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Thread: Hubbard, understood

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    Exclamation Re: Hubbard, understood

    Quote Originally Posted by VaD View Post
    Considering Hubbard "evil" you put him into the ranks of Hitler, Stalin, Napoleon...

    ...while he never belonged there.

    Hubbard was just some minor con man that hasn't left much trace in the History books of society.

    Con men? - They are everywhere. Right now. One just needs to look around and dare to SEE.
    He did try to infiltrate governments and take over you know about that part of his life's work, Vadi???

    If he had his way, he would have been as big, bad and destructive as a Stalin or a Hitler...he wanted to clear the planet of everyone who wasn't a Scientologist..."do away with them quietly and without sorrow"...

    It's only because many GOOD people were alert to the crimes and abuses of cults like his and were "Critics"...supporting other former members who learned the truth about him and his "group" and then stood up, walked out, spoke out and went to the authorities about his (and his followers) criminal activities that slowed him you think he fled countries, was ousted from countries, and went into HIDING in his home country for no reason?

    I understand that you don't consider the man to be an evil person, Vadi. Clearly, I do, as do some others here. I grew up seeing Scientology ruin people's lives...destroy otherwise loving families...all for the sake of one man's manic, insatiable greed for money and CONTROL over others. That to me is the epitome of evil.

    You're entitled to your opinions, and we're still friends.
    Yes, you can fly, but first you have to break out of that cocoon. You are capable of self rescue at all times. "Every blade of grass has its own special angel watching over it and whispering, 'grow...grow'." -The Talmud "I am still determined to be cheerful and happy, in whatever situation I may be, for I have learned from experience that the greater part of our happiness or misery depends upon our disposition, and not upon our circumstances." -Martha Washington

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    Default Re: Hubbard, understood
    1983, excerpt from Ron DeWolf's interview:

    Penthouse: What if your father's alive? Would you be able to confront him?

    Hubbard: Yes I would love to.

    Penthouse: Do you have any fear of him?

    Hubbard: No if he is sick, I would make sure he receives the best treatment I could find in the world for him. I consider him a victim of all this as much as I consider myself a victim of his own involvement with black magic, drugs and his own delusions. He became a victim of himself.

    Penthouse: Many people would say that your father is guilty of a great many sins and crimes. Do you think he should be punished?

    Hubbard: He hasn't escaped punishment. I think at this juncture, dead or alive, he fell into his own insanity, and that's quite sufficient punishment. That is the most terrible jail of all, to be trapped inside his own head. With him it must be like being locked inside an exploding fireworks factory with no way out.

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    Default Re: Hubbard, understood

    It's not easy to understand someone like Hubbard (especially after such a long being under his "spell" as I was).

    But it's even harder to try to explain others what you understood.

    And! It's much harder to get people to understand what you understood yourself.

    what I think,
    what I want to tell,
    what I, as it seems to me, speak,
    what I speak,
    And what you want to hear,
    what, as it seems to you, you hear,
    what you hear,
    what you want to understand,
    what you understand,
    There are ten variants of occurrence of misunderstandings.
    But, all the same, let's try.... "
    (Bernard Werber)

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    Default Re: Hubbard, understood

    1984, Ron Dewolf
    Dianetics and Scientology therefore, insofar as its creation, implementation and operation truly belongs on the 3rd Dynamic, not the 1st Dynamic. Scientology and Dianetics as a science literally evolved from 1950 forward, and it didn't grow and become stable as tech without the very important contributions from many sources both inside and outside Scientology. If anybody has a librarian bent, just do some early research. I and many others have made it possible for people to ask questions, do research and to do the impossible. The impossible means to openly and freely communicate and to openly and freely practise Scientology as they see fit. Some of the very heavy main sources of Scientology come from Zen Buddhism and Hinduism and the Vedic Hymns and the very deep, strong and very, very real (dangerous and destructive I might add) involvement of Dad in the Magick and the Magick tech come straight out of the Bible and are biblically based. As a small aside here, the book Alice in Wonderland (which of course some of the TRs are based on) and the companion book Alice Through the Looking Glass, were written by a master adept at the Magick. And he was, as they all are, unknown and secret. He was also a secret member of the Order of the Golden Dawn of which Aleister Crowley, the English black magician was involved in. And of course it was purposely used and put there by Dad because of its Magick association. And Dad used it secretly in the Scientology training to gain a higher degree of control over staff, students and preclears for himself personally. So therefore the bottom line is that while L. Ron Hubbard may be a crossroads, he certainly is not "The Source". And naturally I think you can see what would happen to him personally and to the organizations when he got so deeply involved in the misassignment of source, the misassignment of cause, when he tried to own things or have things that weren't his. And also when he tried to get people to focus on him as a terminal, as a source terminal rather than (on) the truth, or in this the plural truths. That is to focus on the MEST rather than the theta. It would be like getting someone to focus on the TV set instead of the message, the truth, the information and the knowledge coming through the TV set. The TV set is not Source at all. And naturally, trying to make the lie persist, one gets heavily into force, disconnection and suppression.
    That (underlined) rings the bell to me.

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    Default Re: Hubbard, understood
    Another important fact you should know is that Dad could not stand a terminal of comparable magnitude. If anyone got close to his power level he destroyed them. You will note (going clear back to 1950) that anyone who really, truly and honestly was Clear or OT (and there were quite a number of them, I mean real honest-to-God ones that truly were as defined in the early days, I'm talking about from 1952, summer thereof, through the middle fifties - that's where the actual definitions came from), that those people were literally, systematically, overtly, by postulate and decision, destroyed.
    And that (in red) makes total sense. - He was blinded by power. And money. They were his only "Significant Others". - Not people.


    If you want to be a great leader,
    you must learn to follow the Tao.
    Stop trying to control.
    Let go of fixed plans and concepts,
    and the world will govern itself.

    The more prohibitions you have,
    the less virtuous people will be.
    The more weapons you have,
    the less secure people will be.
    The more subsidies you have,
    the less self-reliant people will be.

    Therefore the Master says:
    I let go of the law,
    and people become honest.
    I let go of economics,
    and people become prosperous.
    I let go of religion,
    and people become serene.
    I let go of all desire for the common good,
    and the good becomes common as grass.

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