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    Re: Clearing Course Concerns

    Thanks everyone. I guess I won't worry too much then. Will wait till this person is on OT III for that :p
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    Re: Clearing Course Concerns

    Strativarius - what did you think of the auditing? Did anything weird happen? Any changes to your mental state? Just curious to hear your experience on it.
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    Clearing Course Concerns

    Have you audited on the Clearing Course? Or know someone who has? What does it entail? Someone close to me is currently auditing on this and I'm concerned for their mental health. I googled info...
  4. Re: What Were You Actually Thinking When You Left Scientology?

    I think my freeloader debt is what actually saved me from Scientology. I left the Sea Org but didn't have any intention of not being a Scientologist. But because I had a freeloader debt I couldn't...
  5. Thread: Bob Duggan

    by OutFO38

    Re: Bob Duggan

    Platinum Invictus?! Now that TAKES THE FUCKING CAKE!!! LOL pardon my French.
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    Re: Nightmares After Leaving the Sea Org

    After I left the SO I also had dreams that I was back in and couldn't get out. Boy was I happy when I would wake up and realize it wasn't true! :)
    I had one of these dreams not too long ago but...
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    Re: Thinking this might not be the best idea

    Hi LadyLucky,

    I'm an ex-Scientologist and ex-Sea Org member. My advice would be to stay away from organized Scientology. If you enjoy auditing, maybe try to find a field auditor to go to, rather...
  8. Re: Scientology Freewinds Caribbean cruising for $100 a day for a shared cabin and fo

    Sign me up! Sounds like a blast.

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    Re: Intuition vs. Bank (Reactive Mind)

    Sorry, still don't get the joke. I don't see what this thread or my FO 38 explanation has to do with my parents...
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    Re: Intuition vs. Bank (Reactive Mind)

    Why do you ask?
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    Re: Intuition vs. Bank (Reactive Mind)

    It was some long FO (Flag Order) about general rules in the SO like not putting your stuff on another's bunk, not standing in doorways/stairwells, etc. But the one point I always remember is having...
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    Intuition vs. Bank (Reactive Mind)

    Lately I've been thinking about how so many times in Scientology you're convinced to do something by not listening to your "bank".

    Those strong feelings not to join the SO? It's just your bank....
  13. Re: Training Package Purchase / TTC Bait and Switch

    Not trying to derail the thread but I experienced something similar when being recruited for the SO as a minor. Promises that I would finish my schooling, libs every 2 weeks, etc. Totally not the...
  14. Re: Church of Scientology announces expansion of 64X in 17 months!

    Oh, barf.

    I'm sure the "expansion" is only from LA Org and the new Testing Center where they have a HUGE focus on body routing and have been getting a lot of people off the street to come in. ...
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    Re: You guys have no idea

    Believe me, I understand all too well. I've had several people like this come into my life in the last few years and it's the one thing that frustrates me over anything else. One person I know will...
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    Re: Cannot reach escape velocity

    Welcome Stratospheric. Great post and I wanted to comment on this specific part - "or am I a free being who has reached a point in my own journey of existence where I have outgrown this subject in...
  17. Sticky: Laura Ann DeCrescenzo Abortion Lawsuit against COS
  18. Re: False notions you pick up from Scn, such as the perfectibility of life

    The idea that going up the Bridge is priority 1, regardless of family, debt, lack of retirement savings, etc. It's pretty scary seeing a parent living like this and knowing I may have to support...
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    Re: Old Sea Org members, what happens to them?

    When I was in the SO in LA in the 90's, elderly SO members just stayed at the base in their rooms or maybe did easy jobs.
    Recently I found out about a "retirement" home in LA that they go to now...
  20. Re: Help Scientology Freedom Medal Winner Andrik Schapers pay for his cancer treatmen

    Just horrible. The church expects you to help them and give all your time and money. But when you need help they're nowhere to be found.
  21. Re: Wow, maybe a Jonestown coolaid party could happen!

    There is an assist that deals with helping someone "drop the body". The command is something like "Try to keep your head from going away".
    Someone I knew personally was dying of cancer and received...
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    Re: Fallout Inside After "Going Clear" Documentary

    I've been wondering about this. I have family in Scientology and the Sea Org but have no idea what they're being told about the documentary and all the bad press. I assume it's the usual "we're...
  23. Re: Highest ever number of people newly introduced??????

    I'm not surprised. The Testing Center in Hollywood officially re-opened a couple months ago and the SO members posted there have been working non-stop, balls to the wall. Since LA Org is now the...
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    Re: Pac EPF Bosun early 90's

    I did my EPF under him in the early 90's. No idea where he is now but his son is on Facebook...
  25. Re: Woman sentenced to 3 years in Scientology RPF for falling in love with another wo

    My guess would be because Dave Petit is a closet homosexual. I knew him when he was at OC org and my "gaydar" definitely went up with him. Not that there's anything wrong with being gay, but it...
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