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  1. Re: I was told that Ron's butler said there were THREE separate Hubbards

  2. Re: Hi All. I was never a member of the Church of $cio - I learned in the Free Zone.

    I hope you're not going to start in next about the Jewish banking cabal, or chemtrails. :no:

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    Re: Fads and Fallacies in the Name of Science

    I see a lot of conspiracy theory junk on Facebook and elsewhere.
    For example, I'm amazed at how many people believe that chemtrail nonsense... It seems to go beyond just believing in a particular...
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    Re: Just seeing what I can do

    I was never in $cientology either. But I've been interested in cults and religious beliefs since my early 20's (After leaving a rather far-out brand of Pentecostal Christianity). The thing that...
  5. Re: Priscilla Presleys Affair With Scientologist Lover Creates Scandal-

  6. Re: Church of Scientology spied on father of Scientology leader David Miscavige

    A few thoughts... Maybe the PI kept his distance, so that he wasn't detected (e.g. Using the GPS tracker on the car to follow Ron Sr. at a distance). Maybe Ron Sr. did actually know he was being...
  7. Re: Status on revoking $cn's tax exempt status! WTF is going on...?

    Tony O., Marty and Mike have been doing some fairly big-time interviews recently; if you could get one of them to promote this petition during any interview...
  8. Re: Church of Scientology spied on father of Scientology leader David Miscavige

    Apparently Miscavige doesn't even have the balls to defend/promote his cult in $cientology produced interviews. Does he have some fear of addressing the wog world directly?
  9. Re: Why HBO 's Going Clear isn't a hatchet job

    I guess you could a make a documentary emphasizing both the good and bad points of Nazism, but given the overwhelmingly negative aspects of that movement/ideology, what's the point of doing that?
  10. Re: Scientologists thank Scientology for the fact they are broke

    And he thinks they're "incredibly OT" for increasing his debt.:ohmy:
    It would be difficult to write a parody of these fb posts when they already sound so loony.
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    Re: Dismissing the early Scn rebels

    I just hope these recent bannings don't leave ESMB open to the shenanigans of the Gypsy/Jewish banking cabal!!! :melodramatic:

    Sorry, I just couldn't resist. Bad me. :blush:
  12. Re: About that Scientology ad you saw on TV before and during the Super Bowl

    Seems like there are a lot of Asian people in this ad, I figure that's not by accident..... does it have something to do with the demographics the Co$ is going after? Or is this just one...
  13. Re: HBO Prepping Bombshell Scientology Film From Oscar Winner

    I wouldn't be surprised if Paulette Cooper's story was made into a movie in the next couple of years.
  14. Re: HBO Prepping Bombshell Scientology Film From Oscar Winner

    All this, and we still have the BBC documentary to look forward to! :)
  15. Re: Reviews and Media on HBO Documentary Going Clear

    Review from Yahoo Movies:
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    Re: Why Conspiracy Theories Suck

    Great video!!
    Let's hope it will convince some people to leave the Illuminati... that is, if they're actually allowed to leave :nervous:
  17. Re: VIDEO LEAK: See Former Scientology Official Marty Rathbun Interrogated Under Oath

    1993 is when Rathbun left Scientology for 9 days, only to be coaxed back. Earier in the testimony, I thought Marty did a pretty good job of handling the Co$ lawyer on this issue. Perhaps with the...
  18. Re: The Learning Channel: 'My (Mormon) Husband's Not Gay'..

    TLC, the History Channel and the Science Channel all went down the toilet years ago.
    Thank goodness we still have PBS!
  19. Thread: Boston

    by RandomCat

    Re: Church of Scientology putting Alexandra Hotel up for sale

    Oh too bad they couldn't fit the new course rooms into that beautiful building.:melodramatic:
    I wonder how much sq-footage that comes out to for each person? :blink:
  20. Re: Jesse Prince writing about last 4 years of life of Scientology founder L. Ron Hub

    Wow it sounds like you were in deep! :wink2:
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    LPPRe: Is Jim Beverly on OSA payroll?

    For those who may not know the story that well:
  22. Re: The world's youngest Scientology Auditor?

    He hasn't grown much.
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    Re: Is Jim Beverly on OSA payroll?

    I don't really have a problem with scientology being referred to as a "religion"... I think most 'established' religions are nonsense anyway. And the only scientologist I've ever met in person...
  24. Thread: Mike McGee

    by RandomCat

    Re: Mike McGee

    A little nitpick: According to the link you've provided here, John Colletto didn't shoot himself; he escaped from the scene of his wife's murder and then slit his own wrists.
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    Re: Petal's Questions; Merged

    For being too silly.

    or perhaps not silly enough
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