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Thread: Jeff Stone's fundraiser: 1 Anon, 4 PI's and 1 Coyote !

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    Default Jeff Stone's fundraiser: 1 Anon, 4 PI's and 1 Coyote !

    Hi !

    First, thank you Emma for setting up the site so quick. And it's fast !

    I just came back from protesting at Jeff Stone's fundraiser in Temecula, California. (Jeff Stone is the member of the Riverside Board of Supervisors that introduced Ordinance 884, which restricts picketing in Riverside county)

    I was alone to raid, but apparently about 5 minutes after I left another anon arrived and possibly another one. A reporter from The Valley News was there to photograph me and ask a few questions. Apparently another journalist was there, but never came out to talk to me. Thanks to all that came.

    This raid -- I am convinced -- enturbulated Jeff Stone to the MAX. They had 4 PI's after me and you will see this in the videos. For now, let me show you the pictures:

    Here's the place where the fundraiser was held:

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    Default My setup

    It was a very basic setup, with a large sign leaning on a post and I held Pope's sign: "Honk if you think Riverside is too corrupt". Worked great with passerby's and terribly poorly with people attending Stone's fundraiser. (as expected)

    Here's a couple of pictures of the journalist from The Valley News in Temecula. Look for an article soon:

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    Default Pictures of incoming cars

    I took pictures of most incoming cars. That gave me stange looks !

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    Default Find the Coyote !

    There's a coyote in this picture. It's hard to find but I'll tell you in a few days !

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    Default Private Investigator #1

    I initially parked my car in the lot up the hill from the winery. The owner lady was not too pleased with me doing that and came by to tell me to go park somewhere else. When I came to get my car, there was a guy in a pickup truck right next to it, smoking and checking it out. I gave him a nasty look and he left a few minutes after I had moved the car.

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    Great Stuff AO. Can't wait to see the videos.
    So long as the people do not care to exercise their freedom, those who wish to tyrannize will do so; for tyrants are active and ardent, and will devote themselves in the name of any number of gods, religious or otherwise, to put shackles upon sleeping men. -- Voltaire

    Cheer up, things could be worse, so I cheered up and sure enough, things got worse.

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    Default Private Investigator #2

    I went to park the car down the hill so I could see it and be legally parked. I turned on the blinkers. A few minutes later, a PI in a small Suzuki jeep parked in front of it for about 15-20 minutes. My guess is they wanted me to go down there so as to not disturb the incoming traffic or to just plain intimidate me. That's EXACTLY what they do at Gold Base. I am absolutely convinced those PI's are scientologists as their behavior is the same. As soon as you come up to them, they run like roaches.

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    Default Private Investigator #3

    I only have that one on video, but it's worth the wait. They drove by twice in a pickup truck taking pictures of me. It's only fair, I was taking pictures of them !

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    Default Private Investigator #4

    Here's #4. It's a blue chevy Malibu that you will also see in the videos. He parked about 200 feet ahead of my car and waited there a long time.

    Right as I left, he pulled out of a driveway to follow me. I immediately stopped, got out of the car and started taking pictures. It was very dark and the pictures did not come out. I took a picture with the flash (by mistake) and that freaked him out. He turned the other way and drove off.

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    Default People I spoke to

    These people came out of the place and parked next to me and wanted to find out what was going on. Spoke to them about the cozy relationship between Jeff Stone and the CoS.

    Here are two random guys:

    This guy looks a lot like Eliot Abelson Sci Lawyer. He stayed in his car for at least 5 minutes before getting out. He was looking away like he was ashamed to be there:

    I could have taken a lot more pictures of people, but I thought I sufficiently enturbulated for a day.

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