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Thread: Scientology and Homosexualty - my story from the inside...

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    - Hah, not everyone signs the contract, I guess that makes me worse off than the rest because I didn't via a routing mistake. I was an idiot for staying in!

    I was the: Security Chief CLO EUS 1989 -1991
    Fine Print: -> I never signed the Sea Organization billion year contract!
    What ethical organization would allow the likes of me to be an uncontracted security chief?
    Scientology, that's who - Idiots! Sea Organization my ass!
    Need help leaving? call this number: 1-866-XSEAORG You can leave NOW! REALLY!
    Make your Freedom Day TODAY!

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    Quote Originally Posted by imnotafraidanymore View Post
    Dear Reader;

    The following is my account of how i got involved in Scientology and how i was treated when they discovered i was gay. There is more to my roller coaster ride in this cult that i will share later but this is about the homosexual discrimination and the physical and mental abuise i suffered as a result.

    In year 10 i was working for family in a CD store in Albury, NSW. I really loved my job and loved this part of my family, they always seemed so happy and in charge of life. I was a very shy teenager and for as long as i can remember had been a gay., tho i dared not tell anyone or act upon it. My Auntie and Uncle suggested that i come and do a Communications Course to help me get more confident. I was a bit hesitant about this but went ahead and went to Canberra where the place was. I wasn't really sure what "Scientology" was but i always knew that only this part of my family was into it. The course was a tad odd and i remember thinking of several occasions how is this meant to help me. Well i am one that can testify now this course changed my life. I came right out of my shell and finally could look people in the eye when i spoke with them.

    After this i moved a few times with my mum and had no further training for a few years. In this time i had also had 1 heterosexual relationship and we had a daughter. My next experience with the Church was hearing that my cousin that i was very close to had joined the "Sea Org" and worked and lived with them in sydney. Well i didn't really know what "Sea Org" was but i just wanted to visit my cousin and make sure she was ok.

    When i arrived in Sydney from Newcastle i found my way to Greek St in Glebe where i was told my cousin was. I walked in the reception and there she was. Well this didn't seem to bad, the place was immaculate, and expensive. My reservations were somewhat relived. A lady saw me talking to my cousin and swiftly came over to enquire what i was doing here. I said my cousin worked here and i just wanted to see her. I was told she was about to come off shift and if i wanted to watch a quick movie to past the time she would put one on. I agreed. Well i was led to the projector room. The "Sea Organisation" recruitment video came on. They were saving the planet, it needed to be done now, they need more people. It stopped and started to replay... This went on over and over i estimate between 10-20 times... Finally a lady came in and said she wanted me to answer a questionnaire. I was feeling quite drowsy and went along. I was suddenly on a body routing form all i wanted to do was see my cousin.

    I answered the questionnaire and then was body routed back to the movie theater to watch another film this time about LRH. After this was played 3-4 times the lady came and got me and handed me back to my cousin. She explained that they wanted me to join the Sea Organization as well but it was completely up to me and all we had to do was wait for the Personality Test results to come back and in the mean time we caught up.

    The results arrived and they said that the results were ok and i would just need to meet with an Auditor. I was led to a very small room and told to sit at the table. I had seen an E-meter before and knew the process. I was asked a series of questions about the exam and weather i answered the questioner truthfully.This was all fine. When i returned to the lobby my cousin said that i would need to complete a project prepare.

    I was told i needed to sign a billion year contract as a "token" of my dedication and that everyone just did it. I was led to believe that it was meaning less anyways and at the time did not know the consequences as a result of my defection.

    I was told that i would need to complete a number of courses at my own expense to complete this. They said i was to call my mum and tell her i need her to pay for one of the courses and it was really important. I was drilled through the entire process prior to calling her and actively coached the entire way through it. I felt a bit weird doing this as i had never asked for big sums of money like that before. I completed my next course in my project prepare fairly quickly it was the Ups & Downs Course ( A course designed to help you improve you outlook on life and deal with any situation). Part of this course was writing down all your Overs and Omissions that you have ever done. This is wear the truth came out.

    As part of this process i was again audited and asked a very long series of questions.Some were very disgusting like had i had sex with children or animals i was disgusted that they would even ask that questions... then in amongst all theses filthy things they ask have you had sex with another male . The e-meter reacted. I had been outed. My worst nightmare was about to come true. None of my family at this point knew i was gay.

    The Auditor quickly left the room and after about 40 minuets of sitting alone in the room a lady walked in and said I had to go to ethics and we would "handle" the homosexual situation. I was then led to Ethics and told to study a booklet "The way to Happiness" i had to word clear (look up the meaning of every work contained in the booklet) and i had to memorize the meanings and the entire booklet and i would be tested. This took me almost a week. During this time i was spending 8-10 hours a day in ethics and then taken to an apartment close by and audited away from the church by a special auditor to handle the gay topic. This involved the auditor demanding specific, detailed and very private information out of in of my sexual experiences with men and other various aspects of my life. This would go on for anywhere between 7-10hours a night. After i completed that course i was going to be put to work with the e-meter doing free personality test on the street.. However a PTS (Potential Trouble Source) situation occurred where a friend reported that he was concerned i was being held against my will.

