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Thread: List Of All Ex Scientologists Who Have Spoken Out

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    Default List Of All Ex Scientologists Who Have Spoken Out

    I couldn't find this posted before so forgive me if it has been. Over at WWP they are putting together a list of all Ex-Scientologist who have spoken out. I think that it is awesome. I think OSA would hate to see all these names posted together. And if Scientologist see the list and recognize names of old friends on there it will plant a seed of doubt.

    So here is the list so far. 242 people. If you know of anyone else you can post them here and I'll post them over in WWP to be added. Or you can post them over there too. Please post their full name and any information you have about them. Links are great too.


    Aida Thomas-Mexico -Spanish Class VIII Auditor, left after 20 years
    Alan Walter-left after 20 years,quote from Time 1993
    Alain Stoffen-France (book and lots of TV)
    AlexM- 3 years in, one year on staff, 9 months in Berlin, 2 and a half months in San Francisco, German TV ZDF and XenuTv interviews
    Amy Allen-ex Sea Org, her story
    Amy Scobee- Joined at age 14. In over 20 years as manager at the church's international base in California. Built the network of Scientology Celebrity Centres[ Sp Times
    Anke Dievenkorn- staff,CLEAR, left after 10 years-her story
    Anne Marie Dunning -ex-EO/HCO Executive Secretary, Church of Scientology Buffalo-her story
    Andre Tabayoyon-ex Sea Org, many positions, RPF, left after 22 years,Affidavit
    Annie Rosenblum-Sea Org, RPF, her testimony
    Arnie Lerma-joined Sea Org at 16 years old. His Anti Sci Website
    Ariane Jackson -attained highest available level, OT8. Left after 17 years , her story
    Astra Woodcraft- ex Sea
    Astrid von Rönn-more than 20 years, ethics officer,Truth About Scientology in German
    Attila Sonkoly - Ex -SO left after 17 yrs
    Aude-Claire Malton (France, plaintiff in May 25, 2009 trial)her story

    Barbara Kaye- Hubbard's girlfriend while he was married,TV Interview Secret Lives of L. Ron Hubbard
    Barbara Zizic-dentist,suid Scientolgy
    Bent Corydon-the former head of the Riverside mission, Former scientologist of 20 years and
    Author of "L. Ron Hubbard: Messiah or Madman
    Bill Franks -Former international executive director of the Church of Scientology
    Bill Zizic- dentist-sued Scientology
    Bob Geary-dentist, scammed by Sterling Management Akron Beacon Journal Interview
    Bob Penny -left after 13 years -deceased, his story
    Bonnie Woods -former Sea Org staff member, OTIII,sued the church,he has a new book coming out?Runs councel service for ex members
    Birgitta Dagnell Harrington -Former head of the Church of Scientology’s OSA for Europe , testimony
    Brendan Moore
    Brian Canup
    Bryon Kingsley Eckert

    Carol Garrity- eft after 5 years, Affidavit
    Caroline Letkeman -left after 24 years,Affidavit
    Catarina Sandstrom Pamnell- Sea Org,DPF her website
    Caspar de Rijk- former founder and director of Scientology Netherlands, Mutiny A Dutch Scientology OrginizationCatarina Sandström Pamnell
    Charlotte Kates-ex Sea Org, her story
    Cheryl Sola -left after 13 years, her story
    Chip Gallo
    Chris Lyman
    Claire Headly
    Claire Swazey
    Creed Pearson -left after 26 years, victim of disconnection, his story
    Chuck Beatty - left after 27 years, ASI computer Operations Office, his story Helps others now,1-866-XSEAORG
    Cynthia Kisser -Former Executive Director of the Cult Awareness Network,her story
    Cyril Vosper -Fleft after 14 years,former senior officer scientologist, author of The Mind Benders - Scientology, interview, his story and interview

    Dan Garvin -25 years in the Sea Org, 10 years in OSA
    Daniel Fumagalli - 1984 to 1989, Zürich, Copenhagen, LA, Commodore's Messenger Org
    David Cook - OTVII, left after nin yearsInterview
    Darren May, public and staff. left after 10 years
    David Graham-ex-Sea Org member
    David John Carter - ex-Sea Org member
    David Mayo
    Debra Barnes- OT VIIInterview
    Dee Rowe. through Sterling Managenent, her and husband held against her will, testimony
    Dennis Erlich -Former high-ranking scientologist,Sea Org, RPF, left after 15 years, exerpts from his story
    Diana Conova
    Dodie Geary- held for 2 weeks
    Don Larson
    Dorothy Geary-held against her will, scammed bySterling Management, Akron Journal Interview
    Dr. Donna Shannon

