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Thread: Why I oppose Scientology

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    Wow, Scooter......Wow.... Thank You!

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    Default Soul shaking post Scooter


    Your post contained so much truth. I hit me hard. Very hard.

    I find it amazing how for so many of us our dreams parlayed, our energies usurped, our lives waylaid, and although I have not read the book, our souls almost snatched beyond our recovery.

    Shakespeare has agreed with you in his "Hamlet"

    This above all: to thine own self be true,
    And it must follow, as the night the day,
    Thou canst not then be false to any man.
    Farewell, my blessing season this in thee!"

    You are both great writers

    Thank you.

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    Brillliant, elequent, totally true and thankyou so much.

    This should be in everyones in basket in every org.

    La La

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    Great post Scooter. Brilliant in its analysis, courageous in its view, and honest to the bone.
    Thanks You!

    The Anabaptist Jacques

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    Thumbs up

    Quote Originally Posted by scooter View Post
    Why do I oppose Scientology? .......
    So the road back to Total Freedom as an individual is through totally prostrating oneself before the identity of the Founder and seeking to become Him as only He ever did anything that resolved this Downward Spiral. All one’s efforts in all those endless past lives just added to the degradation of themselves so the individual has no idea of what it takes to be free, only the Founder knows. And only by following his Closely Taped Path will anyone ever be free. All other religions, all other practices (especially the evil ones of Psychiatry and Psychology) lead to further degradation of one as a spiritual being. The world outside of Scientology is a scary place, full of evil people who wish to destroy Scientology, The Only Hope For Mankind. Because, if Scientology ever succeeded, these evil people would have their sins exposed.

    And those who aren’t inherently evil are poor duped fools living miserable lives who badly need Scientology brought home to them. They don’t rush for Scientology because they can’t see the freedom it offers because they are so trapped in this universe. They have to be shown what a terrible state they are in and slowly brought to the realization that their only salvation is Scientology.

    So the Road to Total Freedom requires becoming a clone of the Founder, as He is the only person to have ever worked out how to be free. All everyone else ever did was create less freedom.

    A Scientology world would never allow a Gandhi, a Beethoven, a Buddha, an Edison. a Michelangelo, a Mandela, a Tolstoy, a Dickens – it would be a world where everybody is devoted to the goal of Scientology in which everything else had no place. Time and time again I heard people told that their goals were nothing compared to the goal of Scientology and to follow their own goals was “out-Ethics” – the Scientology equivalent of sinful. Many was the time this happened to me – I abandoned pursuing my own goals until Scientology was achieving its own. Which of course never happened. And will never happen, because it offers no real freedom but just a dull hypnotic state where one thinks one has become cause again but actually is having a harder time coping than the average person.

    Scientology promises immortal and invincible individuality: instead, it swallows the individual whole and regurgitates them as the perfect soldier who will follow any orders because their Founder has all the answers and His teachings are the only thing worthwhile in this (or any other) universe because they are supposedly the way back to the state of Immortal and Invincible Individuality.

    That’s why I oppose Scientology.

    Paul “Scooter” Schofield
    Excellent. This will be a classic for many years to come. Thanks, Paul.

    ~ Mary McConnell
    ~ Mary McConnell, my nom de plume
    Internet Resources on Scientology for newcomers
    Narconon Reviews Get the facts about Narconon.
    Reaching For The Tipping Point A place to keep up on what is being done to expose Scn & it's front groups, like Narconon, CCHR etc to the general public. Lots of up-to-date info. Join us
    My Scribd Scn & Narconon Legal Dox
    Ex-Sea Org Helpline "...leaving the confines of Scientology is a process, not a single event."

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    Thank you, scooter. Well said.

    I am Shiva, the destroyer of illusion...
    Vinaire's Story.....
    Vinaire's Blog.....


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    Thumbs up "BPI"

    Quote Originally Posted by scooter View Post
    Why do I oppose Scientology? ...

    Good writing, Scooter!

    That's a keeper.

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    Ah Scoots, good on you!

    You've put so, so much, into a nutshell, that gives such a full and true picture.

    Thank you for writing it and sharing it - It's now on my list of links for those who are looking for answers.

    You are a darling heart, who's had more than his fair share of battles, not excluding this personal one on facing up to all this crap. You continue to be a rock though, for so many. I feel fortunate to have you as one of mine.

    Cheers to ya, Champ!

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    Default Scooter's thread.

    Spoken like the professional you are Scooter.

    Thank you.


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    Scooter- this is fabulous!!! This is the kind of writing that would be fantastic to be handed out to "public".

    I will keep this and reread frequently!!1

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