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Thread: Video: Gilman Hot Springs RPF Punishment, Running "Pole", Interviews Prince & Brooks

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    Default Video: Gilman Hot Springs RPF Punishment, Running "Pole", Interviews Prince & Brooks

    Moderator Christian Bruckner, " Gilman Hot Springs is another attraction in the scientology program, a circular spot, in the middle is a palm tree, that's not meant for harmless games, that spot is for running, today clockwise, and tomorrow counter-clockwise..."

    Jesse Prince, "[David Miscavige] put a big main pole, and, and ah the Gilman Hotspring Location, and people had to run around it, all day, and it was a punshment for people who he thought had suddenly become [break] and you do it from the moment you wake up, until you go to sleep, you just run around the pole, day and night, for weeks on end."

    Stacy Brooks, "Twelve hours a day, [Bruckner, "around that pole?"] yah, until you realized you had been, ah faulty in your thinking, and, and ah were ready to think straight again, and be a proper scientologist."

    Bruckner, "Is that how it worked for Wiebke H? Did she also spend days on this spot? Wiebke H, the successful manager, what became of her?"

    These actions give a whole new meaning to scientology's question, "What are your crimes?"

    From the web page below; land, running punishments sometimes meant running around a pole for hours at a time, often in hot sun (see Kent Interview with Pignotti, 1997: 22; S. Young, 1994: 66)...
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