    Elena Peshevska, staff at Skopje Mission, Macedonia from 2000-2008, Course Supervisor and Treasury Secretary, left after 8 years.
    Ed Hattaway- Chiropractor-1992-1995
    Edward Walters
    Enrico Costantini-1991-2003 Italy, Testomy in Italian

    Frank Gerbode, Dr. -1977-1981,former head of the Palo Alto mission
    Franklin Freedman
    Frank Notaro-assault and imprisonment, excerpt from Madman Or Messiah
    Frank Oliver

    Gaby Hubeny-left after 12 years
    Garry L Scarff aka Smurf aka Xenusmurf (YouTube)
    Gary Weber - ex-member of the Guardian Office
    Gene Allard
    Gerhard Förster
    Gerry Armstrong-Hubbard's Household Manager, RPF and RPF's RPF, testimony
    Giacomo Sotgia
    Glover Rowe-D. M. D.,Dentist joined through Sterling Management, him and wife held against their will, testimony
    Grace Aaron- missing son who disconnected
    Greg Barnes- OTVII Interview
    Greg Marlowe, 1975-1978, Affidavit
    Gunther Träger-a member for more than 20 years

    Hana Eltringham Whitfield-left after 20 years-Ship's Captain, Deputy Captain, Commodore's Staff Aide, Deputy Commodore of Hubbard's Three Ships, and part of GO
    Homer Schomer -Treasury Secretary of ASI
    Homer Wilson Smith-freezoner

    Ildiko Bajnoczi Former scientologist, reached OT 8
    Isabel Hsin-Yu Chang

    Jane Scott
    Janice Hayward -sued the Church of Scientology
    Janie Peterson -former member of the Guardian Office
    Jason Beghe-actor, spoke in Germany,story and vids
    Jeanette Schweitzer
    Jean-Luc Barbier
    Jean-Paul Dubreuil
    Jeff Hawkins-in for 35 years -top level- Int. Base Hemet
    Jenna Miscavige -ex Sear Org nice of David,Numerous Interviews
    Jennifer Gorman -raped by top Scientologist supervisor- story
    Jerry Whitfield- his story
    Jesse Prince-highest ranking officer in Scientology's Sea Org, witness in Lisa McPherson trial
    Jim Beebe - worked for the old CAN after leaving - deceased, Interview
    Jim Dimcalci - Hubbard's Medical Officer
    Joe Harrington- deceased
    John Cullison
    John Duignan- Sea Org 20 years Wrote The Complex
    John McLean
    John Peeler ("BTs2Free") Former high ranking scientologist
    Jon Atack-left after 9 years
    Joyce Stephenson
    Juan Esteban Cordero- filed case against COS for "progressive mental conditioning''. He spent more than $167,000 on Scientology-related courses.
    Julie Christofferson Titchbourne -sued the Church and Hubbard for 43-million

    Karen [Schless] Pressley - left after 16 years, 9 years as staff member. Author of a book titled Escaping Scientology.
    Kathryn Smith
    Karen Wolff- (also Karen Mitchell and Oram)
    Karsten J. Lorenzen
    Ken Aaron-missing son that disconnected
    Ken Rose
    Kendra Wiseman- ex Sea Org
    Kevin Creech- some time on staff, mostly public-in for 29 years, left in 2004
    Kima Douglas
    Kim Baker

    Larry Brennan -Watch Dog Committee- Bloghis story and vids
    Larry Wollersheim -left after 11 years, sued Scientology
    Laura DeCrescenzo
    Laurel Sullivan- left after 15 years
    La Venda Van Schaick -left after 9 years
    Lawrence Woodcraft- ex Sea Org member-interview and Freewinds Asbestos Declaration
    Lee Reynolds- staff secretarty treasury
    Lorna Levett
    Louise Cook

