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Thread: Oz ABC Four Corners on Scientology March 8

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    I'm hoping one of you friendly folks will be posting this here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carmel View Post
    Yeah, a decent doco on Scn *is* fantastic news.

    It's more like 45 mins running time though, and rather than "dedicating it to exes", they're using past *and* present Church officials, to help demonstrate how the CofS operates, and to show it for what it is.

    These Four Corners guys have been working on this doco for nearly 3 months now. They've *done* their research (as they have done with their other doco's), so we should be looking at a beauty.

    I'm so impressed with the amount of time they are spending exposing the CoS, as too often we just get little segments - that leave me wanting more! I'm hoping for some major foot bullets from the current officials.
    The site link you posted, has some great links included for us to send feedback/thanks/etc to the site.

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    Exclamation monday week

    8.30 pm Monday , next week

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    Don't you mean 8.30pm Monday?

    Four Corners airs for 45 minutes on Monday nights at 8.30pm and is repeated on Tuesday evenings at 11.35pm, unless otherwise stated.

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    I can't wait!
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    Quote Originally Posted by DavidM View Post
    Don't you mean 8.30pm Monday?
    Yes, same thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carmel View Post
    Worse than waiting for Christmas!

    ... and even more exciting ...

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    6 more sleeps to go & then we all

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    Also, there is a "powerhouse" ex-Scientologist who is a willing interviewee for any future program should 4 Corners accept. This individual is currently busy with a personal project to help get the inquiry approved, but when they have more time on their hands, they can provide 4 Corners with some very useful information.

    Logistics, logistics...
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    5 more sleeps!
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