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Thread: Story of an OOT

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    Default Story of an OOT

    First post, just been reading for a few months. I guess the most memorable events that occurred while I was a Scnist would be while I was at Flag, training to be an 'amazing' Corrections Officer.. sounds spiffy right.

    To give a little background, I joined staff at my local 'org' when I was 14 to replace the current Dir Comm, so he could join the SO on the Freewinds (pretty sure he's still there). That lasted a few days before I was expected to do all the functions of HCO. Did that jazz for two years, failing miserably at everything besides reception (go figure).

    I would say around.. summer time in 2002, just after a big push to get PTS/SP Trainees out to flag, a big push for Cramming officers and Qual W/Cers came out. Not wanting another month long mission running my life, I tried to figure it out quick, so nominated myself and got sent to Flag.

    Being 16 at the time and only knowing scientology my whole life, I thought this was the best thing in the world, especially after everyone telling me that this was the "Mecca."

    Upon my arrival at around 9pm I got to wait for 3 hours for a van to pick me up. I was then shuttle to the "Tradewinds," one of the three .. luxurious (ha) motels where all the Outer org trainees stayed. The first room I had wasn't too bad, I only had 4 other people living with me. After about an hour of sleep I was awakened by a roommate so that I wouldn't be late for the 7am 'exercise muster.' Then I had the pleasure of a cold shower, I guess they run out of hot water when 400 people are trying to take showers in 100 bathrooms.

    After I was shown where we ate and everything I started on my large routing form for arriving, started to walk from the Coachmen building to the fort harrison to see my next 'terminal.' Quickly found out you're not allowed to walk those two blocks, instead you have to take a van.. So I wait for this van, hop on and sit down, get told "you can't sit in the front, go to the back." So I do, but there were more SO members than seats so I was told to give mine up and wait for the next van, so I did. This happened once more before I finally got to the FH, where I had the pleasure of meeting my "direct senior" the Snr Intern Supervisor, who clearly has been dealing with some real BS for a long time, she's not the peachiest person in the world.

    So I finally get to studying right at the beginning, Student Hat.. two days later, I meet a charming fellow named Calegero, if you ever met him you'd understand.. Apparently my org didn't have the money to pay for my room and board so I was going to have to work off this debt, I believe they were supposed to pay somewhere around 150 a month.. hard to remember they never paid it. So this meant I had to work the first 5 hours for Flag Crew doing whatever the hell they didn't want to do. This was probably the most degrading thing I've ever been apart of, you're all expected earlier than if your org was paying, line up for your boss for the day and do exactly what he tells you to do.

    Now, not really agreeing with the whole thing and knowing that FSO and FC are two different orgs, I would skip the whole work/study program thingy until they sent me to ethics (normally right after i finished a course 'in checksheet time'). So I often just worked instead of study for a month or two, catching up on my missed time. Working it out now I made approx. $1.07 each hour. After working in the kitchen, dishwashing and making breakfest a few times I stopped eating at the CB (clearwater bank/building) which is where the whole base eats. So I bought my own meals and worked for them.

    I got real tired of being considered dirt for being an OOT, just wanted to get out of there as fast as possible, so I finished everything before most. While I was waiting to 'fire' I was called to the Ethics office, for about the 900th time during my 2 years there, sat down by about 8 "Master-At Arms" (MAAs). They all proceeded to yell at me about some mysterious out-ethics situation that I and this other OOT who was waiting to fire had. We were told that RTC said we were both grossly out ethics and it needed to be handled before we could leave. The other OOT happened to be my best friend out there and went through his training quickly as well. We were told we had 15 minutes to figure out a handling for this huge out-ethics we were committing. Mind you, this was after they had already made me do the "Ethics Specialist" course due to me being such a bad seed (a course that maybe two of those MAAs had done). So instead of arguing we did Conditions and Exchange by dynamics with eachother and called it good.

    Eventually after waiting around, running errands for the Snr Intern Sup, cramming just about every OOT intern and doing countless hours of work/study they let me go. I came back all prepared to set everyone at my Class V org into shape. I stayed in the org for a few months before I couldn't take the ED anymore, she was under the impression that yelling was the solution to every problem she had.. and didn't know 'standard tech' if it poked her in the eye. I blew and for whatever reason was convinced by the Deputy Captain for OOTs (D/FCCI PO FOR OOTs, Jason Hemphill), that it would be best for me to go back to flag. Boy was that an awesome idea.

