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Thread: Helen Chen's Academy.

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    Had the privilege of being invited to attend another graduation ceremony at the HCA this afternoon. They continue to 'flourish & prosper' since they left the church and went independent. They have expanded the services being offered significantly and continue to emphasize results over ideology in their approach to tech delivery.

    I really enjoy attending these ceremonies primarily because the energy of the students & staff remains me very much of the good times & high spirits routinely found back when I was on lines at the Orange County Mission before the destruction of the missions network.

    One new feature added to the program was a special addition to the agenda due to the continuing expansion of the group. They've had several births among staff & students lately, with a few more on the way. In honor of these new additions to the group a special baby naming ceremony was held. The baby's were all given their new names and introduced to their god parents and the assembled witnesses. It served as a welcoming ceremony as much as a naming ceremony.

    Suffice to say, and coming from a grumpy old man, those kids are seriously cute.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Veda View Post
    'The anti-social personality/the anti-Scientologist', from the PTS/SP Course, right out of the gate, with its title, equates a person's response to Scientology with his sanity or lack of sanity. One can read the book 'Science of Survival', and other Scientology literature, for a look at how the Scientology philosophy instructs that these "SPs" should be dealt with.

    In practical terms, for this group, there are going to be a bunch of people from east Asia who now think that people, including family and friends, who don't have "good indicators" on Scientology, are SPs. I doubt if it will enhance their lives.

    It will also serve to alienate them from anyone or any source of "entheta," such as ESMB, and serve to maintain the tunnel vision - IN TRs - that are necessary for them to follow the taped path to Xenu. It's not unlikely that at least some of this "public," once indoctrinated, will decide that the full range of services are only available in the Church of Scientology, and will - after the appropriate amends project- join the CofS.
    Having attended the Chen Academy Graduation today, I don't see any of those young Taiwanese people ever jumping ship and leaving the Chen Academy to join the C of S. Many of them were brought over from Taiwan to study in the C of S and already experienced what things are like in the C of S. No surprise, they did not learn much there and things went poorly for them - what else is new?.

    The Chen Academy seems to be a complete group activity which emphasizes friendships, marriage and having children as well as studying Scientology. There is an emphasis on music and dance as well as cooking. In their baby naming ceremonies, the babies are welcomed to planet Earth. The parts of life which they emphasize are either outlawed or strongly discouraged within the C of S.

    The outlooks of the two groups are diametrically opposed. In C of S, planet Earth is looked at as a prison planet to escape from while the Chen Academy welcomes babies to planet Earth and devotes their energies to make Earth a better and more beautiful place. C of S considers the human body as a trap with very little value for people while the Chen Academy encourage people to care for their bodies and make them as beautiful as possible. C of S discourages having children and treats infants and small children as non productive beings who have no purpose until they reach working age and can serve C of S; the Chen Academy regards children as beautiful and nurtures them to grow to their full potential. IMHO,the chances of a Chen student eventually jumping ship and joining up with C of S are extremely small.
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