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Thread: Claire's theory on where L Ron Hubbard truly went wrong

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    Quote Originally Posted by olska View Post
    I don't think scientology or Hubbard "went wrong" at all.

    In my opinion, scientology does exactly what Hubbard intended it to do:

    it brought power and wealth to Hubbard.

    He created a "game" that was intended and designed to get people to "flow power" to him in the form of adulation, energy, money. They did. They still do.

    Whether or not along the way anyone got better or had their life improved, or their life ruined, is irrelevant to the actual purpose of scientology. There are people who swear that scientology saved them. There are others who testify that it ruined them.

    Regardless, Hubbard got what HE wanted and that's what it was all about -- it really had little or nothing to do with YOU, the pawns (the "pieces" as he called them) of the game.

    But, in the end, he didn't get what he wanted, he got a miserable death preceded by his own karma, swatting at imaginary BT's, shitty health, and a twisted mind of his own greedy doing. The fame? The Glory? The immortality? ~~~ Only in the eyes of those still being duped into hamster-wheel of a failed philosophy/'tech'.

    Hubbard's recipe>

    Take some raw meat.

    Bleed it until dry while slowly replacing the drained essences with pureed tripe.

    Cook with low voltage until totally compliant.

    Take the left-overs and make a soup of dreams and mix into a tacky paste to repair the ever-corroding foundation of the meat-grinder.


    'Live a good life. If there are gods and they are just, then they will not care how devout you have been, but will welcome you based on the virtues you have lived by. If there are gods, but unjust, then you should not want to worship them. If there are no gods, then you will be gone, but will have lived a noble life that will live on in the memories of your loved ones. I am not afraid.'
    Marcus Aurelius

    THE BIG LIST of EX'S who have Spoken Out fx'd

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    Quote Originally Posted by SchwimmelPuckel View Post
    To me, when I joined the Sinister Scam Cult of Scientology, it was about Dianetics, which was about making my mind better. It was a psychotherapy and a training regime... Nothing to do with religion either, but that's beside the point in this. The idea was to make the mind better. That was 'on the rails', so to speak.
    Yes, that's what YOU thought was "on the rails" -- that's what YOU intended, that's what YOU wanted to accomplish.

    I think that idea and variations of it was common to most of us who got involved -- we THOUGHT we were getting involved with something that would improve our minds, rid us of "unwanted conditions," (whatever that meant to each of us, individually, and that was VERY different from person to person), enable us to help relieve the sufferings of others that we saw around us.

    But my point about being "on" or "off" (the rails) is:

    that was NOT what Hubbard was doing with scientology, ever.

    Hubbard designed Dianetics and then Scientology to enrich himself, to get others to "flow power" to him. It was working just fine as long as it did that, and it did that up until he died and even after he died, and even to this day.

    And while you were enriching Hubbard by "flowing power" to him (adulation, energy, money), it MIGHT make YOU feel better -- which was great, because the better you feel, the more likely you are to keep on flowing power and enriching Hubbard (or now, his memory).

    But if you didn't feel better, well, that's ok too because he could always take steps to make you shut up and go away so that you didn't interfere with his plans and didn't upset all the "faithful" who were busy flowing power to him. You could be dead filed, labeled PTS type something, disconnected, expelled and/or declared SP, and if necessary "destroyed utterly" by his loyal officers.

    That worked pretty good until the internet. Now the truth is out and people are not so easily fooled ... we hope.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atalantan View Post
    On the other hand, there is equally compelling evidence in the Freezone and among the Independents that PCs and pre-OTs who were totally stalled or f*cked up in and by the Co$ have been rehabbed and are again making progress up the bridge outside of the Co$.
    This seems to indicate that when some parts of "the body of work" are applied in certain ways, that people have actually gotten the results they expected and wanted.<snip>
    Results? From scientology technology? I'm sorry; I've read this too often too many times in the last few months!

    This is usually about where I blow up, say something totally stupid and then apologize, so I will tone it down a bit.

    Scientology "technology" is loosely based on other philosophies and theories. Hubbard interlaced hypnotic programming into all of it, to maintain his mass of stary eyed ron-bots. These people, of which most of us were once a part of, lose their "case gain" very rapidly upon critical inspection. That's because there never was any "case gain" per se from scientology 'technology" in the first place; only delusion.

    The indies and fz'ers can audit themselves into Nirvana if they believe this is what they get from the "properly applied technology of scientology". Personally, I wouldn't give you a nickel for a hundred hours of this bullshit.

    Someday someone is going to come along and explain, in depth, what really occurs during "auditing" and anyone with enough time on their hands can try and extract the useable parts, if there are any. The mind is too powerful and so is our inate spiritual existance; no time for modified dribble that was modified to lead masses of indoctrinated people into permanent poverty and slavery.

    Myself, well, truth be I was looking for god powers. I now understand that not everyone else who became entangled in this cult was looking for t.his. I paid my price for my blasphemy. I will just continue to try and warn others, for as long as I am around, to beware of the cult of scientology and it's trappings and those who would use the same programming for their own gaggles of starry eyed indoctrinates.

    Scientology is virulent. It infects everyone differently. Those who come down with a severe case of scientologitis must be quaranteed until their health and sanity returns.
    There is more to the universe(s) then all the words of all the men that have ever lived could ever begin to describe.

    EVERYTHING in scientology, to some degree, is a lie. RUN! Do not look back!

    For something more positive and healing, for those in pain, have a look at this website:

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    I find many parallels in Hubbard's personality and behavior with other "only child" personalities that I've known.

