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Thread: Marty Rathbun Posts Original LRH Super Power Rundown Document

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    Default Re: Marty Rathbun Posts Original LRH Super Power Rundown Document

    there was a friend of mine ,who was traveling a lot....on one of his trips to Amazons,he find this tribe....they were worshiping potato.... leader of tribe explain to him that potato has that magic power which is hard to explain but,after some "inside" questioning - leader hopes that one day he will finally understand that.....

    and after 15 years ,one day between 2 and 3 o clock ,my friend was sooooo hungry,that he starts to question himself from "inside"....what to eat....

    ....and then he buy a french fries at burger king....
    and it was so TASTY , and his hunger was gone.... and he now understand the TRUTH about potato that tribe leader was talking about!!!

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    Angry Re: Marty Rathbun Posts Original LRH Super Power Rundown Document

    Its interesting to me that those people who were at the top of scn continue to peddle it even after they leave as if it works. Then they blame DM as the reason scn ”doesn't work”. Sounds like a justification for hurting people like me who were at the receiving end of the bullshit that ”int mgmt” sent our direction.

    Scientology is fake. You all know it just give up the act already. It doesn't work and any ”wins” you have from it were simply cognitive dissonance. If you stop and realize that all the wins you've had are subjective you'll see what I mean. I've never met a single OT who had any perceptions or abilities beyond that of a normal human.

    My dad swore that scientology cured him of asthma, and it seemed so until he almost died last month. He's OT III. He still thinks that he just ”needs more bridge”. My mom agrees. That's pure insanity. The worst part of it is that his lung problems may have come from being on the freewinds in the first place. Something which Marty and Mike, and Mark all helped to cover up.

    I personally knew an OTV that died of bone cancer because she thought scientology was the be all end all and by the time that she cane to her senses and went to a doctor for her pain she had three days left to live.

    These are the things Scientology causes.

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