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    I have some questions regarding repayments. I have read everything I could find on this site. Mostly I'd like a brief consultation with an attorney to help with details which could mean a larger repayment from Flag. They tried to charge me a percentage fee called an administrative fee, which I denied.
    I got that removed.
    Is it LRH policy to get repayments of those monies left in an incomplete intensive ?
    Can the course I barely started here, paid with Flag account money, be
    returned and credited to the Flag account ?

    Please help if you know policy (I don't have the Green Vols. now) and/or have similar experiences.

    I have made fast progress on my repayment and have had some interesting experiences. When the check (well into 5 figures) is in hand, I will tell the whole story in detail.

    I've been in for too long, and seeing outnesses all along, I have been quite the fool. I have much to make up for on 4 dynamics.
    My whole story will be told later.
    The experience of leaving has fundamentally keyed me out due to really following the chain of my Knowingness and Code-of-Honor Integrity,
    although sometimes I get angry!

    Also other types of org donations will be gone for later as I accumulate evidence of fraud for those donations.

    More later.
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