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    There will be a Mother' Vigil all weekend.

    It will be from 9 AM to 7 PM on Saturday and Sunday outside Scientology's middle management, OSA and Legal Unit offices located at 6331 Hollywood Boulevard. British Mom will be there through out along with a group of LA Anons.

    Hopefully, other "disconnected" loved ones will also stop by and plead to see their loved one.

    If you can, please stop by for a time in a continuing display of solidarity. Flash raids upon Big Blue and the Celebrity Center would also help focus public (s) attention upon the continuing human and civil rights abuses flowing from Scientology's continuing Disconnection Policies and Practices.

    Please badger the media to attend.

    It is mid Friday afternoon here in Los Angeles. Apparently, both Moxon and Abelson are in foul moods within the building. Security is very agitated.

    Read all about it at:

    Graham Berry

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    Exclamation LA Times

    British Mom Flies to Hollywood to Demand Daughter

    Los Angeles Times
    Mailing Address:
    202 W. 1st St.
    Los Angeles, CA 90012
    Phone: (213) 237-5000
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    Nice! I wonder if they can pull off an arrest on several culties on suspision of conspiracy to kidnap or something.

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    Good to see you posting here Graham. I can't wait for the 14th!

    If you go tomorrow Graham please let me know.
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    Well done to Anons and Old Guard, whose protests helped her to find out where her daughter is!

    Let's see Tommy continue to deny the disconnection policy while she continues to be prevented from seeing her daughter!
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    Quote Originally Posted by lionheart View Post
    Let's see Tommy continue to deny the disconnection policy while she continues to be prevented from seeing her daughter!
    And it will all be on video.


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    Posted by Smurf on WWP:

    Hello, everyone. I'm taking a short break from the action at the HGB to let you know what's going on. Last January, I was contacted by an ex-Scientologist & mother in the U.K. who was disconnected from her daughter 12 years ago after the mother & daughter (in the SO) both blew. The daughter got pregnant and they tried to pressure her into getting an abortion and she refused.


    The mother saw her daughter on one of my videos and started a communication line between Casper & myself. The mother, Susan Talbot, expressed the desire to come to the U.S. and try to talk to her daughter, Amanda (Mandy) Kember, who is divorced from Chaz Kember (now at Gold Base).

    Chaz is the son of Jane Kember, formerly of the Guardian's Office and one of the 11 conspirators (with Mary Sue Hubbard) who were convicted and sent to prison for their implementing "Operation Snow White."

    I put the mother in touch with some other anons, one whom is hosting her stay here, and on Wednesday night, Ms. Talbot went to the HGB & asked to speak to her daughter, Mandy. After alot of run-around from staff & Franck Paolo, she was told to go back home to the U.K. & write Mandy a letter.

    Today, there are 6 of us with Mrs. Talbot at the HGB and they place is on high security alert. If you think you've seen Franck Paolo go nuts on video, come to the HGB & see him now. Today, he has been very unstabled and been in the faces of just about everyone and one several occasions has stood face-to-face with Mrs. Talbot & intimidated her.

    In addition to Frank Paolo, Andy Knapp, Alex and Rick Moxon & Elliot Abselson on-site, they have high-school aged staffers with videocams sticking it in our faces.

    They have made it very clear that they are pissed off at our presence, and has, in fact, told Ms. Talbot they would "negotiate" with her, if all the anons & critics disappeared and she accompanied Frank "alone" into the HGB.

    Alex, the Ukranian guard, got aggressive with me, got into my face, and said he'd arrest me if I touched him, and then he pushed me.

    That is not going to happen. Unfortunately, despite many telephone calls to the media, with assistance from Graham Berry and Empress, there hasn't been alot of interest yet.

    We would deeply appreciate as many anons & friends to join us today until 7:00pm and/or all day Saturday & Sunday at the HGB from 9am - 7pm.

    It breaks my heart to see this little lady grieving over not being permitted to see her daughter and observing the atrocious manner in which the guards are treating her so much that I've advised Casper & others to be around her at all times.

    You will also see on my videos a heart-breaking scene with Glib crying & begging Franck to let the mother see her daughter and Franck responds with laughter & jackass behavior.

    Back to the HGB....
    The British mom & friends has wrapped up their visit at the HGB because of the weather... cold and starting to rain, plus today's events have been an enormous weight on out guest.

    But we will be out in force again Saturday morning at 9:00am. Our guest is looking forward to meeting & talking to anons as she has attended raids in the U.K. and we spoke of a mutual acquaintance at the London org, slimeball Graham Wilson, head of the cult's communications department in the U.K.
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    One of the Scientology goons there said that he would "negotiate" with the mother if all the Anonymous would leave. The Scientology idiot wanted to get the mother alone, have her enter inside the building alone, and try to stop the mainstream news media from videotaping this week end.

    The Los Angeles, Times, Saint Petersburg Times, Orange County Register, KCAL9 News, ABC News and others have been contracted, and an article has been posted to the Los Angeles Indymedia web site.

    The Scientology fucks can't allow the mother to see their daughter because that would be a signal for all the other lost parents, sisters, brothers, husbands and wives that it's possible to get in touch -- if even for a few minutes. Scientology can't allow that.

    But maybe with enough media, law enforcement, FBI, immigration, and other pot-stiring being done by Anonymous, the ARSCC, and Graham, maybe the Scientology idiots will have no choice but to allow the daughter they're holding to speak with her mother.

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    This is so very, very wrong!

    This event embodies the true nature of scientology in action.

    I am praying this mother gets to see her daughter and this gets a lot of publicity.
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