    I was coached by 2 handlers how to handle the police and i was told exactly what to say over and over and there were sever punishments for not following what you are being told.

    I was sleep deprived and violated by these questions. I was also given a status of "Non Exsistance" by the church as well. This meant that no one could look at me or speak to me because they believed that homosexuality is a contagious disease. I was victimized and abused about my sexuality in that apparent and it still scares me to this day. I wanted to help save the planet so bad and be with my cousin to look after her. But my ice was wearing thin..

    The final straw came when the Church some how found out i had regained contact with the mother of my child and i was told to instantly disconnect from her because "What type of woman would want to have a child with a poof.. She must be an SP". She was the only contact that i had still to the outside world. And that pissed me right off. I remained calm because i knew that i had to be smart to get out.

    I snuck out to the tree where i had my mobile phone hidden that night and made a distraught phone call to her. Come and rescue me please. She said she would meet me tomorrow at this time. The plan was set.

    The next night i tried to organised all my stuff together and pretended to go to sleep with everyone else. I got up about 4am and started to sneak off i tried to grab all my stuff but before i could someone woke up and noticed i was running. He chased after me i had to drop most of my belongings and got in her car and left. I had finally escaped.

    I share this story as i believe it shows you that the Church of Scientology's total disregard for Human Rights and their attitude towards homosexuals. There is so much more that happened and i will share those stories when the time is right. This shows how ruthless the cult is and will take advantage of their control over you the second they have it.
    Love and admiration to you imnotafraidanymore.... we respect you for who you are and for having the courage to stand up for yourself and others.

    It's well known among Scientologist their stance on homosexuality and regardless of how many times the text of Hubbards are rewritten there is still the underlying culture of intolerance and their compulsive desire to HANDLE gays because they are degraded so it's time this Church is held accountable for its behaviour.

    We are there for you imnotafraidanymore as we are also not afraid.

    Love and all the best
    Happy Days

    "If the leaders of the Church of Scientology think that this will all go away, that it will be business as usual then they are deluded." Independent Senator Nick Xenophon

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    "But for the record, we have all been abused on one issue or another and most likely had our human rights violated. I know I did. Big time. So, we understand!"
    I agree with that. No matter what was the issue, we all have been abused.
    Thus, it is a relieve when some one gets out of this cult.

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    I have witnessed the gay hate thing myself INAA. My ex-boss and one time friend, who is OTVIII, was frighteningly antogonistic about gays. I remember cringing whenever she'd go off, ranting with disgust, if she saw some form of gay activity, a hug or a kiss, be it on tv or in life. If in the presence of gay people she was always social and polite to there faces but when they left would act all grossed out, to me that is 1.1ness. I never understood how she could react this way, it always seemed so un OT, I always expected a higher level tolerance for people from an OT (most I've known were more tolerant). She was also the same way about people who were disabled, said they were aberated and full of overts and that is why they were the way they were. It's too sad really.

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    Thanks for sharing what occurred, imnotafraidanymore.

    My eldest son who got himself involved in a "recruitment cycle" at AOSH ANZO too (through an old school mate of his, newly in the SO), experienced the same attitude and psychological abuse on the gay thing - horrible stuff. It seems though, that it might've been what saved ya from a worse fate (I know it was with Zac).

    Good on you, for getting out of there when ya did, and for what you're doing now to help prevent others falling prey to the CofS and Scn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carmel View Post
    Thanks for sharing what occurred, imnotafraidanymore.

    My eldest son who got himself involved in a "recruitment cycle" at AOSH ANZO too (through an old school mate of his, newly in the SO), experienced the same attitude and psychological abuse on the gay thing - horrible stuff. It seems though, that it might've been what saved ya from a worse fate (I know it was with Zac).

    Good on you, for getting out of there when ya did, and for what you're doing now to help prevent others falling prey to the CofS and Scn.
    Thanks so much carmel and what i have done is such a small blip in the radar compared to your work... for now anyways... watch this space is all i have to say...

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    Quote Originally Posted by imnotafraidanymore View Post
    Thanks so much carmel and what i have done is such a small blip in the radar compared to your work... for now anyways... watch this space is all i have to say...
    Go get 'em, my friend.

    Paul David Schofield
    "Scooter" to his friends

    If he has no friends and everyone's against him
    If he's failed in everything that he has tried
    Try to lift his load, help to bear his burden
    Let him know that you are walking by his side
    And if he feels that all is lost and he is fallen
    Try to place that poor man's feet on solid ground
    Just remember he's some mother's precious darlin'
    Always lift him up and never knock him down

    Blind Alfred Reed


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    Quote Originally Posted by byte301 View Post
    Wow. So now they think homosexuality is catching? And they would have a person disconnect from their child and the mother for something like that?

    They never fail to make me rage.

    So glad you got out, notafraid. You were really smart to see the handwriting on the wall and run like hell.
    would you believe they call it "contagion of aberation"?

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    Welcome and thank you for sharing. We love our gays!
    <3 <3 <3

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    "With realization of one's own potential and self-confidence in one's ability, one can build a better world."

    -Dalai Lama

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