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Thread: Legal admissions-Atlanta Idle Org

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    Quote Originally Posted by AngeloV View Post
    Here are a couple of pics of the very idle org taken on January 18, 2011. The building is beginning to show some wear now that it has been vacant for several years. The front driveway is blocked by a chain but a back driveway is open and can be driven through.
    Thanks for the (very) recent photos. For comparison, there are 24 that I took in October 2009, here: http://forum.reachingforthetippingpo...7.html#msg4197

    Side of the building. A faux shutter has become loose and is hanging by a thread. I imagine that the 'sales office' was from a previous tenant.

    That hanging shutter is a hazard. Compare that picture to a similar one from 10/2009:

    I always thought that "Sales Office" sign was hilarious - the "Church" of Scientology being honest, for once, and I would have thought the first thing they would have done would have been to remove it.

    Back of the one home.

    Closeup of one of those columns:

    Mattress tech. Someone dumped an old mattress on the east side of the building. Notice also that there is some firewood laying around as if someone dumped some logs and chopped them up.
    The firewood (or some very similar) was at one time being used to block the back driveway, while the front driveway was blocked by a sawhorse with a No Tresspassing sign on it.

    I can only imagine the dismay that the residents of Sandy Springs must be feeling, as they drive past and see the worsening condition. The condition the building was in played a large role in the residents' opposition to the zoning request - and with good reason - if they couldn't take care of the building they had, how would they take care of an even larger one? And if they had the money to do the renovations they claimed they wanted to do, why didn't they spend some of it maintaining the building? And what about the money being spent on a federal RLUIPA suit? Lots of stuff doesn't add up here, but then it is the CoS.

    Sad really, to let an expensive building rot like that... I don't care much for the style myself, but it was once a nice building. Like, in 2005.
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    I can only imagine the dismay that the residents of Sandy Springs must be feeling, as they drive past and see the worsening condition.
    Wow! I cannot believe how they have let that building go. Well, they are pretty tied up with other matters, ATM.

    Thanks for the pics and the kind words to Ethercat.

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    Question Re: Legal admissions-Atlanta Idle Org

    [FONT="Fixedsys"][/FONT Hi Skydog! Could it be that Duane Allman is really alive and well hiding out in dismally under populated Scientology message board community? I'm sure that you know the origin of the nickname, "Skydog". If a mission staff member had shoved a sloppily printed OCA in Duane's face while cruising down Peachtree with a serious heroin yen to satisfy I'm sure there would have been a torrent of redneck profanity heaped right upon said staff member's perfectly drilled TR 0. I was online at mission in Buckhead beginning in1977. In fact, I started my Student Hat the day Elvis died.
    Jeez, I couldn't get the sup. to give just one debaucherous drinking day off to grieve the passing of King. That should have been an ominois sign that these people were not of normal human flesh. They were hardly even aware of the passi mn g of the King and, shamefully, not a tear was shed pm His behalf. Just the same old, "Do birds fly?" routine.

    Talk to later, perhaps. I do positively adore Atlanta despite some major bilking of my bank and investment accounts by the mission's and Flag's registrars. Lauren



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    Default Re: Legal admissions-Atlanta Idle Org

    Quote Originally Posted by skydog View Post
    There is a lot of information posted over on WWP on the proposed Idle Org in Atlanta, GA. The boys and girls down there are not “making it go right” and the matter is now in federal court. A review of the complaint filed by the church contains some interesting admissions that show how badly the church is doing there and in other areas.

    This is a verified complaint meaning that the facts have been sworn to under oath by Deborah Danos, who is listed as the president of the Church of Scientology of Georgia, Inc. Ms. Danos does not appear to be overly qualified for the job as, at least according to Kristi Wachter’s site, she has not yet attested to the state of clear.