    Mac Stevens-Letter To Fellow Scientologists
    Madeleine Genesse, Canada (TV interview) deceased
    Magne Berge -Norwegian Sued the Church of Scientology and won
    Marc Headley
    Margery Wakefield-left after 12 years. Authored four books, Affidavit
    Maria Pia Gardini -OT VIII, Class 9 AuditorInterview
    Marion Envoy- testified
    Mark Owen Plummer- Former Sea Org executive, left scientology after 14 years-his story
    Martha Greene Creech- some time on staff, mostly public-in for 29 years, left in 2004
    Martine Boublil ? brother was in, was she?
    Martin Ruston
    Martin Hunt
    Martin Ottmann- Sea Org
    Martin Samuels
    Marty Rathbun- in for over 27 years, top exec- still practicing and auditing, SP Times
    Mary Tabayoyon-Member of the Sea Organisation for 21 years
    Mary Johnston -sued the Church of Scientology, settled out of court ,her story
    Marion Evoy- former Canadian head of Scientology's Guardian Office, testified in court against Scientology in 1992
    Maureen Bolstad
    Melissa Miller
    Michael Pattison-OT8 scientologist, left after 24 years, his story
    Mick Wenlock-Sea Org, left after 12 years. his story
    Mike DeWolf -pretty sure this is a psuedo name?
    Mike Goldstein-,SU/Special Unit or WDC/Watchdog Committee/Hubbard's Finance Controller, his story
    Mike Henderson-IAS Patron (donated at least $40,000 reached OT 8, left after 34 years, his story, also has vids on YouTube
    Michael Leonard Tilse-Sea Org, left after 27 years, his story
    Mike Rinder-CO OSA Int
    Miss Sieber
    Moira Hutchison-SeaOrg East Grinstead, RPF,kidnapped her story
    Molly Hutchinson- her story
    Mona Vasquez- France (wrote books and Tv appearances)
    Monica Pignotti-ex Sea Org,in six years, Flagship Apollo,RPF, her storyNine Lives in COS
    Mylene Beyer-France-ex-sea org, left after 21 years (french radio interview)

    Nan McLean Nan McLean -Ontario. In the 1970's she was a major target for Scientology Fair Game
    Nancy Many- former president of the Celebrity Center and under cover operative for the Guardian’s Office, OSA and RTC, testified in the Lisa McPherson trial in 2002-testimony
    Natasha Lobitsch-Sea Org kid , Interview
    Nelly Reziga (France, plaintiff in May 25, 2009 trial)
    Noel Matarandirotya-his story
    Norbert Potthoff-Spokesperson until 1987, Düsseldorf Org

    Otto Roos

    Patricia Braine-left after 15 years
    Patrick Jost
    Patty Pieniadz - left after almost 30 years
    Paul David Schofield
    Paul Grosswald
    Pertti Muhli, story
    Perry Scott, story
    Peter Alexander-)TVII left after 20 years, Interview
    Peter Devaney Jr.- Sea Org , left in 1982
    Peter Forde- ex Sea Org, his story
    Peter Gilham - Class VIII, OT VII, was with LRH at La Quinta- KESQ-TV Interview with Nathan Baca
    Peter Letterese
    Peter Voßmerbäumer
    Phil Scott-quotes
    Pierre Ethier-Class XII Auditor. Still practices and audits

    Raymond Scapillato- France (book)
    Reverend Murray Luther Scientology insider, 30 years in
    Rhett Westerman
    Richard Woods-public, husband of Bonnie Woodssued Scientology
    Rich Dunning -ex-Deputy to the Executive Director, Church of Scientology of Buffalo , his story
    Rex Basterfield
    Robert Dam
    Robert Dardano -former member of the Guardian Office
    Robert Geary -Dentist
    Robert Kaufman
    Robert Vaughn Young-Public Relations Officer, left after 21 years-RPF, RPf's RPF, testimony, deceased
    Rod Pearson
    Ron Glazier
    Roger Gonnet
    Roland Rashleigh-Berry-left after 5 years
    Ron (Hubbard) DeWolfe- Hubbard's son!-Executive Secretary,"Better than 90 percent of what my father has written about himself is untrue." , his story
    Ruth Lorenzen- left after 15 years
    Roxanne Friend-She was led to believe that Scientology could cure her cancer, her story-deceased

