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  1. Re: Court Ruling Opens Door to Yank Scientology's Religious Exemption

    CSW to DM to give his command intention approval to go against the command intention homophobia of LRH, which is written into "scripture" -DMSMH and/or SOS.

    Scientology does not suck the cocks of...
  2. Re: Tom Cruise leaving Co$ : the Gossip & Speculation thread.


    I'm waiting for David's dad to tell me all about the marriage of David and Shelley, and how David got rid of her.

    Along with lots of other things.........
  3. Re: Is David Miscavige really planning to extend Scientology’s ‘Bridge’?

    Good question. The oily table and the pole-around-running might be very difficult to find overblown praise words for, to write on the success story, written on special superpower stationery, with a...
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    Re: Whining about Hubbard

    Whining about whining and blaming people for blaming shows appalling lack of imagination.
  5. Re: Scientology is recruiting Nation of Islam members as Scientology Class V Auditors

    Lady, get those sheets off right now and put on your staff uniform, or you are going to the RPF!
  6. Re: "Scientology lands in force in Colombia" (Bogotá ideal org opening July 5, 2015)

    No coup in scientology because the USA based, white high ups are too cowered.
    But one day, some Russian, South American, or NOI upstart is going to see DM in a weakening condition, just as the...
  7. Re: Scientology Crimes, If Known, May Bring About Their Demise

    Those monkeys is botoxed. Can't they just accept themselves as they are?
  8. Re: Marionettes…

  9. Re: When Tom leaves the CoS

    "We all know that at a minimum he must've been extremely "nearsighted" in order to have missed how he was treated like royalty with everyone bowing and scraping around him".

    That's a very kind...
  10. Re: An encounter with a CoS Private Investigator?

    "wogs" ?
  11. Re: Scientology leader’s father signs a book deal, for ‘IF HE DIES, HE DIES’

    Very true. BTW, is a DM Fatwa a "Spratwa"?
  12. Re: Paris Hilton seriouisly prank'd on Egyptian TV..

    I agree. It's not funny. It's cruelty.
  13. Re: The Vital Importance of Showing Kindness and Compassion for All Living Things

    "(Nobody can get as distressed as I was in just one lifetime.) "

    You amaze me with some of the things you say Helena. If you had never claimed to have superior intelligence I would not be amazed.
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    Re: JB
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    Re: The Manhattans.

    Tight pants warning. :love2:
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    The Chi-Lites
  17. Re: Yet another Scilon with cancer asking for donations on GoFundMe..

    Thanks. Will forego provocative questions about how patients in 2nd world countries will be naive, but presumably those who are researcher's assistants, and even doctors, are not naive. Will also...
  18. Re: The Vital Importance of Showing Kindness and Compassion for All Living Things

    If you must rescue something or someone, rescue real people from delusions. That would be kinder than filling people's heads with crap. That is one of the most unkind things you can do. Using emotive...
  19. Re: Anne Archer denies son Tommy Davis left Scientology role after bust up with Misca

    A tired old worn out bedraggled knocked around poverty stricken personality tarted up with bland. Bland look. Bland color. Bland stare. Bland thoughts vaguely almost comprehending the hate that his...
  20. Re: Reed Slatkin has died of a heart attack

    "Religion" is above the law.
  21. Re: What caused a statistically significant decline in traffic recently for ESMB ?

    "...immediately when Arnie, Gordon and I were banned the daily traffic garbage plummeted 40-45%. within five days...."

    How wonderful that was! No offence to Arnie or Gordon (whoever he is??)...
  22. Re: Reed Slatkin has died of a heart attack

    I have always thought that OSA may have off'd him. I wonder how many people they have had murdered - apart from encouraged suicides, various forms of denial of medical attention for people with...
  23. Re: Anne Archer denies son Tommy Davis left Scientology role after bust up with Misca

    No, but I'm sure they would like to be.
  24. Re: Why I Left Scientology - article by Carmen Llywelyn (at Gawker)

    I hope Jon Atak reads this very soon.
  25. Yeah but

    Yeah but..
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