    Nature of the Controversy

    The action filed by the church is a rather complex lawsuit involving land use and religious freedom. The church purchased the property in the city of Sandy Springs for the purpose of creating an idle org. The building was too small for their proposed use so the church filed applications for a zoning variance to allow conversion of a basement that had been used as a parking lot by the prior owners to office space and a chapel. If approved, the variance would increase the square footage from roughly 33,000 square feet to almost 44,000 square feet.

    The zoning regulations require a certain amount of parking spaces per square foot. The increase of square footage would require more parking spaces than are currently available to the church. The formula used by the city would require 148 parking spaces compared to the 81 proposed by the church. The application was denied and this lawsuit followed.

    It is interesting not so much for any legal claims raised but for the factual allegations, all sworn to under oath, that paint of picture of a religion in serious freefall.

    Church Membership in Atlanta, Nashville, and Buffalo

    According to Paragraph 17 of the verified complaint, there are only 600 members on the church rolls in Atlanta. Of those, roughly 100 are active members. Atlanta has a population of over half a million people meaning that less than 0.0012% of its population consider themselves scientologists. Scientology has been in the city of Atlanta for over thirty years and has fewer than 1000 people to show for their presence.

    As part of its submission to the planning authority, the church commissioned a traffic study by the engineering firm of Kimley-Horn to rebut the city’s contention that 148 parking spaces were needed. In Paragraph 52 of the verified complaint it alleges that Nashville most closely resembles the size and operation of the proposed Atlanta church. Based on those numbers, the church claims, under oath, it would only need 52 parking spaces. Not satisfied with that foot-bullet, they go on to allege that if the numbers were compared to the Buffalo org during “peak parking demand” they would need only 29 parking spaces (one space per 1800 feet (Paragraph 54-verified complaint). From this, we can infer that the numbers of those orgs are as bad or worse than those of Atlanta.

    This is the fastest growing religion in the twentieth century!

    Link to verified complaint:
    Thank You Skydog... these are the staff member idiots I walked away from.. different building back then.. different location, but your post here is the perfect accompaniment for mine "I wanted to understand life and improve"

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    Default Re: Legal admissions-Atlanta Idle Org

    Quote Originally Posted by Greg Rice View Post
    Thank You Skydog... these are the staff member idiots I walked away from.. different building back then.. different location, but your post here is the perfect accompaniment for mine "I wanted to understand life and improve"
    You are quite welcome Greg and welcome.

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    Default Re: Legal admissions-Atlanta Idle Org

    What a thread! When I was involved in scientology on 2006/2007, the promise was to open the building SOON, lol. Other than the eyesore it represents to the city of Sandy Springs (the idle org is not actually in Atlanta), this is laughable.

    If you want to make that estimate of 1,000 people involved with the Atlanta org, remember not to use the 500,000 population figure, as Atlanta has small city limits. There are Four Million people in the metro area, so their performance is making converts is PATHETIC, and for that, we should all be thankful.

    When my old roomate and I left that org, he asked them what was wrong with their "Jedi powers", no one but he and I found that amusing.

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    Default Re: Legal admissions-Atlanta Idle Org

    As reported earlier today at Tony O's Bunker:

    Not an Ideal Situation in Atlanta

    A year ago, the city of Sandy Springs, Georgia fought a tough legal battle with the Church of Scientology, which insisted it needed to expand as it built a new church in that Atlanta suburb. Naturally, Scientology played the religious discrimination card, and the city, which had resisted a zoning change for the church, ultimately lost the fight.

    But hey, a year later, Scientology’s new church is a thriving asset to the community, right? Isn’t that what they were fighting for?
    Um, no. You see, in Scientology’s “Ideal Org” program, local church members are subjected to rounds of intense fundraising in order to purchase and then later renovate properties. In the meantime, they can sit empty for years. And sure enough, the building in Sandy Springs hasn’t had a thing done to it, and is becoming an eyesore. The city is not amused. WSB-TV has a good report…


    Read Full Story (including video from TV Channel 2 regarding a Notice of Violation given to CoS by the city)

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