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    Re: Jairus Chegero Godeka

    R2-45 is an alleged Scientology auditing process created by L. Ron Hubbard. The process of R2-45 reportedly refers to the use of a firearm (such as a "Colt...
  2. Thread: KSW 1

    by whoisxenu

    Re: KSW 1

    "...where he would regularly walk around naked until he died"

    At least he kept his ethics in till the end...:yes:...
  3. Re: Angry Gay Pope makes an insensitive ass of himself of LRH Way..

    Compared to these it's almost a "puff" piece:
  4. Re: Doesn't it all boil down to a massive, unrepairable arc break?

    Okay, as far as secret handshakes, etc. go, I have never seen ANYTHING come close to this gem:

    The 'High Sign' (1921) - BUSTER KEATON | Edward F....
  5. Doesn't it all boil down to a massive, unrepairable arc break?

    The Downfall of Scientology -(ironically forecast by their own tech!)

    In the year 2015, any organization based on 1950's scientific worldview is at a massive Reality break with...well...REALITY! ...
  6. Does this organization resemble Scientology/SO in many respects?

    Frequent scathing personal performance reviews; work -all-the-time/family comes...
  7. Re: What did you think of the "OT" levels as you were doing them ?

    "When I was last there replacing the eternal battery," Rumor is Xenu escaped and founded :hattip:


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    Re: I have a theory

    Think you stumbled onto where Shelley is - TARGET TWO!!!:evillaugh::alien2::mindblow:
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    Re: Another movie with a cult theme

    Synchronicity - it's one of the films I was considering watching on Netflix tonight!
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    Re: 697.000 Sea Org members predicted for 2017

    Anybody has a clue about the adresses of the remaining 2.640 orgs ?

    From the article it doesn't appear to state they'd be on EARTH! (could be LRH's been busy on Target Two?):hifive:
  11. Re: My first post - Should I Go To Flag?

    Re: "Re: My first post - Should I Go To Flag?"

    Just happened to notice the post directly under this "Top 100 Stupid Moments in Scientology".

    Co-incidence? I think not!:coolwink:
  12. Re: Scientology & Dianetics provide a lot of stable datums or fixed ideas

    IF - "The Way Out Is the Way Through," what is the way to toilet paper? :giggle::spitcoffee::fighting:
  13. Thread: Soulmates

    by whoisxenu

    Re: Soulmates

    I recently saw a movie called A LIFE IN DIRTY MOVIES on Netflix, which despite the title (it's a documentary on a director Joe Sarno who became the Bergman of Sexploitation films till they were...
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    Re: Funny Scn stories

    "who didn't do their job of putting out the TP"
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    Another Celeb leaves... :yes::happydance::clap:

    Jason Lee's ex...

    Whoops - I see she left long ago but this gawker story seems new...
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    Re: Top 100 Stupid Moments in Scientology

    If DM had forced the entire populations of Khazikstan Bangla Desh Rumania Bulgaria and Slokavia to watch BATTLEFIELD EARTH over TEN TIMES at FULL PRICE it still wouldn't have broken even.:bigcry:
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    Goof the Floof...

    Anybody ever hear a real live human being use this phrase? (outside of LRH).

    Just looked it up - The Urban Dictionary has (emoticons added for emphasis) --
    "Scientology slang for...
  18. Re: Anne Archer denies son Tommy Davis left Scientology role after bust up with Misca

    I just came across this thread and found inside it HH's excellent post illustrating the Scientology "LOGIC" I encountered during my WISE-run wog job that I had to BUMP it -- :thumbsup:

    I could...
  19. Thread: Summer Poll

    by whoisxenu

    Poll: Summer Poll

    Given that summer is slow with the heatl and people think esmb's taking a siesta...

    What would you rather see liven it up a bit -- via a new (2015) youtube video? [all would have to be 2 min in...
  20. Re: What Killed ESMB ?

    It's probably a natural reaction after the big buildup to GOING CLEAR.

    But you mentioned "Another interesting thing was brought up here is that many people are being sent to the RPF now." -- did...
  21. serious question about scientology stupidity...

    What's with the cameras? ---

    I just saw an AGP youtube video this am after watching one about Tarvu on Karen's channel today. On AGP's he's there bugging the scilons as usual on LRH way (from...
  22. Re: Connor Cruise's Twitter rant against Caitlyn (forner Bruce) Jenner..

    Remind me again what Connor Cruise is famous for?
  23. Re: American Power & Gas - another Scientologist run scam

    From BBB complaint - "but they call back immediately after you say you're not interested. - See more at:
    but they call back immediately after you say you're not interested" -...
  24. Re: American Power & Gas - another Scientologist run scam

    Whenever I was nagged during my "sentence" at a Scientology-owned previous job, it was ETHICS:omg: like these that were usually at issue. Either that, or I wasn't enough of a proper slave.:unsure: I...
  25. Re: 'Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation' Trailer 2 out today..

    Looks good as a film fan. But you just know every time they refer to the bad guys shutting down the IMF, TC & DM are mentally replacing that dialogue with "IAS." :nervous: Still looking forward to...
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