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Thread: New to this site

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    Default Hi Neighbor!

    Quote Originally Posted by Danny View Post
    Help! I did the ethics course, the communications course, and the basic dianetics course. Never been audited. This was few years ago. I mostly enjoyed the time I spent at the mission. Just got bored and ran out of money LOL.

    Anybody out there do "self auditing" with an emeter? Should work. Hung up on a chic and need to "clear" my brain of it. Can I "audit the girl right outta my head" like Mary Martin "washed that guy right outta her hair" in the musical "South Pacific" ?
    Hi Danny, my wife and I have been trained Scientologists for decades, we are disconnected from the CoS and we are neighbors of yours. Feel free to private message any questions or comments.


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    Smile Good to have you!

    "Chastise the scoundrels, unmask the charlatans, and tutor the unschooled mob."

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    Good luck.

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    Thumbs up Go for a walk!

    Hi Danny!

    Welcome to ESMB. You've found a gold mine! Lots of folks with skills, talent and experience here to talk with. You don't need a meter. All the above advice is good.

    I have a suggestion, go outside and go for a walk. Look around you and pay attention to everything you see, flowers, trees, sky, people, dogs, buildings, etc. Don't think too much about anything, just look. Really observe what is around you. Stretch and breath deeply, relax. Occasionally, touch something that won't be offended (ground, bench, sign, tree). Find three new people and have a short, friendly face to face conversation with them, about anything.

    Repeat twice daily until things seem brighter to you.

    Wishing you well, Danny

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    Default Good Advice

    Hi Danny,

    I'd like to second the posts of SweetnessandLight and

    Dexter. Danny, I know Dexter and you couldn't do better

    than him and his wife Marina. Your lucky to be so close.

    So give him a call, he'll certainly help.

    LRH says walking is sort of a cure-all and you should

    take long ones. Each one until you feel better.

    Let me know how it goes.

    One more thing, this board has a lot of real good caring

    people, so you will get any help you think you need.
    The actual route to be free and return all of your true spiritual operating abilities is a total positiveness and the ability to forgive all (you too) for everything done and accept each being as you find them. In granting full beingness to yourself and others you will have ability to stop resisting the negative, which in turn assures that your full beautiful powers and abilities will bear fruit.
    "There is one coward on Earth and that is the coward that dare not know." >W.E.B. DuBois

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    Welcome, Danny.
    The night I escaped Staff:

    I get really tired of hearing about how the lower bridge has value. The lower bridge has the sole purpose of getting the PC to reach for more bridge. The fact that many people improved their circumstances as a result of a good intentioned auditor being interested and caring about his PC is not worth the long term and intended result of Scientology technology. GT

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    Look for a freezoner if you want to keep to the tech.

    Terril Should be alone to talk to you. He is known as Basic Basic.

    There is IFA, Icause and Ron's orgs that I know of. He can help you out if that is the way you want to go.


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    If it is any consolation, girls are like streetcars--if you miss one, another will come buy in a few minutes.

    Seriously though, I recommend you stay away from the tech.

    The Anabaptist Jacques

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    Quote Originally Posted by Feral View Post
    The Dull old Fart is correct about the self auditing with a meter, but I wouldn't C/S self anal for a person with your dilemma.

    I haven't tried his robot auditor but it's been kind to him. Unlike the CofS no ones been harmed by rub and yawn.
    I've done rub and yawn, and it was not part of the "Masturbation in Scientology" thread!

    It was really nice. It reminded me how much I liked auditing at a time when I had forgotten it.

    It was very valuable to me.

    Paul is a great guy who does everything he can to help.

    In Scientology, and out.

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