    I know of one in particular that was, for all practical purposes, raised like a god and was never allowed to be disciplined and was allowed to do whatever the child felt like doing.

    This was catastrophic to the max for this person.

    Reading Hubbard's diaries when being a child boyscout and later traveling through the Orient reads exactly like an over-indulged, spoiled, petulant brat.

    Curiously, none of this is mentioned in his journal or in his boy scout diary; the most frequent entry in the latter is "Was bored". There is no indication whatsoever of any interest in or knowledge of psychology.
    He's "bored" and un-entertained, others in the same situation would be grateful and interested.

    Later, there's the evaluation from his CO in the Navy that describes Hubbard as:

    By assuming unauthorized authority and attempting to perform duties for which he has no qualifications, he became the source of much trouble... This officer is not satisfactory for independent duty assignment. He is garrulous and tries to give impressions of his importance. He also seems to think he has unusual ability in most lines. These characteristics indicate that he will require close supervision for satisfactory performance of any intelligence duty
    Very maladjusted with little to no empathy or understanding of others around him and an over-aggrandized sense of self.

    Lying at the drop of the hat.

    Classic. Text book.

    Does not mean or imply by any means that single children are spoiled or that multiple children cannot be spoiled. I have never seen adults with siblings completely vacant of the idea of others such as I have seen manifested by Hubbard and other SPOILED single children.

    My two cents.
    "Religion is free; Scientology is neither."

    "If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face ó forever." - George Orwell, 1984

    "L. Ron Hubbard is the cult leader for the crime that is Scientology." - Cleverbot

    "And while we're at it I might as well toss this in for a good laugh. We were doing a lot of "research" on Rockslams at that time and one of the Hubbard thing's rockslamming items was...(oh you're going to love this)...'unlimited wealth'" - Mystic

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leon View Post
    No. In this instance it takes two to tango. Scio is not just a printed road map to be followed without thought, or with a blind and trusting faith in its outcome. It is a route on which the traveller goes only as far as he understands what he is dealing with, and no further. This needs to be understood fully.

    Put another way, to the degree that he places his full trust for a happy outcome into the hands of another - and he thereby denies his own self - to that degree an inadequate or negative outcome is guarranteed.

    Of course the subject has booby traps in it. So has life. You need to be sussed emough to spot themin both instances.
    Leon, I'd like to discuss what you said. Is that okay with you?

    1) You make a good pint about a person needing to do self-improvement for himself.

    Most people do. Some drug addicts might be forced into self-improvement things, but most people seek self-improvement on their own and for their own sake. There's not much of a situation there in the general populace.

    There is a situation in the C of S where crush-regging, group force, etc. create an environment that is more destructive than constructive to a person. That is normally not true of self-improvement therapies, but it is true of cults.

    2) I bolded your words, "as far as he understands what he is dealing with."

    Leon, I fully understand the OT levels and everything on L Ron's Bridge he asserts. I spent 9 years in Scn and the SO - 8 years were prior to DM's reign. I worked at AOLA, trained highly, completed OT levels and observed a great deal in that time.

    I get it.

    It's a self-created maze of the mind, of the spirit, with no exit.

    There are brief rewards along the way - enough to keep one's interest, to keep one's hope up, to keep one working at it.

    And it all ends the same as Hubbard ended - screaming at BTs in one never-ending nightmare.

    Those rewards are all available outside the maze - and much, much more. And freedom. The freedom Scn promised but never delivered.

    So is true freedom. But it takes going back to the beginning to get completely out of the maze and taking a different path altogether. Your personal path, not the one that L Ron diverted you onto.

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    Well, looking at how Hubbard ended up and how his 'church' is ending up ?

    I got to wonder if it was ever on the rails.

    Folks there is a more than a fair chance it was what it was from the gitgo and he just rode it as far as it went.


    " Insist on yourself ; never imitate ".
    Ralph Waldo Emerson

    " Nothing is as at last scared but the integrity of your own mind "
    Ralph Waldo Emerson

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    Quote Originally Posted by Helena Handbasket View Post
    He let the church be taken over. He had technology for detecting "plants", but it failed because the people who were supposed to be administering the checks were themselves plants.
    Iím not saying that everyone who is in Scientology is stupid, but I will say that I was purposefully blind for a long time. Paul Haggis

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atalantan View Post
    For you, it would mean whatever it means to you.

    For them, it means they feel they are again getting what they came into scientology to get, whereas they were not getting it in the Co$ environment.
    If you want to know what that might be, get yourself a copy of an older Grade Chart and look it over in some detail.

    Beyond that, why not ask them yourself? I could be telling you any manner of lies and you would have no way of knowing, right?
    yeah I'll have to agree, it's nothing but a con game no matter where you subject yourself to it. A whole lot of pipe dreams packaged in a shiny box of flim-flam that delivers whatever you can delude yourself into believing ... which for a sane individual is basically nothing.
    Yes lurkers you are not alone, everyone thinks Scientology is creepy, it's not just you

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    If only he had listened to his uncle Elbert. Elbert was cool. Like really fucking cool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by themadhair View Post
    If only he had listened to his uncle Elbert. Elbert was cool. Like really fucking cool.
    We're so sorry............... Uncle Elbert.
    "Scientology: The only game in the universe where the rapist is your ethics officer." - HelluvaHoax

    "Yes Scientology at this point is nothing but its own funeral. You might as well leave early and beat the traffic. " - Thrak

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