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Thread: Video: Gilman Hot Springs RPF Punishment, Running "Pole", Interviews Prince & Brooks

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    Iknowtoomuch said> All true. I didn't see a single thing in that video I didn't experience myself.

    ChuckNorrisCutsMyLawn replied> How do they continue to get away with it, when so many people have witnessed it?

    My reply> Hey, IKnowTooMuch, how about it if you, or someone else familiar with the RPF pole running story, write it up on ESMB.

    Also, I'd like to know; 1) which building currently houses the RPF running track, 2) where the prisoners sleep. Please describe these locations using this map:

    I want to watch real video of pole running, with names of victims and villains. Watching first hand accounts such as the ones in the video above help a lot too. A $100ish camera and a free YouTube account is all it takes.

    Castile Canyon School, closeby RPF camp:
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    It worries me that the lurkers here will see that this is a hot topic and make appropriate changes so that anyone being sentenced to this running, it would be done out of site. It would be very easy to "clean" things up if they knew an investigation would be done, no?
    I pray that someone, somewhere, has video of this abuse. This needs to be brought to light and it would be very interesting to see how the cult defends this practice. I'm sorry for those who had to endure this b.s.

    p.s. Does anyone know how to save the emoticons to desktop for use in other forums? Or a great place to download similar icons? These are the best I've seen, though!
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    Default -- No Censorship -- I Want to Watch RPF Running Program Videos

    Isn't it curious how Angry Gay Pope depends on Russian based RuTube.RU to disseminate his free speech videos? Thank you Russia, for fighting off the bully scientology lawyers, who inflict legal punishment against speech they disapprove of.

    I visited Pope's videos page at: -- as of today April 29, 2009, he has located his videos on three services:

    a) -- quality video and sound, without censorship, not searchable in English.
    b) -- fuzzed out video, but the audio is fine, 1 good picture frame though.
    c) -- videos removed, terms of use violation, 1 good picture frame though.

    I want to watch videos of RPF prisoners running around poles. With faces, dates, and names of the victims, and videos of the villains who sentenced them, and administer the punishment, using scientology's kangaroo system of so-called justice. Videos such as these would be a smoking gun against scientology in their best case, and if proven true, may document felonies in their worst case.

    I have searched YouTube and Vimeo, and these RPF pole "running program" scientology atrocities are not there -- and it occurs to me, they will never be there. Yet the RuTube site is not searchable in English.

    If you have RPF pole running running videos, why not gang fight scientology with the truth. How about uploading such videos to -- then post the url's here at ESMB, and elsewhere, widely.

    Please advise of any other non-censoring video alternatives. What do you say, Sweden, Germany, others? Would you please help the rest of us countries, in our hour of need?

    Once again, I extend a warm thank you, and God bless all Russians who love free speech.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sassy View Post
    p.s. Does anyone know how to save the emoticons to desktop for use in other forums? Or a great place to download similar icons? These are the best I've seen, though!
    Simply right-click and "save as" will save them. Google "smilies" or "animated gifs" to find lots more.

    To USE them depends on the forum. You can maybe host them somewhere and then just insert an image tag with the location. Like this:

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    Track is about 200 across, or 100 feet from the outside of the circle to the center tree.
    This is from the Google Sat picture with the relative distance scale on the bottom left, moving the circle under the scale at the highest zoom.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HCObringOrder? View Post
    ... [The outdoor Running] Track [at Gilman Hot Springs] is about 200 [feet] across, or 100 feet from the outside of the circle to the center tree. This is from the Google Sat picture with the relative distance scale on the bottom left, moving the circle under the scale at the highest zoom.
    Yes, I see what you mean. Below is a Google Satellite map, it's all zoomed in, and the large running track is in the middle of the screen. This layout should work for everybody who clicks on the map below, regardless of their screen size and settings. Just drag the running track from the middle of the screen, to the bottom left near the distance scale, and you will see, it's about 100 feet from the outside of the track, to the center tree:,0.003184&z=19

    I suspect this track isn't used much these days, with all the attention on it, otherwise I'd like to see some videos of people running it, with clear pictures of faces. Also read post #29 of this thread, in which YouTube's XenuSmurf said the palm tree in the middle of the track "may" have been removed.

