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Thread: The structure of the Clearing Course

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    Default The structure of the Clearing Course

    The structure of the Clearing Course
    The Clearing Course consists of a number of rundowns packaged up in a sequence. This implant happen at 1500 Trillion years ago (in my case, I date at 1200 Trillion years). This sequence is repeated ten or more times (In my own case I discovered that the sequence was run 13 times!). The components of the clearing course are:
    The 7’s,
    Confusion GPM,
    Hollow objects,
    Solid objects
    This was a long process of auditing. It took me approximately six months.
    There is a part of the clearing course in the OTIII level and this is what screwed up the early scientologists. It was then (1965) thought to be the principle basic implant, hence its name “Clearing Course”, where one became clear (level VII). In further research it turned out to be not the basic. The basic is the OTII level which is earlier than the Clearing course.
    The problem was that that sneaky implant in the OTIII level at 75 Million years ago where the OTII and Clearing Course materials were repeated again, but in reverse!
    So that is the explanation why people whole did the Clearing Course materials in the 1960s screwed up, because in doing the Clearing Course first one ended up in the OTII materials which are earlier in sequence. So the correction was to do the OTII first.
    Really the levels should be renamed: “The whole track Implant”. On doing this now complete Whole Track implant one becomes clear.

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    Default Re: The structure of the Clearing Course

    Rather than that, I'd suggest a trip to Disneyland as it is cheaper, more fun, & better for the soul !

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