).
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    Re: Ask Dave B. Your Questions Here:

    You might get scratched. :p
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    Re: $cientology WHALES

    Well, with all the bigotry​​ and psychiatric lies about Scientology on the internet, they are better off staying away!
  19. Re: Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman Found Dead in Manhattan

    Something strangely ironical... I read on another board (FRDB) that false rumors online about Hoffman's death had been circulating yesterday, enough to cause some of the actor's people​ to make a...
  20. Re: U. S. Department of Defense studying Church of Scientology Purification Rundown

    That's exactly the kind of thing I'm afraid might happen.

    I suspect this would shoot down the study with any reputable peer review journal. But in the meantime, the COS would have their...
  21. Re: U. S. Department of Defense studying Church of Scientology Purification Rundown

    Add to this, telling a group of people now in their 40's and 50's that the may have been exposed to something in 1990-1991 that could lead to all sorts of serious medical issues...
    I'm about that...
  22. Re: U. S. Department of Defense studying Church of Scientology Purification Rundown

    The placebo effect can at times be very satistically significant, especially when the result are measured by 'how one feels'. e.g. If I remember correctly some control groups in the clinical...
  23. Re: Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman Found Dead in Manhattan

    Heroin users sometimes OD when they get a batch of stuff that's purer​ ​ than they're use to. I guess cutting the heroin with another powerful pain killer (like fentanyl) would give you a similar...
  24. Re: U. S. Department of Defense studying Church of Scientology Purification Rundown

    The causes and symptoms of GWS are so vague, how can you tell if any treatment works?... What exactly are the toxins invoved? And can they be measured?
    What symptoms in individuals have other...
  25. Re: Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman Found Dead

    CNN is now calling it an apparent drug overdose.... what a waste. :no:
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