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Thread: Completions: Freewinds includes OT 8 comps

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    Default Re: Completions: Freewinds includes OT 8 comps

    Well less I missed one there has not been a SINGLE auditor training comp or sub product such as metering or student hat.

    However its not all bad news. Looks like a sophisticated course for picking up girls is available.


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    Default Re: Completions: Freewinds includes OT 8 comps

    The Freewinds doesn't deliver Auditor Training (or the sub-products you mention) as such, Terril, just the Auditor Training requisite to OT8.
    Dave Gibbons - Sydney, Australia.
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    Default Re: Completions: Freewinds includes OT 8 comps

    I'm a "raw data" geek, and love that there a a few anonymous geeks that love data too.

    I just found out from Kristi that we have all but ONE Freewinds mags.

    I hope you SP's out there help out and report what OT's are dead or off the Bridge to Total Freedumb.

    I'll be posting a thread about this as soon as I can.

    I love you guise!

    massive hugs,

    Patty Pieniadz Moher

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