    Sabrina Zimmer. Staff from 1994-2001. Declared.
    Sara Northrup- Hubbard's second wife, spoke about about being tortured by Hubbard
    Scott Mayer Former senior-executive scientologist, left after 12 years -deceased
    Scott Yeager-Affidavit
    Sean Ostler
    Shane Vincent
    Sheila Gentry: 1975-1986, Sea Org @ AOLA, LRH Comm, Ethics Officer, staff member, public
    Shiona Fox
    Stacy Brooks Young-GO/OSA staffer, left after nearly 15 years, Declaration
    Steven Fishman, incredible story. Website and wrote The Lonesome Squirrel
    Stephen Von Hatten-joned through Applied Scholastics, testimony
    Stewart Gadner
    Sue Thompson, aka Sue James or Henderson, telex op, left after thirty years, her story
    Susan Lentsch ex-staff, disconnected, heartbroken mother
    Susan Simmel
    Susan Talbot -Class V1 Auditor & C/S, There for 15 years, left because of the forced abortions & abuses.
    Susanne Elleby-1988 to 1990, Flag in Clearwater, "missionaire" in Copenhagen
    Suzette M. Dearing
    Sylvain Bilodeau, Canada (TV interview)
    Sylvana Garritano

    Tanja Neumann - EX-SeaOrg kid-YouTube: Bori n Into Scientology XENUTV
    Tara Hathaway
    Ted Mayett
    Teresa Summers-her story
    Tom DeVocht-oversaw the church's spiritual headquarters in Clearwater
    Tommy Gorman- ex staff, -story
    Tom Padgett -Sea Org, target of fair game practice after he left. Interview
    Tom Smith
    Tom Voltz -author of Scientology With(out) an End
    Tom Weeks- Ex Sea Org
    Tonja Burden Former scientologist, spent five years in scientology as a teenager , Affidavit
    Tory Christman-left after 30 years-OT VII, EX-SEA ORG, EX OSA, MANY INTERVIEWS -her storyInterviews too numerous to list
    Troy Miranda

    Vernon D. Cain Jr.-story in letter
    Vickie Aznaran- left after 15 years
    Vickie Ford-OTVII, left after nine yearsInterview
    Vivien Krogman - Ex-SeaOrg kid-YouTube Born Into Scientology

    Wayne Whitney -deceased
    Werner Hubeny- left after 12 years
    Wilfried Handl-Austria 28 years in, formaly high ranking, wrote a book, a lot of TV, some recitals, quote
    William S. Burroughs, American writer-deceased-Burroughs on Scientology

    Yolanda Howell- Sea Org, HEART BREAKING STORY

    Zane Thomas- Sea Org,imprisonment
    Zoe Woodcraft- ex Sea Org member-Interview and Affidavit

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    Allen Stanfield. In for 16 years, out for 9. Has a blog and stuff. (See sig below)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alanzo View Post
    Allen Stanfield. In for 16 years, out for 9. Has a blog and stuff. (See sig below)
    Awesome. Just posted it over there. I'll let you know when you get added.

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    Er... I am just so hurt not to be on that list.

    Which name do you think is the Church's biggest reading item?

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    Quote Originally Posted by uniquemand View Post
    Er... I am just so hurt not to be on that list.

    Which name do you think is the Church's biggest reading item?
    Are you not out either? I would love to be on the list too but family ties are pretty strong with this one.

    I would say Rathbun is causing them the most grief right now. He was Dave's right hand man for years.

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    Kevin Creech?

    Any relation to Mike Creech up in San Fran org?
    Jason Beghe is my hero!

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    Quote Originally Posted by alexm View Post
    Kevin Creech?

    Any relation to Mike Creech up in San Fran org?
    You got me. But I haven't spent much time there.

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    Default Add me to the list

    My details are below but some more for you, Ex AOSH ANZO DIR I+R / MAA
    Auditor, Patron of IAS.

    Having all this together is a great idea.


    I believe Dan Coon is out, was he not Qual Exec Int, Joe in the Pro TR's training film?
    Last edited by Outethicsofficer; 9th July 2009 at 09:31 AM. Reason: more data
    Rather the purpose is to make new scientologists.
    And that is what they are trying to fool libraries, businesses and schools into helping them do - spread Scientology and make new scientologists.

    Thanks to Lawrence Brennan for the above quote.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Outethicsofficer View Post
    My details are below but some more for you, Ex AOSH ANZO DIR I+R / MAA
    Auditor, Patron of IAS.

    Having all this together is a great idea.

    Thanks James! I posted your details over there. Should be added soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Outethicsofficer View Post
    I believe Dan Coon is out, was he not Qual Exec Int, Joe in the Pro TR's training film?
    Hmmmm. Don't know. I'll leave that up to someone else to provide more info on.

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