    I spent the next three months sitting in the little "o/w write-up" room they have in the Coachmen building. Never to leave my one or two buddys side, even to piss. Looking back we made the best of it, no one really cared about us so we'd go for walks to the beach and take plenty of breaks from doing nothing.. Finally I was assigned lower conditions after I don't know how long, completed the good old Liability formula and was ready for my healing sec check.. I had been helping an intern on her FPRD/Snr Sec Checker internship since before I fired, so I convinced the Snr Intern Sup to let me get my Sec Check FPRD style, which she thought was a great idea, obviously I had already blown once right. During this whole time I was still "Cramming" several people in the OOT program and TTC there, since I was one of about 10 or so at this time to finish their "perfect line-up for cram offs." So I was sitting in the Fort Harrison Auditor admin space, which I often was doing, reading auditors work so i could correct them.. when I saw my PC Folder with a big note on it that said "To - Ethics" I opened it, wanting to know why I was getting sent there again. It was a long letter from the Snr intern sup stating how I was extremely out-ethics and I was faking my sec check.. I was not interested at all in going through more time waiting around.. So the next morning I finished eating, was waiting for the light to walk from the CB to the CM and thought to myself... "I could go the way I always go and endure the torture known as ethics.. or I could go right and head to the beach." Of course I went to the beach and haven't really looked back since. :D

    Anyways, just felt like getting some of the few experiences I had in Scn off my chest, haven't talked much about them with anyone. Thought since my sister DT2000 spoke out I should too. In case anyone was wondering, the name's Stace Dieckman. toodles.

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    Wow, what a lovely warm reception for an OOT - I'm being completely sarcastic. I guess since you weren't in the SO (or I'm assuming that) you didn't rank as high as the SO staff at Flag.

    What's up with NOT walking 2 flipping blocks? When else would someone get exercise at Flag?

    BTW - Welcome.
    Nothing lasts forever, so live it up, drink it down, laugh it off, avoid the bullshit, take chances, & never have regrets, because at one point, everything you did was exactly what you wanted.
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    Thanks for that war story, crammedout. Although they were relatively minor inconveniences compared to your countless Ethics handlings, the 3-hour wait for a van and the cold showers indicate that those Flag guys still have a heckuva long way to go in figuring out that whole "Power over MEST" thing.
    "If thou be powerful make thyself to be honored for knowledge and for gentleness. ... Beware of interruption, and of answering words with heat; put it from thee; control thyself."

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    Good on you for heading to the beach, Stace - Good call!

    Thanks for introducing yourself and filling us in - Great to have you here!

    Welcome to ESMB! :D

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    Talking I LOVE it!

    A kindred soul has joined!

    (I too was once an OOT!)

    This is OK!

    "Chastise the scoundrels, unmask the charlatans, and tutor the unschooled mob."

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    Welcome Stace! Gee, these stories really fill in the gaps. I just wish we had known the truth of the "Mecca" all those years ago. Terrific you can talk of them now, and it does help.
    My Story - Becoming Free to Shine
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    Why would they have 8 MAA's to handle an "ethics" situation. Sounds like overkill. IF someone really had an ethics situation that an MAA could help them with why would it require more than 1 trained MAA?

    Anyways, you made the right call to go to the beach!
    Welcome to ESMB!

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    Hi there Stace,

    Wow! I so know what you mean. I got out of SCN in Feb of this year, I had had enough! Got out of Flag in July last year.

    I went to Flag as an OOT from England and really, totally know what you mean. Everything you have said is just sooo true, wow!

    Glad you are out and have spoken about it!

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    Welcome Stace! Thank you for your story, and I'm glad you followed your sister here.

    I'm going to have to admit that "OOT" is a new term for me. My Scn experience was somewhat limited.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dontscamme View Post
    Thanks for that war story, crammedout. Although they were relatively minor inconveniences compared to your countless Ethics handlings, the 3-hour wait for a van and the cold showers indicate that those Flag guys still have a heckuva long way to go in figuring out that whole "Power over MEST" thing.
    Seriously, this. If dickish behavior and incompetance are what it takes to save humanity, then I guess they've got it covered.

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