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Thread: Gratitude ~ The Thread

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    Yesterday my real estate agent came by to see how I was doing. She brought me a bag of goodies for Christmas, too, and we had the nicest chat.

    Sweet woman. She made almost nothing on my house purchase because it was an auction, but still she comes to see me.

    My worker who quit also texted me, said to return the sledgehammer whenever I was done with it. He was a nice guy, and to make a kind gesture like that says a lot about him.

    My brother is home safe after working for the US in the Middle East and was given a few days to spend with his family since he is on shift over the holidays. I'd been worried about him and I'm so grateful he's okay. He's been so fortunate, always missing the 'hot' countries and situations there when he's gone to work. He says it's his last stint there and this time I hope he means it.

    Enjoying a moment of peace on the balcony, gazing at the Tennessee River and watching it flow.

    There was a post on here about accepting the fact we are aging. I really disliked my 50s coming into them and thought of new health care issues as a burden, but then I read a few more posts about grandparenting and got more of the idea of stopping to notice the small details and appreciating them. I think the 50s are okay afterall. Every decade in our lives has its own challenges, but also has its own unique benefits and rewards.
    "Looking back on it I think I got these gains only because the processing made me self reflect and try to repair the damage done by it. So I made gains in spite of Scientology not because of it. It's better to be hated for who you are than loved for who you are not."

    - Cleared Cannibal

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    From today's i newspaper. The story of one grateful goat.

    To err is human, to purr is feline - Alexander Pope

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