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Thread: the D-day in France - the trial start 25 May 2009

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    The story is also running on the front of the Sydney Morning Herald online
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    It is on the Yahoo front page - be sure to buzz it up and recommend it to push it even higher on the page. Check out the comments and leave one - one really sees the public opinion of Scn - no support at all.

    The cult has already lost just by the amount of negative publicity this case has gathered.

    From a legal perspective I would have to think the case with the woman who was fired has the strongest chance of victory for the plaintiff.
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    Today's Guardian followed up its story from yesterday.
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    Hopefully this will be the tipping point.

    Hubbard used to say that "bank follows the line of attack."

    Well, I guess thst makes it ok to be real "banky" about the cult.

    Hopefully other countries will follow this example and burn them.


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    Quote Originally Posted by DartSmohen View Post
    Hopefully this will be the tipping point.

    Hubbard used to say that "bank follows the line of attack."

    Well, I guess thst makes it ok to be real "banky" about the cult.

    Hopefully other countries will follow this example and burn them.

    Here here to that Dart!

    Enough really is enough of this insidious nonsense being inflicted upon the world. Really really enough is enough!

    Go the French prosecution team. Bless you all and may you do your very best legal work. You have enormous support from the ex-scientologist community. Oh and here's hoping the damn evidence doesn't get "lost" this time.

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    I think there's a cancerous little gnome in the desert this very moment having recurring nightmares about this case and the others beseiging His religious scam.

    That makes me feel sooooooo good.:D
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    Ahhh.....I love the smell of a fraud trial in the morning. I woke up to hearing the news on CNN this morning (they did a horrible 10-second summary of it, as they are wont to do, but I was glad it was on there at all).

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    Check this out. This is the story they have on the Express website. Interesting how the girl put it together but it seems ok to me. By the way this is the interview I got from her. She omitted stuff but the concept is there and not altered much. Of course, I used a fake name and she knows it. Basically stating that I was involved for a long time, used to be on the reg lines, regging, ripping off people, getting them into debts, taking their money for the church (AND NOT PROUD OF IT AT ALL ANYMORE), not having time off, being manipulated, all the time under pressure..... and that I am disaffected, and now going on with life...... Happy to have said it. I told her I am writing my story with the full details and my real name...... she is very hot about this one. Not done yet and still a way to go. Here is the link. In french of course.

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    From WWP

    Here are some (incomplete) details pieced together from press coverage.

    The trial is expected to last from Mon. May 25 to Wed. June 17, 2009. Today, May 25, 2009, Jean-Pierre Brard, member of the Orientation Council of MIVILUDES, testified that Scientology tried at the last minute to obtain withdrawal of the complaints in exchange for large sums, but that these offers were refused. Defense lawyer Alexis Gublin argued that an organization which wishes to join the civil parties, UNADFI (National Union of Associations for the Defense of Families and Individuals who are Victims of Sects) should be disqualified; the decision will be delivered at the same time as the verdict of the trial.

    Investigating judge: Jean Christophe Hullin

    Presiding judge: Sophie-Hélène Château

    Lawyers for the defendants:
    Patrick Maisonneuve
    Alexis Gublin

    Lawyer for the plaintiffs:
    Olivier Morice


    * Alain Frank Rosenberg, 60, director of the Celebrity Center in Paris.
    * Jean-François Valli, member of the COS since 1989, "guidance counselor" and employee of the SEL (Scientologie espace liberté) bookstore.
    * Max Barbault, employer of Nelly Reziga, alleged to have given her a personality test and obliged her to take a communication course, before firing her. It was revealed during today's proceedings that he is now deceased.
    * Four other individuals.
    * Association spirituelle de l'Eglise de Scientologie
    * SEL (Scientologie espace liberté) bookstore


    * Aude-Claire Malton, ex-Scientologist, filed a complaint Dec. 22, 1998
    * Nelly Reziga, ex-Scientologist, filed a complaint July 8, 1999
    * Two other plaintiffs accepted a settlement from the COS.
    * Ordre des pharmaciens (Order of Pharmacists)

    Edit1: Corrections re Jean-Pierre Brard and Max Barbault.
    Edit2: Correction re UNADFI.

    Un procès crucial pour l'avenir de la Scientologie en France
    L'avenir de l'Eglise de scientologie en jeu devant le tribunal correctionnel de Paris - Société - Le
    Church of Scientology on trial in France - Yahoo! News
    La Scientologie dénonce "un procès en hérésie" - Actualité France - Justice - Radio Europe1 - Une «hérésie» selon les intéressés - Monde
    Métro Montréal - Scientologie en France: ouverture du procès sur fond de polémique
    My Story - Becoming Free to Shine
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    Quote Originally Posted by DartSmohen View Post
    Hopefully this will be the tipping point.

    Hubbard used to say that "bank follows the line of attack."

    Well, I guess thst makes it ok to be real "banky" about the cult.

    Hopefully other countries will follow this example and burn them.

    Hi Dart,

    much as I would like this to be the beginning of the end of the cult in Europe, I doubt that will happen. There is mention that the Paris prosecutor wanted to drop the case. The case is continuing anyway but if the cult members are found guilty and the cult appeals then case against them then the case is almost certain to be dropped. You get these popularist things done in France to please the public but everyone knows that it will fail in the end. But do not be concerned. The stories coming out of the cult show it to be self-destructing quite nicely and it is only a matter of waiting and enjoying the show.

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