    PS: I'm sure glad DullOldFart embedded that animated gif beacon image (of the rabbits/cats/doves) into this thread, which loads from, here is the whois for that domain:

    Domain Name:FZGLOBAL.ORG
    Created On:16-Jun-2004 07:53:48 UTC
    Last Updated On:29-Jan-2009 20:08:01 UTC
    Expiration Date:16-Jun-2009 07:53:48 UTC <<<< (Hey Paul, your domain expires in 45 days)
    Sponsoring, Inc. (R91-LROR)
    Registrant ID:GODA-06978804
    Registrant Name:Paul xxxx
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    Registrant Street3:
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    Registrant Postal Code:xxxx
    Registrant Country:xxx
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    Registrant Phone Ext.:
    Registrant FAX:
    Registrant FAX Ext.:
    Registrant Email:

    Image beacons are a pet peeve of mine with this bulletin board software. Anybody who surfs here should know that their IP address will soon be discovered by anybody with a desire to know it.
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    Gold Base Maps:

    Building Descriptions: (per the Portland Mercury)

    The "OGH Detention Compound" is marked on the North side of the highway, at the West end. Can anyone confirm this, which building would have an indoor running track, are any videos available, what's in the fairly large area, "The Swamp" just to the East of OGH?

    Google Satellite Photo:

    Gilman Hot Springs, RPF Location: Per this KESQ TV video, Maureen Bolstadt says she was in the RPF at Gilman Hot Springs. It's located on the North side of the Highway, at the far West end of the compound, in the Old Gilman House.

    Fast Forward to 2:23 (2 minutes 23 seconds):
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    Cornpie, you might want to check this thread. Pics of someone on the running track.
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    I thought I'd imbed the videos taken by Smurf yesterday of people running around the cricular track at Gold Base, in 95 deg F weather.

    Start here if you just want to see the runner:
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    Thanks for the heads up:
    1) Free-to-Shine in post #39;
    2) AnonOrange, in post #40 above, with videos.

    Now we now have video of someone on a the Gold Base running track. Hopefully there will be many more videos, at Gold Base and elsewhere, showing faces of victims, and so-called authorities in scientology kangaroo courts rendering "justice".

    I'm going to respond to some of the replies on the thread"

    Underground Tunnels: There are two "known" underground tunnels underneath Highway 79, between the North and South sides. These are clearly documented in this Portland Mercury PDF file: -- They are difficult to see from Googles ground level tool, but hopefully they are easier to see in real life, with the naked eye. And recently, the fences were moved further "away" from the highway, and closer to scientology property -- so they should be easier to spot from the boots-on-ground level. These tunnels are visible from Google Maps satellite photos. Also, the tunnels look wide enough to accommodate a typical size vehicle. My bet is they don't use these tunnels until any oncoming cars have passed by. And to keep the attention off of them, they wouldn't want to use them at all during protests. But guess what, the world knows these two "known" tunnels are, perhaps someday we may learn about any others.

    KEEP IN MIND: Much of what you see here will have changed, because these pictures were taken before the fences were moved in.

    West Tunnel Satellite View: -- From this view you can easily see the road on the North side, underneath the highway, connected to the South side. According to the Portland Mercury PDF, it goes between "Qual Gold" on the North side of Highway 79, to "MCI (Staff Cafeteria)" on the South side. My question is, are these public tunnels, since they cross under a public highway. Either way, these tunnels should give the Anons plenty new to do on their coming raids, and remote toys.

    West Tunnel Street View:,38.37,,0,8.76 -- This vantage is pointed to the North side of Highway 79, showing the steps on the West side of "Qual Gold", where you can see a set of steps descending into the tunnel. Use Google's navigation to look underneath you, at the highway below, and you'll see slight cracks across the pavement -- this probably delineates the tunnel underneath you.

    East Tunnel Satellite View: -- The East tunnel is a little harder to spot, because there's a lot of vegetation on the North side of the freeway. And on the South side, the tunnel appears to terminate to a big hole in the ground. My bet though is, it continues into the basement level of the building directly in front of it. But once again, if the fences were recently moved away from the highway, and closer to scientology property, the tunnels should be easier to spot than before.

    East Tunnel Street View:,,0,20.85 -- There's less to see on the sides, at the street level of the East tunnel. My guess is the tunnel starts right where the curbing ends on both sides of the highway. There's a manhole cover on the North side of the highway, a crack across the entire highway, and a "45 MPH" speed sign on the South side of the highway (of course signs are easier to move than manholes).

    The Castle Looks Like a Penitentiary to Me:
    (Satellite view):,0.006427&z=18 -- I count 8 buses to the South-East to penitentiary. Or maybe those are 53 foot long truck trailers, to transport prisoners in and out like cattle.
    (Street View):,,0,2.71

    The Swamp:,0.003213&z=19 -- I still want to know what goes on in "The Swamp", as the Portland Mercury refers to it.

    Lastly: I thought scientology was supposed to be smart about money, not stupid. Yet, according to these recent videos, they've been investing in motion sensors and cameras around Gold Base. Now why would they be doing this, when they're going to be moving out any day now? The CIA has my permission to stay. But the filthy scientologists must be exposed, ridiculed, and exterminated from the face of the earth.
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