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Thread: My oublic announcement

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    Wow, Izhar!

    Welcome! You're one of those famous people that I never heard of. You are the founder of U-Man? I thought I saw a big hooplah story on U-Man at some International Event years ago.

    Yes, we want to hear some stories!

    Mac Stevens
    It will come to an end. My argument is, it does not have to end badly. -- Ron Paul

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    Welcome Izhar Thank you for your Doubt Formula. I too read the Friends of LRH site. Very interesting reading the comparisons of LRH tech to Davey boy's tech.

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    Hi Izar,

    We've never met but please know that you have done a lot of good for me.

    I owe you much of my success in business.

    Thank you!

    Sp Declared.

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    Welcome Izhar.

    You've taken a big leap, but no doubt there'll be more to take, and that's where ESMB is a gem for all. Good to have ya here.
    "Man gets tired, spirit don't. Man surrenders, spirit won't. Man crawls, spirit flies. Spirit lives when man dies.
    -Man seems, spirit is. Man dreams, the spirit lives. Man is tethered, spirit free. What spirit is man can be.............What spirit is, the man, can, be"
    - The Waterboys "Spirit" lyrics

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    I understand what you mean, and I AM happy, still I know I need to do some actions to repay my "silence" of many years, watching DM and his agents squirreling the tech that in my case really worked miracles.

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    Followed many incidents of strange and off tech Ethics handlings, unwise WISE handlings and arbitrations, and finally out tech on the upper OT levels.

    The last straw for me was The Basics, where DM actually accused LRH of doing a sloppy job of supervising the printing of his books for years.

    I have never doubted the Scientology tech or the intention of LRH regarding it.

    The doubts I had was on the application of the data by the Church management and the staff that works for it.

    I am a Scientologist as I follow as much as I can the teachings and processes of Scientology. I am against the Church of Scientology management and especially DM who I know to be suppressive of LRH Tech, staff and public.


    Congrats on completing the doubt formula!
    I agree with you 100%

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    Quote Originally Posted by Izhar View Post
    The last straw for me was The Basics, where DM actually accused LRH of doing a sloppy job of supervising the printing of his books for years.
    Take a look at the chapter divisions of 8-8008 in all editions prior to the current one.

    (My thread on Comparison of Book Editions.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Izhar View Post

    I remember the first time I heard a tape about the new management, and how Scientology is doing well, and the narrator was supposed to be LRH but I was sure it was not! That was in 1984.

    Is there a copy of this tape somewhere on the internet? I'd like to hear it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by freethinker View Post
    Is there a copy of this tape somewhere on the internet? I'd like to hear it.
    Not only that tape but a load more crap here:

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